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hello hello it was just timo oh so you're
snowed in here now and yes we actually wanted to talk about cables today, i think i only
talk about the same cable brought with me and legal limits i'm with the conduits and
then it means yes make space I would love to but you have to tell me what have you prepared
here teacher without a cable is like a car without petrol, but that's even hotter I once
brought along very typical representatives of cables as we find them in a detached house;
it's about the whole thing normal installation services I'll show that this is a diversion
let's say 5 x 25 square here the yellow-green personal protection ladder the blue neutral
ladder and the three phases l 1 to 3 i find it interesting that you i'll say that in the
future cable show because I would have done the following now I was told that the cable
here is something we don't want to use anymore or three times 33 arthri tis 3 p.m. cable
as a stub line for a consumer is of course still good, but if I think about a smart cabling
with expansion options, I might need one or the other switched phase later and then it
really matters to deal with such cables here Throw it away because you wanted to, we can
have it, yes, but now almost 25 times 15 I keep saying straight ahead or from my own
experience also 755 is also that maybe even better I apply because it is correct but At
the end of the day, the costs are no, for some families it is of course also something
where you have to talk about it, and copper does not cost money anyway, despite that it
shouldn't be an obstacle to installing smart and sustainable cabling in the building yes,
I am yes from the left-wing faction, as you know, and we actually need a few other cables,
always then when it comes to installing smart lights that means lights that can do a little
more than a normal citizen with the typical case then of course led lights that I can
change in color that I can maybe program with scenes and sequences, that needs so many cables
we don't need a lot of cables but we need the right cable that's basically what it's
about, but if I can now if I can bring it once and now I can with this 5-pin cable I
can already control the light that means I'll take the that here well out of here, I'll
take two cables for the power supply yes then I'm sorry for my protection here and I take
the other two cables for the control properly why do you want to sell me something else
here, and that's why money is what you are doing right now shown that in principle a
dahlia is wired yes i can with the dali bus i can light up tax but these are usually light
d he is not necessarily suitable for the living room, and is typically found in the office
and commercial installation sector, but when we talk about the private home, we find a
lot of led lights that can have a very large interface with the ixs and do not score a
point no radio in this case a wired gmx interface and dmx is a bus that is very fast, which
means it is actually ideal for figs and continuously and smoothly running the sequences that I
can program but because it is so fast this bus or this data structure also has certain
requirements for the dmx cable come from the event technician is correct and now there
is yes I say the experts are now always discussing dmx worthless because the trees are not the
content of our contribution but why not confuse you now you say air led color mood via dmx
is a solution strong yes, and that's because it is simple ch much more products are okay,
especially for the home area with automation with a smart tree, there are many more components
that are also very cheap to have with which I can create great lighting effects.

Up to
now we have shown the cable that has 5 poles cable then we have a thick one, only that
is 3525 square 25 I could now imagine the stove to which the budget can be connected,
yes where the stove has no rigid line up to here but a flexible connection line because
the stove is also used in the service case sometimes pulled out of the cabinet element
and that's why it is flexibly connected and then maybe I just show the different cables
in the camera and with the flexible cables I have already exposed a vein that has been
revealed and that also belongs professionally installed, yes something has You still yes,
I now basically have to use LED lights that run on 24 12 volts or maybe even 48 volts
because I always have a power supply in front of the LED light and from this power supply
I have to go to my LED light with the safety little one voltage as we call it and there
are cables suitable for low voltage and suitable for led installation that look like this I
have a blue and a red step, in this case also a flexible cable is both blue and red for
plus and minus the led area is still clear has direct voltage exactly also here already
prepared with the but revealed on it and in the case also as 25 square because I have
to reckon with a voltage drop across the line length the longer the line is, the more voltage
I lose and most of the time it is so that the led lights have a relatively small input
voltage range, i.e.

