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Create a Smart Home with Alexa

[Music] we're having a fancy dinner at home tonight and thought it'd be fun to dress up just because with Alexa enabled smart home devices Alexa makes life a little…

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6 DIY Gifts Made from Wood | Easy Woodworking Projects

Welcome back to Fix This Build That today I'm going to show you six different gifts that you can make for that special lady in your life Today's video is…

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Bosch Smart Home Welt: Die besten Produktfeatures – tink Vorgestellt!

Hello and welcome to Tink, my name is Kamal and today we're going to show you what Bosch has to offer when it comes to safety. When you hear the…

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INSIDE a $18,900,000 Customized Colorado SMART HOME | Modern Mansion Tour

this is a fully automated smart car storage system  in the garage of an 18.9 million dollar smart home   welcome back to the channel in this week's  episode we are…

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This was MUCH harder than I expected… DIY Air Conditioning Pt 1

– The unit's finally here for my DIY, home air conditioning, on the cheap and, I made some mistakes. Not once, but twice. I actually ordered completely the wrong kit….

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How to Control Your Vivint Smart Home with Amazon Alexa and Google Home | Vivint Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone, it's Kristen Kenney at the Vivint Demo House and today I'm going to show you how to control your entire Vivint Smart Home with just your voice using…

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Smart home – Italiano

Hey uncle, do you even know what a smart home is? Of course I know. I have one too. Look'….

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20 AMAZING High-End Easter DIYs for 2023 | Best Dollar Tree DIY Spring Room Decor

Hey friends welcome back to Whiskey and Whit,  I'm whitney and today's video is full of a ton   of Easter diy decor inspiration so stay tuned to  get you started…

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Tutorial: Schaltaktor schnell eingebaut | Homematic IP

I'm glad you tuned in again. Today I'm going to show you how to replace a classic light switch with a Homematic IP switching and measuring actuator for branded switches…

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#4 Smart Home im Eigenheim 🏡 | für Einsteiger | Wie baust du es sinnvoll auf?

what does smart home mean and how do you build your own smartphone and what are the advantages how can i implement it in my own home we now answer…

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