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Welcome to the Gira Cube. Welcome to the booth. You are welcome to come a step closer. My name is Jan Klee. I’m a product manager at Gira for Smarthome and Smart Building, and today I’d like to introduce you to some new smart home system. Let’s just start right away with the main target group. That is, of course, the electrical contractor, who today may already have KNX installed, but can not yet put it into operation. And for you as an electrical specialist company is enormously important the new smart home system can be easily put into operation and the commissioning tool that is used for this, can be operated very intuitively, so that not only you, but across the board every employee of yours is able to put a new smart home system from us of Gira, in operation. The core is about three main functions light control, shading control and of course temperature control. In a single-family house or in residential units in new construction. Wherever new wires can be laid, the system can and will be installed. In addition to the topic of functionality, the topic of data security is of course also a very strong focus, because no one wants to be hacked.

Not you, not me. And if you sell smart home to a new customer, then of course he also wants to be sure that he has a secure system installed at home and what is also very important, of great importance, that the system is an open standard or based on an open standard, so that the devices can be reused, even if requirements change. You can’ t plan for life, and changes, as we know from Corona, are part and parcel of life. A new system must include all of this. All in One. And when we looked at our product range, we naturally took a close look at this. We have focused very strongly on our existing Gira Project Assistant, which you already know from the X1 world or, for example, door communication and the Gira security system. We have placed a very strong focus on ensuring that the commissioning tool is very intuitive to operate, so that every employee at the plant is able to put the new system into operation.

And in addition, of course, we have also developed our operating devices further. This includes the mobile app, which we already offer. But we have also made steady progress with further development and, of course, with the ongoing development of our pushbuttons on the wall, for example. Those can also be operated super intuitively. We have very strong system devices in our portfolio for the main functions of lighting control, intelligent shading control and also air conditioning and temperature control. Combined switching blind actuators and heating actuators, for example, with a controller on the board, in order to be able to cover these main functions in different residential units. When it comes to data security, we can also build on a very good technological foundation. On the one hand KNX Secure the security standard based on KNX and additionally for example the secure remote access and also the secure remote maintenance via the Gira S1. We have used these technologies to be able to offer a compact system and the complete basis here is of course the KNX Standard.

We have this as Gira in our DNA and all this includes the new system, which is called Gira One, which we have presented here today, and we have also prepared some workstations here, into which we can then also enter more intensively in the follow-up, in order to look at the commissioning, for example. A good question would be: how do I install the system? I need the green KNX bus line besides the normal line. Our sensors and actuators then communicate via the two wires black and red. For example, here is a small test setup. We use the line then more or less for networking the components. On the left side you can see a power supply, which supplies the devices with voltage. A button for a dimming actuator, for example, to switch two lamps on and off. And at the center of it all is the new Gira One Server which is virtually the heart of the system and ensures that commissioning functions reliably and that mobile operation is also possible, for example.

Of course, we also need a commissioning tool that is very easy and intuitive to use. This is the Gira Project Assistant. We have also developed it further. The commissioning is done in four individual steps that build on each other and the Gira Project Assistant takes them by the hand very strongly. You don’t need to attend a seminar, you can download the GPA. And we have integrated learning videos with the GPA in the tool that tells you what to do in the next step. So you don’t need someone to hold seminars and explain to them what to do, but the GPA does it more or less directly in the commissioning tool. We have also upgraded the functionality. Here’s a look at the core function We have, of course, concentrated on offering intelligent lighting control and also intelligent shading control. With attractive functionalities. In addition, of course, the option of temperature control. Not only heating in winter, but also the issue of floor cooling in summer is important.

Especially because more and more heat pumps are being installed in new single-family homes. Here you can then also use the cooling function of the heat pump. Of course, it’s also a matter of automating things in addition to the actual control system. That’s why you install a smart home system. This begins, for example, with the definition of time switches. You don’t have to do it as an electrical contractor, but the customer can do it on his own via the mobile app that we offer and then implement the whole thing very intuitively, depending on which timers he wants to use. But of course it’s also about other core functions, simple functionalities, such as group control, that I have a button in a larger living-dining area. Several blinds or shutters should be operated via one button. We can also very easily put into operation via the new Gira Project Assistant and the customer can then very easily complete the operation. What is also important, of course, is the topic of status display. So not only whether a light is on or off, but also to be able to display whether a window is open or closed.

Of course, we have that on board as well. In addition to these core functions, we have of course also integrated a few delicacies. I once called the system smart additional function. It has a strong focus on security, meaning security in the sense that I want to be able to access the system securely from a distance as an end user. If I’m on vacation, for example, or you as an electrical contractor, when the end customer calls and changes are still necessary, that he can then access quite comfortably from a distance.

