Apple iMac M1 review: The ideal portable desktop

Apple iMac M1 review: The ideal portable desktop

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Using Your Old Audio Cassettes and LPs in a Playlist

When it’s time for a party, music is essential to a good time. Creating a customized playlists can help you mold the music to fit the theme of the party, and making sure that all songs work together to keep the party moving. It would be pretty awesome to throw an 80′s party for one of your friends, and adding the old mix tape you guys made from when you were kids into the playlist.

Software Compatibility Problems in Windows 7 – How to Deal With Them

Software written for earlier versions is not always compatible with latest versions. In this article, software compatibility features of Windows 7 are explained.

iPhone 5C: How Sturdy?

With iPhone 5C, Apple made a paradigm shift with their iPhone generation. As what was talked about in the rumor mill, iPhone 5C is said to be the cheaper version of iPhone. But, with a cheaper material, can iPhone 5C stand for a few drops? Good thing apple made swanky iPhone 5C cases that have been cleverly made to mix and match with the color of your iPhone 5C. This case is made of silicone for the reason that it is pleasant to touch.

Best Gaming Desktop Computers

Even though mobile devices seem to flourish along with gaming consoles, gaming PCs are still a reality. They get tougher and tougher by each passing day with new technologies added and new inventions becoming powerful hardware components. Gamers are aware that there is no console or other type of gaming device that can truly beat the performance a desktop can bring.

Waterproof: Can Your Smartphone Do This?

When you thought that handheld devices cannot swim, here is the list of mobile phones that will give you a paradigm shift. Now, you won’t have to shudder every time you drop your phone in a body of water-or you will if it had flown your gadget away.

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