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Is your extra junk lying around becoming a hazard? What if you could actually add value to your old toys and knick knacks? All it takes is a little creativity, an open mind, And a little help from us. Here are some great ways to reuse your toys! Love to shop on line like Bella, here? Scrolling through pages of beautiful jewelry is always a great way to pass the time. Whoah! Check out that hefty price tag! I don’t have that kind of money! Perhaps I can fashion something myself. Hey, what about those little dinosaur toys you have over there? Aw, look at this little guy! Isn’t he cute? Oh yeah, I can definitely do something with this. Want to know how to turn a kid’s toy like this into fashionable jewelry? First put a metal ring into the top of the figurine and screw it all the way in.

Next, get some metallic spray paint. Now spray it all over the little dino. Once it’s dry, string it onto your favorite long chain. Wow! Look how cute that necklace is! It looks just as stylish as the ones you see at the store, doesn’t it? Yep, lookin’ good girl! Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, all your stuff has its place. Well, most of your stuff, anyway. Gah! Where am I supposed to put this thing? Huh? Aw man! I stepped on all my mail! Gross! I wish I had a place to put these other than the floor. Oh shoot! I almost forgot my keys! Where did I even put them? Why does this happen every time?! Kevin! Watch out for that — Ball! WOAHH!!! Well, when your stuff is everywhere, what did you expect, Kevin? Oh look! There are your keys! Well at least something good came out of that fall! Okay, I’ve got to find a place to keep these.

Looks like someone is getting a brilliant idea! Have an old tennis ball laying around? Turn it into a nifty holder! Using a blade, cut a small slit into the side of the ball, no more than an inch or so. Treating the slit like a mouth, place two google eyes above it, making a face. Next, you’ll need a hot glue gun and a suction cup. Put a glob of hot glue onto the plastic — but not too much! Before the glue dries, stick the plastic suction cup onto the back of the tennis ball.

Hold it until it dries. Aw! He’s so cute! Want to see how it works? Stick him on a mirror in your bathroom, a door frame, or just about anywhere! Hey! Thanks for holding my towel, little guy! Ah, so much better. Now you’ll never misplace your keys again! And as for your mail? Let’s just say they’ll never be covered in dirt and footprints again. Aw, that’s a good boy. Ugh, I gotta find a place to put all these clothes away! Let’s just open my closet here.

There we go. Uh, there’s not much room in there for much else. Well, I guess that’s one way to put your clothes away! C’mon! Just close already! Uh, Bella? You may want to move! Incoming!!! Ooh! That had to hurt! And now you have a clothing avalanche coming your way! Okay, I definitely have to find a better system here.

And I know exactly what to do! For this hack, you’ll need a big slab of wood and a toy dinosaur like this one. With a blade, cut the toy right down the middle. Ouch! Just kidding. Separate the halves and put the bottom half aside. With a hot glue gun, put glue on along the edge you just cut on the front end of the dino. Before it dries, press it against the wood on the far left side. Now you can add some more dino friends to the plank! Aw, aren’t they cute? Hang this thing in any room and use it as a rack for your clothes, purses, or whatever you’d like! So now when you run out of room to hang your clothes in the closet, don’t stress. Because now, you have other options! Like these little dinosaur helpers! See? Look how easy that is! And now you have a less dangerous closet situation, right, Bella? Woah! Looks like mother nature called, and it’s an emergency! Now that my emails are answered, it’s time to deal with some other business. Uh, where’s the toilet paper? Huh? Now what should I do? Aha! But why’s it all the way over there? C’mon! I can almost reach! Gah.

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I can’t do it. Wait a second! I bet these little dudes can hep me! Hmm..which one should I pick… Tag! You’re it! You’re about to save the day, little buddy! Almost there! And we have contact! Hey, this gives me the best idea… If you have a toy dinosaur, why not turn it into a new bathroom buddy? Using a hot glue gun, dab glue on the bottoms of the dinosaur’s feet. Yep, on all four! Now before the glue dries, stick that sucker right onto your bathroom wall, feet first. And just like that, you have a new toilet paper holder! Now when it’s time to well…you know… Your toilet paper will be right there, ready to go! Wipe yourself out, Kev! Only one more touchdown and we’ll win the game! C’mon… YES!! I knew we could do it! Woah! Kevin! Aren’t you getting a little too carried away there? Oops! Did I do that? Looks like it’s time to clean that up, don’t you think? Oh man, I actually shattered that thing, didn’t I? My mom’s gonna kill me.

There’s got to be something I can do to salvage this thing. Woah! Alright Kevin, let’s think outside the box here. Have anything around the house you can use to fix the clock? Ooh! Kevin’s brain is definitely buzzing! For this hack, you’ll need a record, and some dominos. Take the ticker from the clock that holds the battery and stick it into the hole in the middle of the record. If you turn it a couple times, it should fit right in quite nicely. Take s small washer like this and put it over the hole on the other side to secure the battery. Next, screw on a metal nut. Now place the second hand from the clock on top of it. Now do the same thing with the minute hand. And finish it off with the ticking hand. To make the clock’s numbers, put some hot glue on the corresponding dominos. See? A “12” domino will serve as a “12” on the clock! Keep going until you go through all the rest of the numbers.

Hang that sucker up on the wall and you’ve got yourself a brand new clock! So, how does it look, Kevin? Wow! It looks even better than the clock that was there before! Hey! Why are you just standing there? Check out my latest creation! Pretty awesome, don’t you think? Nothing’s worse than going about your day and stepping on a random lego. Ooh, that looked pretty bad. If only there was something useful we could do with these darn things. Aw, we fell your pain, Bella. Woah! What’s that? Are we having an earthquake? Or did Bella accidentally step on one of my legos again? That’s it! This torture ends today! Let me think…what on earth can I do with these things? Hey, that soap could work? Something tells me thing are about to get really crafty! Unscrew a bottle of clear liquid soap.

Carefully place some lego pieces inside using tweezers. Feel free to use different shapes and configure them any way you’d like. It’s starting to look pretty interesting, right? When you’re done, you’ll have a fun little scene right there in your soap dispenser! Once you’re finished, screw the cap back on and enjoy your masterpiece! See? Bella turned a bad situation into a great-looking one.

There you go. Hey, Kevin! Notice anything different in here? Huh? What’s going on with the soap? Holy cow! This looks so awesome! How’d they all even get in there? Well, hopefully Kevin wasn’t playing with these because they’re gonna be covered in soap from now on. Did you love these nifty hacks? Then you’ll love these bloopers even more! Don’t forget to share these reusable toy hacks with your friends! And as always, be sure to subscribe to 123 Go!’s Youtube channels for more awesome ideas like these! Stay crafty, people!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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