Connecting smart homes with Matter

Matter is a new
connectivity standard that we're really
excited about here at TI. It's guided by the Connectivity
Standards Alliance. And it allows Smart
Home and Beyond devices to connect together seamlessly. Think about your home today. At least for me, I have smart
lights that work on one system. Smart air conditioning
that works on another. And many other
devices like security, door locks, even sprinklers
that don't work together. Matter solves this
problem by ensuring that all of your devices,
regardless of brand, work together right
out of the box. This is a problem that
we've seen for years, so we're excited to be at
the forefront of the Matter development and bring new
products like the CC2652R and P7 to the market
to help address it.

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Now come check out
the demo with me. [MUSIC PLAYING].

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