🔴 eGolf 2018 Test: Telekom Smart Home im VW eGolf: Review aller Funktionen

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yes, welcome to the new eGolf. But
that's not a sensation. The sensation is that Smart Home is on board
and for the first time worldwide as a series product what does Smart Home mean in the
car? Let's imagine we're at home and we want to set off.
Then the first action we take is to tell the smart home that
we are no longer at home and that the smart home should take control of
the issue of energy consumption and also the alarm system and

We do this as usual by sliding
the small Smart Home house from left to right or by
clicking on it briefly. Through this we see the home
preparing for our absence. The blinds are going down and the
driveway lights just went out. But there is still a message from the
Contact window in this case. Here in the VW it is still open, we have prepared this here
as a small demo. So far everything is fine, all other
windows and doors are closed and we can ignore this message. The
second message is that the alarm system has just been activated.
This is also an excellent confirmation that we want, which also
reaches all other smartphone users in the same household at the same time and
we also confirm this and we are ready for our journey into the wide
world. Now imagine we can see what has happened
by switching from present to absent, and we
have just experienced that the house check was carried out. In other words
, doors or windows are still open.

Secondly, the alarm system has been
activated, but what also happened is that the heating control has been switched
from comfort to mobile and thus the
temperatures in all rooms are no longer used according to the
schedule, but are simply reduced to eco mode like that that the
house is as energy-efficient as possible. Exceptions can also be made here
, but more on that in another video. Now as the
next little surprise, we are now on the road on the Autobahn, Tempo
200 and co. This is what this SmartHome solution in the Volkswagen is
designed for due to the size, the character sets and the contrast we can see
here with the various icons.
This means that this solution as implemented is A. approved according to
German and European law and B. also certified otherwise
we shouldn’t be able to bring this into a series vehicle or
as a series product and we know that SmartHome takes care of everything and everything at home is fine and we can simply continue driving with peace of mind.
Nonetheless, in the summer as everyone may remember there was a
whole series of thunderstorms and rain and high tides/floods and now let's
just simulate this I've just flooded a
water detector and within less than a second
here comes the message Water detector in the basement and I now have the
opportunity to read exactly which water alarm in which room, we have now
labeled it eGolf in this case.

So I can read the position
of the alarm here very quickly, which is also very quick and also allowed and also
quite ergonomic is designed that can do while driving. I now have the opportunity to end this by stopping here,
I have the opportunity to show more details on the right-hand side,
the time is also added and in the middle I have the button there
I can just look when I cameras installed at home I can
check there, in this case I just take
a look at the driveway in front of the house and see okay here is our
beautiful car and the water damage may have
just happened because whoever this has just cleaned the car, used a little too
much water, which of course he is not allowed to do at home, and this
water ran into the basement shaft.

So everything is not so bad
false alarm and we can continue the journey. To explain, I switch back to the cameras we also take
the other picture again are designed in such a way that as long as the
vehicle is stationary or driving at less than walking speed,
a continuous flow of images is displayed here if we
are driving above walking speed Image sequence reduced to one image every five
seconds and that is A. experience has shown that it is ergonomic and B that
the frame rate that is permitted according to the relevant regulations, which can also be
used while driving. As far as I know, we are the first provider, in cooperation with Telekom and
Volkswagen, to have made it possible for you to check your webcam at a
glance while driving.

This is also sufficient so that you are not distracted from
driving and from your duties as a driver.
Let's make our way back home now and think about
how that's going to work. Now we have the option in the SmartHome app to store
the location of the home base or the location of the home
base, so that when we come home with our cell phone, we have the
option of being located there
and switching from Home away from home works and happens by itself.
We can do the same thing with the vehicle, we can configure that under
settings and if we were to drive home in a simulated way
, what I am doing here manually now happens automatically and we
see that the SmartHome is now coming to our home
prepared. The lights on the driveway in the yard are switched on
and the shutters in the house are opened.
Next you can imagine that the garage is opened in addition to the roller shutters
and the lighting is switched on accordingly.
So much for the features and possibilities that your SmartHome in the
Volkswagen offers and I wish all viewers a safe journey and a
safe arrival at home and as few water alarms as possible through SmartHome!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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