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Hello and welcome here from our showroom iQool
Stage in St. Valentin in Peraqua's Head Quarter. Behind me, you can see our fully automatic
swimming pool control "iQnnect", which will be the main focus today. My name is Roland Diwold and I am responsible
here as the technical manager and I also have responsibility for various sales areas around
the world. But what actually is iQnnect? iQnnect is the connection of intelligently
networked pool technology from our product range for complete control of the pool. What is the goal? The goal is a completely automatic, safe and
sustainable pool system via a smart device.

In this way, we create 100% added value in
daily pool operations. Digitization has long since found its way
into the pool industry. However, Peraqua goes one step further. We create maximum usability from the jungle
of apps. And how do we do that? We do this with the control of the entire
pool technology via a single app, which can also be easily integrated into the smart home
system. Just imagine, for example, that our high-quality,
speed-controlled filter pump E.Pro works in the filtration process at a moderate speed
in order to have the best filtration effect. In the backwash process, the speed is automatically
increased in order to have the best cleaning effect. Or, if there are several people in the pool,
the circulation can also be increased accordingly. For water treatment, simply integrate our
premium Modbus-capable salt electrolysis in the system, for pH value measurement and control,
redox measurement or free chlorine measurement. In the event of a pump standstill or during the backwashing process,
this system switches off automatically. Make the pool or your customer's pool a special
eye-catcher and set the LED RGB colors as desired.

A level control is of course included in the
iQnnect system. Either with a float switch for skimmer pools
or, as you can see here, with a pressure switch for overflow pools. In case of low water level, the pump's dry-
run protection is automatically activated. If there is too much water, an additional
backwash process begins and the water level decreases. Set the temperature of the full inverter heat
pump on your mobile device as required and thus always keep an eye on the pool water
temperature. If there is a temperature requirement outside
of the filter times, the system switches to "circulation" and the heat pump is activated,
or you can simply switch the heat pump off during the night.


All of this can be automated with iQnnect. But now let's take a look at the Loxone® app. The system scheme is interesting. In the system diagram you can see all the
iQnnect components installed in the swimming pool and the most important parameters can
be adjusted online at the push of a button. For the realization of your iQnnect project
we recommend the cooperation of the swimming pool builder with the Loxone® partner. We will be happy to establish contact with
qualified swimming pool builders and Loxone® partners. We are also happy to answer any questions
you may have about iQnnect. Finally, the advantages of iQnnect once again
in a nutshell. First, sustainability. We have a low power consumption thanks to
an efficient speed-controlled filter pump. We have a low power consumption thanks to
the full inverter heat pump. In addition to "filtering", we can also switch
to the "circulating" position and accordingly protect the filter system. Second, the cleanliness. We have a regular backwash with the most modern
6-way valve in the world.

Therefore, the water always stays clean. We can set individual backwash times, we always
have the water values available online at a glance. Of course, security is a big issue. The dry run protection of the pump is guaranteed. You can install video surveillance of the
pool and there is no over or underdosing of the water values. Further information is available at, or simply send us an email to Thank you for your interest, goodbye, Ciao,

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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