11 Genius Woodworking Tools for DIY Projects

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Workshop that's portable then get the new Rockwell 
Blade Runner X2 the go anywhere cut anything   compact table saw with breakthrough features 
like Lightning Fast blade changes and mess free   Cuts Blade Runners always ready to slice your work 
time we came we sawed we conquered the affordable   workshop for every one and everywhere the 
perfect complement to the festival MFD or guide   rail system the Festool quick clamp secures your 
work piece for precision cutting sanding routing   sanding or just about any other application 
ratcheting mechanism enables easy locking   and quick release for a secure grip on your 
material designed to work seamlessly with holes   and channels on the Festool mft multi-function 
table and can be inserted into Bottom t slot of   festel FS guide rails for Limitless positioning 
clamping thickness 6 and 5 8 inches foreign the newest Dremel product the Dremel Moto saw 
this first of its kind scroll saw is portable   so it can be used for all sorts of projects 
from do-it-yourself to crafts and hobbies   with the Dremel Moto saw Precision Cuts Are Made 
Simple it's small and compact so you can control   the work piece or the tool itself all the tools 
features are designed to make your projects go   as smoothly as possible the auto tension Quick 
Change feature makes changing accessories fast   and easy you don't even need a key at the 
bottom of the tool is a dust port adapter to   help keep your workspace clean thanks to its fast 
clamp base and its detachable coping functions   any space can be turned into your workspace 
posting variable speeds and a variety of   accessories this tool is the ideal solution for 
your Precision cutting needs for those heavy duty   tasks this attachment gives your saw more power 
and precision can execute rafter pitch Cuts miters   stairs arches log Cuts compound angles bandsaw cut 
notch 6 by 12 panels ripping and many more cuts   fits all skill Bosh Makita DeWalt and Craftsman 
7.25 inch and 8.25 inch Worm Drive circular saws   foot plate and built-in sight 
ensures gliding manageability   while cutting perfectly straight lines 
the next generation of tools has arrived where adaptability increases productivity with intuitive design revolutionary speed pinpoint accuracy and track saw like precision rigid strength has never been so flexible meet the ngx clamp Edge system set it clap it then cut it 
the power is in your hands the ngx clamp Edge system designed performance by 
Bora tool the new brushless 18 volt trim router is   the most powerful 18 volt compact router on the 
market brushless motor technology gives you more   run time more power and longer motor life cut 
the cord and still have corded power anywhere   you need it trim up to 400 feet of laminate 
with just one 5 amp hour battery soft start   technology gradually steps up speed to reduce 
gouges in your work and extend your motor life   probably done it you need to round off the sharp 
corner of a tabletop so you scrounge for something   a can a lid a coin that you can use to trace a 
curve that's reasonably close to what you need   rockler's Corner radius routing templates offer a 
quicker more accurate and more easily repeatable   way of not just tracing but also cutting precise 
curves on Sharp corners the set includes three   durable templates that provide 12 different radii 
along with a fence that offers excellent control   when working at a router table with the bearing 
guided flush trim bit using them is easy pick   the radius you want a machine on the corner and 
snap the fence into place clips and posts on the   fence allow quick alignment and rubber strips on 
the bottom of the template help prevent shifting   put the template on your workpiece and set the 
bit height so the bearing will run along the edge   of the template make sure the posts and clips are 
tight against the edges of the work piece grip the   finger hold then route in the direction indicated 
on the fence keeping the bearing against the edge   of the template easily and accurately shape curves 
on the corners of table tops countertops and more   introducing the Milescraft drill block no more 
guessing if your drill is at a true 90 degree   angle to your work surface this handy guide system 
allows you to drill a straight hole every time   the drill block has an ergonomic design that 
is comfortable in any application the unit   also features non-slip tpe pads on both sides to 
prevent slipping and marring on the work surface   there are center lines on all four sides 
of the drill block that are lined up with   each hole location to help you make sure you 
are positioned exactly centered on your mark   using these as a guide you will drill a perfect 
hole every time the base of the drill block is   made of a reinforced nylon and will not heat up 
in your hand while drilling through metal the   drill block has a solid base that allows it to be 
clamped for stability the v-block channel on the   underside provides versatility on many different 
drilling surfaces from round to Corner profiles on the top of the bushing block there are six 
holes for common drill bit sizes 1 8 3 16 quarter   inch 5 16 3 8 and half inch each bushing is held 
to a tight tolerance and allows you to drill at a   90 degree angle to any surface our 20 volts Max XR 
cordless Barrel grip jigsaw features an efficient   motor for powerful performance and extreme run 
time precisely control blade speed up to 3200   SPM with the variable speed trigger and dial for 
professional results no matter what you're cutting   four position orbital action lets you adjust 
for optimal cutting of a variety of materials   a bright LED light illuminates dim work 
surfaces and makes it easy to follow cut   lines the updated all metal lever action 
keyless blade clamp is designed for quick   and easy blade changes of t-shank jigsaw blades 
also keyless the shoe bevel is easy to adjust   with detents at zero degrees 15 degrees 30 
degrees and a positive stop at 45 degrees a   removable shoe cover helps protect materials 
from scratches and an integrated dust blower   helps remove dust and debris from your line of 
sight as you cut it's where strength meets speed where Precision meets 
performance capable and portable heavy duty for every Duty it's where efficient meets effective intelligence and intuitive it adapts and reacts design smart so you can work smarter faster and 
stronger Bessie's cabinet clamps for face frames   give you the convenience of three Tools in one 
they work to draw the face frames together side   to side help to align the frames across the front 
face and provide a steel guide bushing so you can   pre-drill and screw your face frames together 
while they're still being held by the clamps   the clamp body and side jaw are cast steel for 
durability and strength they feature legs on the   back side to allow the pressure plate to align the 
face frames front to back and the guide bushing   snaps conveniently out of the way for driving the 
screw once the face frames have been pre-drilled   these clamps are simple and effective engage 
the legs of the side Jaws against the back of   the face frames and tighten the side Jaws drawing 
the two cabinets together before final tightening   the center pressure plate is used to align the 
cabinets face to face and this is the time to   align the cabinets top to bottom as well once the 
cabinets are fully aligned tighten the side Jaws   the guide bushing is automatically in 
position for drilling the pilot holes then it snaps out of the way leaving plenty of room to drive the screw these cabinet clamps for face frames from Bessie   efficiently clamp your cabinets together 
hold them in place and guide your Drilling   allowing you to set your cabinets quickly 
and with a minimum number of clamps thank you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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