🚪 5 DIY Projects Repurposing Old Doors with Simplest Work 🚪

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These DIY projects repurposing old doors can be inspirations for “you” homeowners having an unused (or even several) doors within your property. Instead of throwing the doors away, you can actually reuse those doors and keep them functional, although in a different form and shape. With little effort, you should be able to transform those doors into attractive and stylish pieces. It is a good bet that you will be the talk of your neighborhood and everyone would be envious once you take one of this next idea.

This is 5 DIY Projects Repurposing Old Doors with Simplest Work by your list maker simphome.com 5.A Door Bench If you have a solid and full one door intact, you can actually cut them into pieces and turn them into a bench. Yes, you will have to separate them into smaller pieces and then connect them with some nail work, but by the end of the day, you will have a stylish compact bench. Browse for the step by step method, and make sure to do everything carefully. Feel free to keep it in its natural hue but you are also free to paint it if you want to. Mind you, though, that the bench won’t be big or long this kind of DIY project is only enough to make compact and small bench. 4.Corner Decoration You can leave the door as it is and use it as the corner decoration. But if you want to improve its look, adding quotes will be great.

It creates a simple and yet great home décor and accessory without you having to spend a fortune. Simply repaint the door in any color you want or any paint type that you like, and then add some written quotes on it. Basically, you are free to add quotes, images, or anything you want. Just lean it on the corner, and you have yourself a one of a kind room accessory. 3.Vintage Shelf With extra work, you can transform the door into a vintage shelf. By adding a little fabric, a small lamp creation and work, and attach some wooden planks that will act as shelves, you have made yourself a unique shelf. If you want to keep the color as it is, fine. But if you want to repaint it, add some stylish fabric patterns, and paint the planks to match the overall paint, you can do it too. In short, this vintage shelf can be an inspiration of any DIY projects repurposing old doors. 2.Coffee Table Just like turning the door into a small bench, you can also cut the door into small pieces and turn them into a coffee table.

Add some container baskets and you can have a functional coffee table with additional storage space. Before we get to number 1, I invite you to check subscribe button under this video. If you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. Your support means mood booster to us and that means a lot. Thank you for that… and the last one 1.Rustic Table and Shelf If you have a full door, you can add some planks or boards so it will be a separate construction with a shelf on the upper area and a table on the bottom.

This kind of project will be great to help you with additional table and also storage area on the upper side. As one of DIY projects repurposing old doors, it is a must try work that will improve your house in the biggest way. that's it for now if you learn new things from this video, express your feeling using like or share button under this video before you leave. if you don't like it, share you mind using comment area under those buttons and Tell us what you want. Then Dislike it if you feel have to.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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