If the light says 24 volts then it needs it that's about plus minus 0.7
you want so that's what you have the different types of cables I've seen now everything that
has to do with electricity and there is also a bit of data now I see something very interesting
in the back there is that is a so-called hybrid line hybrid line a hybrid car its hybrid unfortunately
very precisely, namely data and electricity in a cable sheath l is going to be cool for
us that has been for a long time i haven't had that in the event technology area for
years since you rarely find it so now, what is very important, would you advise our viewers
to lay hybrid cables or me mean we have anyway then you come to the topic of the week we
come then all the cables in the rooms then or would you guess separately those that have
power lines data line does not come not only to then consider why hybrid line is the topic
Of course, there is space in the teacher.I can't build infinitely thick conduits due
to the state bank building and run it in a cable sheath, of course, I have a more compact
design that is the first, and second, of course, it is much easier in terms of handling when
inserting into an empty conduit because the cable sheath in itself is only one element
and therefore no staufen teacher can arise if I give em to someone today I would recommend
installing something with really completely open parameters as far as the connection and
operation of a possible led light is concerned, then I would rely on such a hybrid cable here
so again larger that is even larger here I have a 230 volt daily 25 square flexible cable
in the cable market and you can see that now in the picture I also have two thinner wire
strands which are also marked with 1 and 2 and that is that this cable this cable deficiency
is suitable to transport the ihks signals and indeed dmx has the specialty that it is
in a bus The strand has to be wired that means I was one lamp after the other on I am not
allowed to make any stitches or implement Astor Baum wiring I have to start one lamp
after the other and with these instructions I can now supply the lamps and with the back
seat I can get the signal back lead back to my electrical sub-distribution there maybe
the signal to advertise with a cough module and send it on in the next part of the building,
I think it makes normal extra contribution that sounds so forbidden with booster module
and what now I wanted to say you can't do without a certain thing and there comes now
to finally dive into the tour because it is with cables add the screening the green cable
like that and what is the green zabel the green cap is that chamis cable so indispensable
in the new building so if you don't want to work with radio in the new building it makes
no sense to work with radio me I think that every contribution is said again and again
and you set yes or the lighting is not you set this lighting here on the kalex cabling
on the paradies bus system maybe here again to show that bettina the cable here too I
can do nothing signal so that this is a 30 do you want to lie on these two between the
black and between the red cable there is a voltage of 30 volts and at the same time the
data is transferred from calix and this the yellow and the white karl that was in the
reserve but it was also cool or where it is very important now that there is no knx daily
light we need a kx signal light we call it the next mile to the actual consumer z u shine
we need an interface that can do the ick signal converts it into a luminescent usable signal
a so-called gateway even if i want to make the extra contribution we now want to lay
the groundwork for you to understand what the cabling in the smarthome is, that we are
secure in the future We understand the subject of terrorism that is also the subject of the
teacher and now the question is timo but I think we'll do that in the next post it really
raises the question of how do you pull what you pull in then how many cables can i do
because move in because yes so i go ahead in the electrical distribution cabinet now
all sorts of cables come and what do i put where these are the questions that we will
ask in the next post i knock that is me also prepare properly moment we forgot something
yes I also like to forget the knx cable adorns that is the cable and what else we have data
cable I can also use a data cable d then we still have seven cables network cables, which
is also very important, that means i won't just work with wifi, which of course is certainly
fun to sit on the couch and surf with the ipad or with the tablet or with the notebook
via wifi and to do my tasks but very importantly in every room, we would now advise that there
is a last big one.

Incidentally, this cable that Kapsch is also suitable for the xf but
of course the actual cabling data is different in color when it comes to learning to design
as possibly the data lines for the led lights ok so then you could say that there are not
too many different cables in the inter plague that we transmit the dmx over the network
cable because we now have two at least two data cards that none cable I think that you
can see the female voices, by the way, always when you are such a shell object no ch has
built his last one you can see exactly the same at first glance is the network cable
i don't have two cables and then i think we are already perfect we now have a speaker
cable so for speaker installation multimedia or speakers if you can see too that is still
with an even larger cross-section you should remember the man, I say multi room audio in
the direction of what makes yes reason we have forgotten something like i think now
all the cable shapes we have then then i have yes one more thing down here that I still
have the 7 x 15 that you can show again another and maybe a word about the seven times 1 5
why seven times 15 in principle I have my personal protection manager that’s the green
one then I have a neutral manager i have l 1 to 3 so my phase one two three and the other
two i would for example for a garni signal user can also use the beleuc again Attention
right yes and you have to say that is certainly the one within our next post you can already
see it around several cores I have the thicker the cable becomes and the more fun it is,
therefore, you like large cross-sections for the conduit and maybe even completely makes
sense already from at the beginning of retired people resign so I'm curious, thank you very
much for watching until our next forest paris

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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