Best Smart Home Apps 2022 | Top Android and iOS Apps for Smart Home

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amazon alexa and google assistant are two of the   most convenient ways to interact 
with your smart home devices   however managing all of these devices from various 
apps can quickly become a nightmare in today's   video we picked the best apps for controlling 
your smart bulbs plugs and other household items please subscribe to the channel for 
more smart home videos let's begin the google home app is the most 
convenient way to use the google assistant   all of the devices you use with google assistant 
are automatically listed in the app there's no   need to manually add each device to the app and 
you can control them all from a single screen routines in the app can also assist you 
in automating various commands at home   such as turning off all the lights when 
you leave however because there are few   starting conditions to choose from 
these routines are relatively limited most people will be able to use google home   sure it can do everything and you'll probably need 
to look into other apps if you want to perform   more complex actions but it doesn't require 
a lot of setup and is fairly simple to use amazon's app like google's allows you to 
control your devices and organize them   into rooms it is also compatible with 
a wide variety of products and services alexa's routines in my opinion are more capable 
than those of google home you can automate it   with a lot more triggers for example alexa sounds 
can recognize when you let your fridge door open   and there's a lot more alexa has icons for each room that allow you 
to turn off all lights or plugs in a single tap   unfortunately it isn't intelligent enough 
to recognize lamps connected to a smart plug   that is if you tap the icon to turn 
on all the lights in the living room   it will not turn on the ones 
that are connected to smart plugs there is an entire line of options that 
you can add to what you control with alexa   speakers clocks earbuds and even glasses are 
available alexa can monitor and control smart   lights thermostats and locks it is even possible 
to use your speakers as a two-way intercom   all of your alexa commands and settings 
can be customized in the alexa app samsung smartthings is one of the most 
visually appealing apps on this list   although it is made by samsung it is not 
limited to the company's products and   does not require a hub it can integrate 
with a variety of third-party services smartthings is easy to set up and the app 
allows you to organize devices by room   you can even set the lights to turn 
off after a certain period of time   or at a specific hour you can also 
set up multiple locations with the app the smartthings app allows you to receive 
notifications about what's going on at   home regardless of where you are you'll receive 
instant notifications for a variety of conditions   such as unauthorized entry smoke 
floods or anything else you specify compared to google home and alexa 
there are far fewer compatible services   furthermore smartthings does not allow 
you to change the color of all the lights   in a single room at the same time forcing 
you to manually adjust the hue of each bulb the built-in automation features 
are quite powerful they can be   conditional and control multiple devices 
simultaneously it is simple to set up let's take a look at some more 
relevant smart home apps for 2022 yanomi is designed to help you 
automate tasks around the house   however it can be used as a remote 
control for lights and other devices   it is simple to install and can detect which 
devices are connected to your wi-fi network   it does not however support organizations 
individual apps can be controlled but multiple   lights cannot be turned on or off at the same 
time you know me on the other hand may be useful   when creating routines that are conditional 
however because there aren't many supported   services you'll have to weigh its importance 
in relation to the other apps on the list   alisto is an app that allows you to automate the 
majority of your smart home devices and appliances   then direct them to communicate with one another 
it enables you to create trigs based on various   elements such as time or location to perform 
different actions you can for example ask it   to turn on the lights lock the doors and open 
the blinds every weekday at 10 am its ability   to create nail buttons to perform triggs is 
pretty powerful when you get home for example   you can press a single virtual button to open the 
blinds turn on the lights and start playing music   on your speakers the disadvantage is that you 
must manually create a button for each feature   in each product which is time consuming to set 
up but very convenient when used on a daily basis what do you think of today's list please share 
your thoughts in the comment section below you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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