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Top 30 Beispiele Highend Smart Home | Beleuchtung | Smartest Home – Folge 166

hello and a warm welcome to smart is now very much about the cap i take off my construction helmet hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen what light my smartphone…

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DIY: H2O Just add water mermaid tail!

Sam is 1,82 meters, he wanted to be in the video like this turn on subtitles for instructions step 1: creating the fluke for the fluke you need a wooden…

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iHaus Smart Home App – Your Home on your Smartphone or Tablet. Anytime. Anywhere!

The things in our home are getting connected. lighting, home appliances… … heaters, speakers, weather stations,… smoke detectors… and and and and and and and! everything can be controlled digitally…

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Alle elektrischen Rollladen bequem smart machen – Shelly 2.5 leicht verkabelt & eingerichtet

Hello everyone I would like to welcome you to this video topic today a genius 25 or 2.5 is to be installed I will show you how it works how…

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DIY Concrete Barrel Waterfall Fountain Planter – Creative D2H #66

Hello Crafters! Today our project is an awesome indoor water fountain for office Find the Tools & Materials Links in the Video Description. 👇 💖 Hope you enjoy the video!…

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flow: Solarenergie im Smart Home effizient nutzen – komfortabel, einfach und zukunftsfähig

With rising energy costs and rising energy requirements in German private households , the desire for your own power supply using solar energy is increasing. The energy management system flow…

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My 5 Room HDB Smart Home 1 year later – Part 2

Hey, what’s up! Alex here! Welcome to Part 2 of my smart home tour video, this video I will be talking about my design thought process when I am planning…

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🚪 5 DIY Projects Repurposing Old Doors with Simplest Work 🚪

These DIY projects repurposing old doors can be inspirations for “you” homeowners having an unused (or even several) doors within your property. Instead of throwing the doors away, you can…

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Smart Home #1

I forgot to turn off the light in the hallway. He who doesn't have it in his head, has it in his legs. The solution to my problem. A smart…

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Home Assistant SkyConnect. The future is NOW! Or not?

This is the brand new Home Assistant  SkyConnect! With this device, you can   connect all your Zigbee devices AND Matter devices  to Home Assistant. Let’s see what this can do!…

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