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Where is my key? Here it is So see, friends we have so many keys in our home If we put a key chain on them it will be easier to find them So let us learn to make key chain for keys that too without any money with the materials we already have in our house Come, If you like the video please like and share To make the key ring, we will need wool net If you have any of it at your house or any cloth flowers, glitter sheet glue ball and board pin any small sized doll and key ring First we will make a ball key ring For this we will take out the pin from the key ring chain and add glue to it to attach it to ball we will add glue to all the pins and keep on attaching it to ball we will make a circle of all the pins and cover the whole ball with the circle and then our beautiful key ring is ready see this is such a beautiful key ring Now to make the doll key ring, we need a net we will fold the net and cut it we will cut the net in circle one big circle, and one small circle we will cut it a little from the center circle so that there is an opening in the center similarly we have to do it to the big circle also this will be the doll's dress Now I have taken out the doll from this so the frock of the doll is ready Now we will add the glue while making a drape, try and set in place the frock of the doll will be ready like this, I will add glue and drape it so that the frock of doll is ready then we will make the butterfly design on glitter sheet and one crown design then we will cut this and stick it to the back of the doll so that it looks like an angel and we will put the crown on it's head so our beautiful doll is ready and at last and we will attach the key ring to it We will attach it with the hot glue gun and attach it to the back because glue will not properly stick that is why we are using hot glue gun here see, our beautiful doll is ready an angel key ring similarly we have made more key rings To make a pom pom key ring we will need wool 3 colored wool Glitter sheet circle dot Twister take any colored twister scissor flowers key ring and glue glue First we will round the wool on our fingers because we have to make a big pom pom so we will use a little more then we will tie it with one thread from the center after tying in tightly we will cut the sides So that our pom pom is ready our pom pom is ready I have made one big and one small Because we are making a doll and we need a small pom pom for it's face then with a twister we will twist it and cut a little then attach one pom pom to one side of the twister with the hot glue gun only and 2nd pom pom on the other side our pom pom doll is ready then will add hot glue gun to one side and circle the thread around it So that it has a body then we will make her eyes with circle stickers the eyes of our doll is ready then we will take the dark wool and make it's hair with it taking both the side corners we will put glue and attach it to doll to make the doll's hair I have stuck these hair by covering it a little with glitter sheet so it looks like, she has a hair band on her hair Now we will attach a flower on it's dress so it looks beautiful so our pom pom doll is ready and at last we will add the key ring We will have to add the hot glue gun to key ring and the doll so that it sticks properly So our doll key ring is ready Similarly I have made many pom pom dolls See this with 2 braids, and a bow I have made this teddy key ring for Aayu so see we have made such nice key rings with just the materials at our home see our beautiful key chains are ready I will add my scooter keys on it house keys on this one and this is for Pihu's cycle Isn't it nice These are very easy to make right? and that too for free If you liked the video, please like and share and subscribe if you have not yet Bye

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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