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In this video we're going to be making this awesome closet. It has shelves in the middle short hanging on the right side and we're gonna have tall hanging on the left with a special treat of a removable shelf in the middle so you can expand as your clothing wardrobe expands as well. Let's get started (Intro Music) All right we're down here in my wood shop I've already cut my boards to the width that I like. I have a specific width that I like to work with in my closets. If you want to know those specific dimensions click the link above to download the plans. It gives you all those details
that you need and also it provides you access to any questions you may have
about this build so what I did is I took a 4×8 sheet of 3/4in plywood and ran it on my table saw over there. and cut them to the width that I like. now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna use my miter saw and cut the
lengths that I need and start assembling, let's go do that.

Okay so we're gonna
install the shelves and the way we're going to do that is we're going to Kreg Jig it. That's a term that I like to use but actually we're gonna be using the Kreg
jig R3 to create pocket holes It's the pocket holes that actually we're gonna be making them that's gonna hold the shelves in place. Kreg jig makes a really
great tool for that it's not become a term let's just Kreg jig it. Well that's what I like to say anyway anyway let's go ahead and create these pocket holes and get those shelves installed and start assembling. All right so I've lived everything out on my table over here we're gonna be assembling the
shelves soon but before we do I'm gonna paint it. I'm gonna use a paint roller
it's super simple I'm gonna paint one side let it dry and flip it over and paint the other side and then we're going to put it all together.

All right well let's get painting! Okay now that my boards are dry I'm going to be making the lines for where I'm gonna put the shelves in. I decided I want my shells to be every 12in so So, I'm going to mark those out on these
boards here and then I'm just gonna Kreg Jig them in and start assembling the shelf for the toys or the clothes or whatever I also have to account that
there's gonna be a 3/4 inch difference between this line and this line so I'm gonna measure another line 3/4in down and from that I'm going to make
another 12 inches that's just Don't make the mistake of measuring from the top line. Otherwise you'll be off by 3/4 of an inch all the way down.


Okay we're about to Kreg jig the shelf
in this is the first shelf that's going in I've enlisted my dad here as my
helper and one trick that I've learned to hold this in place while you're Kreg jigging is to use a clamp. so let's put the clamp in and then we'll start using
some screws and tightening everything up I always like to put my torque on… so I don't go all the way through and it stops it so usually 11:00 is where I like it All right it was that simple now I'm
gonna take the clamp off and I'm gonna do this for all the shelves on one side so that's four times on this side and then what I'm going to do is flip this
side over and then Kreg jig and the other side and then you have your

Okay so we finished building the main
portion of our closet the shelves and you saw that technique and how we did it
using Kreg jigs and pocket holes and all those different types of techniques
what I have to do now is just sand the face of it and then I'm gonna use a hand
brush to paint the little edges make it a little clean if you want a super sharp
you can always use a product called edge banding it's a like a super thin strip
of wood that has like a glue on the back side of it and you use an iron and you
just take that and just iron it on if you want to see how I did that
I used edge banding in my pantry video so if you haven't check out the pantry
video to see how you can use edge banding I'll put that link in the
description below but for this project I'm just gonna save it and just paint it
it'll look really nice and then after that I'm gonna take this upstairs to my
guest bedroom and do the installation it's gonna come in three parts this is
the shelf the next part will be the top and the next part will be a side shelf
that I over have over here for your short hanging and then over on this side
will be the long hanging so instead of me taking all the time to show you how
I'm sanding all you guys know how to stand and paint I'm gonna cut that part
out and we're just gonna go straight upstairs to the installation! Okay my closet shelves are end now what
I have to do is I have to put the top piece on but before I do that I have to
attach some brackets in either end of the shelf on this side and on this side
so let me take the camera in here and show you what that's gonna look like so
what this is gonna do is this is gonna sit right like this I'm going to put a
screw in here and I probably put a temporary screw right here because
there's no stud there in order to get this to adhere to the wall correctly I'm
using liquid nails so liquid nails will bond to the wall and hold this in place
and it'll give me plenty of strength and support to hold any weight that's on top
of the shelf so that's how I'm gonna hold the top shelf in place on either
side of the wall where there is no support sometimes you just gotta make
your own alright well let me show you how to install this trying to find a
place to put this okay so we have the liquid nails it's all spread out on this
piece of wood now I'm just gonna line it up here and screw it in let me get my
screwdriver mat now okay that's pretty much it
you just have to let that sit and cure when it does it's ready to hold the
support I'm gonna do the other side and then I'll show you how the top gets
clamped down and attached okay I just put the top shelf in now I have to
secure it to those supports that I put on the outside and to the shelves right
in the middle let me show you how I do that so let me show you what I was doing I
was screwing the top here you can see the screws right into the top of the
shelving alright so I'm down here I'm installing the bottom shelf that goes
across for the short hanging I have a little strip of wood that I'm gonna put
on right here alright that looks pretty good
let's go to the wall this is the bottom shelf this one's the removable shelf
that's just for flexibility later down the road and there you have it it's done
super simple and now what we have to do is hang the the rods from here to there
and let me show you how to do that so when I build a closet I like using the
heavy-duty ultra robust hanging sockets I guess
it's what you call them I picked these up at the store I like them because
they're metal they're heavy-duty and they're white and I have never had a
problem with these failing or causing me issues down the road so this is what
we're gonna be installing for or close the hanging closet I've marked
everything and now I just have to screw it in alright it's that simple
I already did the other side so now let me just put the rod in done now I have
to do this two more times one for the bottom one that I have below here and
then one for the other side and then the closet will be complete alright the
closets done it came out great you have short hanging on this side we have
shelves in the middle and we have tall hanging on this side if
you like this closet design click the download the plans button right here and
you can build it for yourself you can make modifications to it if you want but
it'll give you all the dimensions that you need to make this closet and if you
like this video give me some thumbs up I'd appreciate it it helps me though
know that you like this type of content and want to see more also don't forget
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see you on our next build I'll see you later

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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