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this is the mirror which i have in my washroom 
and you can see i literally don't like this corner   this edge so i thought of you know giving a 
new look to my washroom so i have ordered a   border thing which i'll share in some time 
so i'm also planning to fill this gaps   so i received this small part this is the after 
it will look like this this looks much better   so i'm going to fill this whole thing so 
it will look really good so i ordered this installation thing from amazon the caulk and you just need to peel off 
this plastic and then press it on the wall   so let's fit this and my 
washroom will look really good oh uh so i have this gap here which the wooden 
floor which i have it doesn't look neat   so i'm thinking to fill up with 
this thing so let's see how it looks oh do uh six you.

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