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Hey guys Matt here from and
in this video I will be showing you what my channel is all about. [Intro] Welcome to my smart home, this is a system
I designed that is a large majority of diy home made smart devices. When I say DIY I mean I designed and coded
most of these devices. But, let me emphasize the “I” part, as
I designed and coded this so YOU do not have to. There is very little brain power involved
on your part if you choose to follow my system, all you would have to do is follow simple
instructions and you too will have a smart home similar to mine. This youtube channel as well as
will be a giant recource full of simple and easy to follow guides on how to make these
devices in addition to how to put this low-cost system together.

Yes I did say low-cost because the parts for
these devices do not cost a lot of money. But, enough talking as the explanation part
of this will be a separate video, speaking of if this video reaches 100 likes I will
release it sooner than it is planned. anyways let's just get into the demo! To start off let's talk about voice control,
as of right now I am using the amazon echo dot as well as siri on my iphone and on my
apple watch, in the future I am also looking into voice control on android.

That being said before we continue please
make sure that if you have an amazon echo please make sure it is set to mute or else
it may get triggered by my commands. “Alexa, turn off MK Light”
“Alexa, turn on MK Light” “Alexa turn off computer setup”
So, as you saw when I triggered it to turn off my computer setup it turned off my monitors
and it also turned off my USB accessories as well as power to these devices so right
now if I wanted to turn on this printer I can’t. “Alexa turn off TV Setup”
So, as you saw it turned off the tv turned off the sound system and it turned off the
xbox 360 Let’s move over here for the next ones
“Alexa turn on Zone 1” “Alexa turn on Zone 2”
“Alexa turn on Zone 3” I don’t know if you heard that but there
were clicks going on and those were the power being distributed more on that later.

There are many more commands for the echo
but those are just a few. Next let's move on to siri. So, we are going to be using siri on my apple
watch which is right here. “Hey siri turn on Samsung Tv”
And as you saw it turned in my samsung tv. “Hey siri turn on sound system”
See, sound system turned on “Hey siri turn on xbox 360”
So, now if I go over to my xbox and press power it can turn on. “Hey siri turn on Dell Monitors”
See, the monitors came online.

Let’s go back to the sprinkler system. “Hey siri turn off sprinkler system”
I don’t know if you heard the clicks but they did click, More on that later. Same thing with the echo those were just a
few commands there are many more but just to keep this video a little shorter I won't
say them all. Don’t worry there will be a another separate
video for that. Now let's take a look at the different user
interfaces as well as the different devices you can control the system from. First and my favorite is the wall mounted
interface, I like it because you can turn anything on or off at any time and it is motion

Let's turn off the Lights, turn them back
on and then let's also turn off the samsung tv, as you can see over there it’s off,
and let’s turn it back on. Another cool thing is that if I cast something
to the chromecast i can play, and I can pause, as well as control the volume. Also let's set the LED Strip to blue to set
the mood while watching an MK-CarGarage video for those wondering it’s my car channel,
link below if you are interested. So, let’s go over to LED Strip control,
and choose the color blue, So, now if we pan back over to the TV setup the color is blue
on camera it looks a little purple but it is actually blue, we can also set it to green,
and many, many, many more colors to choose from, literally any color you would want but
let’s go back and pause the video. In addition I can also control the security
system from here, it shows me the status of the system, the status of the door and I can
also turn it on from here so let's enter the password and press enter to turn it on.

pexels photo 5797997

And as you can see the security system did
turn on. Speaking of let's do a quick demo of one its
features which is that if I open the door the LED Strip will turn to red and I will
get a notification on my phone. As you can see the door is closed, now if
I open it the LED Strip turned to red and I got a notification
on my phone. Lastly, my favorite thing is the fact that
I can control the blinds from here so we can close, open and set them to half.

And here is a full clip of showing them opening
and closing and setting them to half. Next is the mobile device user interface which
works on IOS and android. On android as you can see we can have all
the devices to control. I can also see the temperature, humidity and
if there is fire inside the home. Lets just turn on the tv setup
and turn on the computer setup.

IOS control is pretty much the same thing
as android but on IOS you can also control stuff from the home app, such as turn off
the tv setup and turn on zone 1, which is the sprinkler system but since it is currently
winter I don't have it connected instead I have it connected to the fire sensor for demo
purposes. Finally I can access the system from pretty
much any web browser so to do so “Alexa turn on computer setup” and as you can see
I currently have it open and have access to all the different control devices. For the last part of the video I am going
to quickly show you the devices and exactly which ones are controlled as well as which
ones send information.

This will not be detailed because the more
detailed information will be in the next video which is the explanation one. This is the control wall and it is basically
what controls the entire house. Don’t worry about the gray panels we will
not be touching those instead we will be focusing over here on the network and servers for the
smart home. Next is the door sensor and it sends information
to the server. As you can see if we open it then on the tablet
it changes state. Moving to the right we have the sprinkler
system which we can control the different zones. Attached to that is the fire sensor so, if
I activated zone 1 then the fire sensor will send a notification. In the media center over here we have a power
strip which I can individually control the different devices such as the tv, sound system
and the xbox 360. Also I can control the led strip and choose
any color.

As we keep moving right we can see the blinds
which as you know are controllable so currently it has 3 functions open, close and half. Then finally we have the desk which also like
the media center has a power strip and each component can be individually controlled the
monitors, macbook charger, and the accessories. So, that’s it that is my smart home / smart
room but, those are not all the devices there are some that I did not show and there are
ones that I am also currently working. If you are interested in making or learning
how to make these devices or even if you just like smart home tech then subscribe because
there are plenty of videos coming.

Speaking of if you guys want to see the next
video faster than it is scheduled then help get this video to 100 likes. Also, go to and on the home
page vote for which device you would like to have a guide for first. While you are there you can get some more
information on MK-SmartHouse. Finally, if you want some behind the scenes
and what I am currently working on then follow mksmarthouse on social media the links are
in the description. Alright thank you for watching and if you
have any questions leave them in the comments section or head over to the
forum where you have a better chance of it getting answered. Good bye!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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