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Okay, talk to you later! You sure you wanna throw that? Yeah, you may aim for the bed, But gravity has other plans. See ya! Looks like someone could use some phone hacks. Look at Sophia, hard at work! No distractions do a girl good. Spoke too soon. Where’d I put that thing? It’s gotta be here somewhere, right? Come on, don’t camouflage now! Just follow the cord… How long is this stupid thing? My arm’s getting tired. This isn’t my phone!  What a waste.

I can barely feel my arm anymore! Okay, I’ve gotta be getting close!  There you are! And looks like I just missed it. Now I have to call him back. Wait! Maybe I can create something! Yep, this is gonna be good. Take your cord, and wrap it around a marker like this.
   Once it’s coiled, Take a blow dryer to it for a minute. And when you slide the marker out, The cord won’t be so long! That sucker’s staying in sight now! There! Now when I’m hard at work, I don’t have to fish for my phone whenever it rings! It’s Kevin! What up, dude? Sorry I missed ya earlier.

Woah, it’s beautiful out today! Can’t forget to warm up. Oh no! These shorts don’t have pockets? Aw, man. Will it stay in here? That was close. What about my socks? This should work, right? But how am I supposed to run? C’mon, think! My waistband could hold it!  The phone!!! Ooh, that was rough! I hope it didn’t crack the screen! I’m so stupid. I don’t have anywhere else to put this thing. Hey, check out Sophia’s phone! How’s it in her sleeve like that? I can give it a try! Take the case off the phone and slide it under your sleeve. Then stick the phone back in! Nice! Hey, wait up! Aw, look at these lovebirds! Date seems to be going well, huh? I’ll be right back! Time for a makeup check! Where is that thing? My keys? Nope. Now this is getting ridiculous!  I’ll just dump the whole thing out. Yikes!  That purse sure is roomy, huh? My compact! Hey, you’re back! Is this all your stuff? Who carries tape around with them? That’s a good question.

And it’s finally gonna come in handy! Let’s put this stuff to work!  Lay your phone face down And stick a piece of double-sided tape onto the case. Then peel off the backing. Stick your compact on the tape! My essential items are now 2-in-1! May as well touch my eyes up. Lookin’ good. Wow, you’re crafty, Sophia! This new glue gun is working wonders! Look how cool this is turning out! My new iPhone finally came!! Is there anything better than a fresh phone? Just look at this baby! Look at that smooth-as-silk screen. I’m your new mommy!  I’m happy for you, Sophia. Lemme just set it down for a sec. Ooh, this table’s all wet. My phone’s not touching this mess.

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Oops! Wait, I think I can help. Can I? It’s fine, just trust me! Wrap your phone in plastic wrap. It should be facing downward. Set it down and grab your glue gun. Then squeeze glue out along the border. A nice thick line is best. Now make a much of squiggly lines. Great! Trace around the camera. Now start making vertical lines. Looking good! Now it’s dry and off the plastic! One custom case, comin’ up! This is awesome! Thanks, Kevin! Ooh!! These girls’ phones look awesome! This one is especially beautiful! Think I can afford a pop socket like that? I’ve got some cash saved up! Two dollars definitely won’t cut it. What a bummer. Stupid money. Hmph!! And I broke my drawer! Great. It looks an awful lot like a pop socket. Set your phone case face down. And put a glob of hot glue in the middle. Then stick the knob right on top. Now let it dry! Gotta remember this crafty moment! Man, this thing sure is easy to hold now! Genius! Oh man, Is it morning already? My skin looks good in the morning!  Gotta love morning photo shoots. Ahhh.

Time to start the day. Woah, that's a lotta Kevin… Something’s poking me. Hmmm… Oh, it’s just me! And my guns!  Gotta love it. Gotta do one last outfit check. I almost forgot! My good luck picture! Can’t leave home without it. The back pocket? What a conundrum… I know! Bingo. Have a clear phone case? Take the picture you wanna use, And put it face down on it. Once you’ve run an iron over it, Leave the paper there, And submerge it in shallow water. Make sure it’s totally covered. And wait for a good twenty minutes. When it’s out, rub the paper a bit. And watch your print come to life! Isn’t this the coolest? Who wouldn’t want their own Kevin case? Or maybe something slightly different… We’ll meet at the basketball court? Oh hey, there, handsome! Ooh, ya, I’m listening.

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