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why are you watching this movie?We saw this 100 times i want to do something but don't know what to do? You please close your mouth. I understand that what i need to do. why? what you saw? majnu brother's painting. So now you will also paint donkey and horse. I don't want draw your face. haha very funny!!! i'm saying today we will do painting and share hacks so that our friends also do painting. So go fast and bring paintings products for me. till them them i'm bringing do LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE the channel also. so to make this beautiful tree we need sheet and some sketch pens. so firstly turn the sketch pens downward and secure with rubber band. after securing dip sketch into you favourite colours and dap on sheet like this.

Now with the help of brown colour draw a stem. so if we add white colour in it it's look real. and see a beautiful painting is ready so fastly. so let's make this beautiful sun painting. so first apply blue colour on top of sheet after that apply pink colour. so now it's turn of yellow colour and colour half sheet. fill red colour the gap remaining between pink & yellow & mix well. now in lower part fill white colour and merge well wit yellow colour. to make perfect sun take a cap and do white colour on it now with the help of black colour made mountains. and also make small trees together. so fastly make birds like this. So let's go and make this beautiful unicorn painting. so firstly fill blue colour on sheet vertically. now mix white colour in voilet to make purple colour and fill in some parts. now take purple colour and fill it below the purple colour. after shading pink colour take a sponge and dap in pink colour like this. and shade the sheet like dapping in this way. now let's give some white shading also.

Merge well all colour so that it won't look different. so sheet is complete & it's turn to make clouds. so make colours with white colour & spread with sponge like this. so you need to repeat this process 3-4 times. now in any spray bottle fill white colour & spray like this. so with the help of black colour make grass & unicorn. but make unicorn safely because whole painting is on unicorn. So unicorn is complete & our painting is also complete with this. so here try these hacks & fastly make these paintings. So let's go and make painting of good vibes. so firstly fill golden colour in some part of sheet. after filling golden colour fill blue colour above.

Now with the help of sponge merge both colour. after merging both colour fill green on top of sheet. so sheet is fill with colour now write whatever you want. this like painting is looking so hard. but it'a not because in this we did a amazing hack. so firstly take water in a bowl and take a plastic sheet. now with the help of brush spread water on sheet like this.

After spreading water put your favourites colour dots on it like this. so dots are ready and now take painting sheet. now put plastic sheet on painting sheet and spread whole colour on it like this. remove plastic sheet after colour is spread write whatever you want so hit LIKE You can use hacks and draw beautiful paintings so now we will make these beautiful candles take any vessel place glass in it and put wax inside the gel so that it melts if you dont have wax gel you can use candle until wax gel melts add colour and thread to the glass wax is melt now pour it into glass add sparkle and cut extra thread draw unicorn on chart paper take kite paper and fold it 4 times draw circle on it and then cut to cut multiple circle shaped paper half fold 1 paper circle until it folds at end now open it make multiple flowers like this apply fevicol on drawn unicorn hold the centre of flower on paste on line 1 by 1 trace unicorn line and paste flower and do not left gap it will deformed the shape for horns take chart paper and fold like this apply fevicol at the end and paste it paint horn with golden color and paste on head of unicorn make colourful flowers like white ones and paste on the outer edge of unicorn make with the use of black paper paste the whole sheet on cartain so it will stabelise after cutting did you like the hacks please comment us and if you like the video hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE the channel and also SHARE

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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