Via the Gira Project Assistant, which can import changes without having to make an appointment with the customer on site, without having to travel there. We have that on board. On the subject of security, I would also like to know, for example, if I am on vacation, meaning I am the end user, if everything is okay at home. What’s the best way to do that? I open my app and can access the video image, so to speak, or access several video feeds and then see whether everything is in order in the garden or even indoors.

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We have other functions to then also offer more security, for example with the presence simulation, so that the housing unit when I’m absent, if I’m not at home for a longer period of time. So I’m here at Light & Building all week, I’ve activated my presence simulation, and then it looks from the outside as if my residential unit is being lived in, even though no one is at home. In addition to the points, we have of course also connected other third-party systems. On the one hand, there is a Sonos audio control system or Philips Hue system, for example, floor or table lamps, indirect lighting, which may be installed selectively in the living area and added, that you can also integrate into our system.

You can call up overall scenes, not only with our products, but also with other systems that occur in the living unit. When it comes to operating, the question is How? How does Gira do that? What does Gira offer there? We have a strong focus here generally in the entire portfolio on the existing KNX products that we have in the range, we do not then offer a new range, but use products that we have already had in the portfolio for several years. There are also new ones that have been added. On the one hand, it’s about the main operating device. This is our push button that can be used for the main function to control light, to control shading, to call up light scenes, to control groups. So very intuitive. More like a classic conventional push button, less like a touch sensor, so very intuitive to use. In addition, of course, with the Gira G1 there is also the possibility of using a central operating device in a single-family home, for example, to be able to operate the main function in a central location without a cell phone.

The G1 is also combinable with the Gira door communication with the Gira door communication system, for example, to use it not only for the control of the smart function, but simultaneously to see who is standing in front of the door, so as a home station. And on the right side you can see our smart home app, which is available for Android and iOS. Of course, this can also be used, because you always have your cell phone with you, always in your pocket. It’s like a remote control for you as the operator. For the system devices, I have prepared a big picture of what one of our distributors might look like. We have three different power supplies. You can see them above for different residential units, so that you can react flexibly to the number of devices and the size of the distributor and carry out proper planning.

We have a wide portfolio of switching blind actuators, which can then be used both for switching function and for blind and shading function. There you can set virtually every channel quite flexibly and also change depending on the modification requests. Then we have the actuator, if I have the need to integrate dimmable illuminants that are to be dimmed, the actuator quadruple and of course for the climate control, the temperature control our heating actuator sixfold, which can be used both for heating and for cooling with floor cooling.

If I ever have decentralized tasks, I can also fall back on our flush-mounted actuators, which can be installed centrally in the flush-mounted box as well as in the distributor via our installation adapters. The Gira One Server is then the final device, but basically the core and heart of the system, is on the one hand responsible for the safe and very simple commissioning, of course always in cooperation with the new Gira Project Assistant, which we have in the range. At the same time, however, also for the automatic visualization creation. So nothing has to be put into operation separately. I go through the tool, through the GPA, once, tell you what functionalities the devices should control, what functionalities the buttons have, and the visualization is generated automatically in the background, and no additional effort is necessary.

It’s super fast. The Gira One Server also has the secure remote access and remote maintenance function on board, which we also know from the S1 world. Is integrated in here, so that they can perform maintenance remotely. Via the Gira One Server and at the same time, of course, the end user, if he is on vacation, that he has options to access the Smarthome remotely. In an emergency. Of course, we always do hope that the smart home works, but there can always be problems. Perhaps also because a customer has defined a wrong timer. Then it is necessary that you also have tools at hand to be able to carry out a convenient diagnosis that goes quickly.

We can guarantee this with our diagnostic monitor, which is integrated in the Gira One Server. Why can we guarantee this? Because we can also access historical values. A classic example is when a customer calls in the morning and says “Yes, three lights were switched on in my outdoor area last night, but I didn’t do anything. My kids weren’t home either, no friends were there, and they didn’t bother me either. What was the reason for this? As an electrical contractor, you can remotely see which event caused the light bulbs to be switched on. Either fix the problem directly on your own remotely or just tell the end customer what to do. So that this does not happen the next night. The Gira One Server is priced at just €495 plus VAT in the catalog price and Gira One is available in its entirety including the new Gira Project Assistant and the new Gira One Server from March 2023. Thank you very much for your attention. I am here now for another few moments.

But the colleagues are also here and can gladly support you in case of queries and also once again take an intensive look at the new Gira Project Assistant. Thank you very much for listening..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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