ARCHOS Smart Home – Unboxing, Review and Demo

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The Archos smart home system has a real-time monitoring function, and you can check the situation at home on your mobile phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. You and your family can manage the home situation (via mobile phone or tablet) and receive event notifications. We use multiple mini wireless accessories to achieve these functions. The Archos Smart Home Kit contains 2 door and window sensors: monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows, and drawers. 2 mini cameras: you can take photos and short videos. 2 temperature sensors: collect accurate temperature and air humidity. A customized tablet computer, wirelessly connects and remotely controls the above-mentioned accessories. Finally, you need to download the Archos smart home software and install it on your and your family’s Android phones, iPhones or tablets. You can set up interactive programs on the smart home according to your own needs.

Before setting up for the first time, you need to specify a room. For example, we specify a bedroom. Then pair the smart accessory with our customized tablet. This pairing process only takes a few seconds. After completing the pairing of smart accessories, you can set up the interactive programs between these smart accessories. For example, if the door lock sensor detects that the door lock is opened, it will activate the camera to take a picture and send a notification reminder to your phone.

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Therefore, when your child comes home from school, your phone will be closed. Reminder to a photo. These mini smart accessories have a battery life of 1 year, do not need to punch holes in the wall, and do not need to twist screws or nails, avoiding the messy wiring troubles all over the house. This is Archos Smart Home..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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