Alle elektrischen Rollladen bequem smart machen – Shelly 2.5 leicht verkabelt & eingerichtet

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Hello everyone I would like to welcome you to
this video topic today a genius 25 or 2.5 is to be installed I will show you how it works how
he can wire it which tools are needed which aids are needed and we then integrate it
later in the city it is important the whole thing part of a series that means we start with the
2.5 then we also work on an application in front of 11 light switches 11 socket and then no
socket to switch, for example to operate a floor lamp with it, which we also do
then also the once pm like use there i built something pretty cool speak
in connection with an electric car and the charging with it we will also look at the sockets, for example,
so that our washing machine and a dryer make smart and
much more and the whole thing also takes place together in parallel where We are building a high one
, that means I don't care at all that we do the whole thing in the sta embed dt
i do that to show you but much more important is later how to do everything in
homestead and the videos are also very important today we will
tackle the house electrics don't do that if you aren't experts it's
life-threatening So stay away from it really only professionals are allowed to work on the
electrical installation and please note this information for this project we need various
tools and aids we start with the slotted screwdriver as an addition
a Phillips screwdriver and mantler or something like that a puller for our safety a voltage
tester if it's in the can to go from the league should such a pickaxe clamp to connect
I trust you the claim of the company wago I work relatively well with them and save a lot of
time and we need a clamp 2.5 of course first of all we'll do the
test of ours voltage tester and take a can of the
we haven't switched it off yet now try the voltage tester at the place
where we want to install the cherry and as we can see the voltage tester does not light up
because of course I switched off the socket beforehand but that was a good test
now let's start here with the dismantling next to first the switches off of course very carefully at the
corners so that the plastic doesn't break off I 've actually managed to break several switches like
this so people be careful when I'm done we'll write
that down slightly and we'll turn it out now see different wires on our
roland switch first the supply line once the outgoing line and the two lines why 2
once the instructions could go in and are then passed on again here again
the circuit diagram of the kelly from the packaging we now come to shelley on the cherry there are
different entrances and exits to be found catch with the simplest on the neutral wire after
that we have the two inputs for the l wire after that comes the wire for open in my
case i recorded then the button for open and then the button for close and then the input
leads to as you can see I'm in for a surprise because I don't have a neutral
wire and therefore have to take one myself from above or below.

this case I use the socket below and I really didn't think I would have to do that
with the other roulades . I didn't sometimes neutral light of available
but it doesn't matter we have the scales and our tools this is how the whole thing looks now and
it even looks quite promising because I just take the neutral conductor that comes from the
main box and then just clamp it with a scale expand so that I can then
branch off to continue, let's pull out the blue wire and then take the
right one In that case, ge wago clamp a three and that's it. Next, we prepare the neutral
conductor like the emasculated one and insert it into the wago clamp and then cut it
off so that it can be prepared for the socket because we want the function of the
socket of course not affect it afterwards we pull this cable
through once with our tip so that it can also be prepared and inserted for the wago terminal 1
now we know the wire in the socket and the socket can be used again we
do another cable test like this that everything is firmly seated and when that's done
we pull the socket back in we now prepare the neutral conductor for the celli and cut
it off here in our length then this short one is developed and is then
plugged into Shelley's and tightened turned next is the conductor's turn like fetching pulling out
and leading into one true clamps so that the switches can of course also be used without the harmful
functionality in the event of a wlan failure, for example the worst,
remove them and then insert them into the wago clamp, an attentive viewer
will have noticed that I used the wrong warburg level Because I
don't need film in that case, but the 4 is enough, in that case it's the color red, I
could also use the five, but it's easy to use more here that you really
need and the climate quickly prepares for you show me the functionality of the shelley and lead
a brown wire or 2 pieces and light this from the wago clamp further into the two eleven
connections of the shelley and drink this firmly now take care of the wiring so that the celli can also
give the impulse so that the roller shutter opens or closes I always start with on
that has proven itself well and put it in the 0 1 un d turns this tight so that of course
you can continue to use the switch creamy and stepped in and then connects it to sp1 so
that the chemistry can still be used , even if the chemistry
shouldn't work, the same for now with the button we take it, we pull it out to
cut it short so that the school fits in and then jam it and fix it in the 02 of
the celli and so it can also be used if the celli are broken or there is no
wifi or you contract would like to get that out but that and sounded that in bw and fix
it after we turned the power back on they connect us to the shelley via wifi
that's done open the browser give address 12.16 8.3 3.1 and then press remove
we're on the web surface of the celli logged in there we see that two
switches are set by default but we need the shutter mode let's go to the settings and change
the type to rouladen switch and zack the perspective changes and we can go up and
down next I'm celli our wifi on for that we go under the internet
security menu under the point dress at full moon give a tick at connect cherry and manually enter
our selectors names unfortunately we can't search for wifi and after entering and saving the user password
we get a message that the chemistry is trying
to connect to the wifi next we add the celli in the second room for this
we go to the top with right into the menu and press then add I would like to add it in my job
give an office find me a picture of the chair is nice and press it done and
get the successful message that works now let's connect them celli with the room
go to the menu at the top right and then press the cell on discovered devices i can now be
seen but i would like to update it first and when the current sum is complete
then the cherry will be available again if the celli cannot be seen then the wifi
connection worked and you have to connect to shelley again and euro wifi re-
enter data now let's add the celli to our office but first give the celli a more suitable
name in the case of roller shutters add the office to look for a more suitable little picture if
this is to be a symbol and then press done when the whole thing is complete
is the celli then available again now we make a few basic
settings, among other things, we start here with the obstacle detection if someone should get stuck at the time so
that it then goes up again we go under the menu settings security
obstacle detection and then change it from turned off on motion and still change
the wattage to 250 that has proved to be good and correct for me and instead of choosing stop
we don't like to choose well if we choose the right button type for me it's irritating at the moment
button once for on and button once for off you can also set many other things in the
celli I won't go into detail now, but you can't look
publicly here at – and there you can see which setting options
are available.

pexels photo 453201

I recommend that you just experiment a little and play with it. The whole
thing is also appealing from a smart home see for yourself how the whole thing is ticking and working.
an important point to be made is under the position control menu, which is
strongly recommended, otherwise you can't vary in
stages i get an error message here after the start of the communes, but it worked it despite anyway and when it was
completed then we see that something else you have a slider you
can then use this slider to set different heights and depths of the roland
I had it up to 100% 100 percent means in this case completely open and 0 percent
means completely closed for you guys you have now seen how a cherry is wired and
how it is integrated into the chemistry it is extremely easy but don't do it without a specialist
so otherwise some things are at your own risk and well you have to decide for yourself
there are many more exciting projects coming up next I will right now let's get the wood out and
then I'm here that the one in there and as I said the journey is starting and I promise
you it will be really cool so subscribe to the channel you liked it if it was
helpful let go and if If you have any questions or you are welcome to comment, I
will of course try to the best of my knowledge and belief answer but now in any case
too much will please follow me so take care

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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