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hi everybody it's christina from pretty distressed i am a furniture flipper and normally on here you will find me making over pieces of furniture but today i'm gonna make over some home decor items that i found at the thrift store i'm even gonna be duping the very popular anthropology primrose gleaming mirror making my own version so if you want to see these little mini thrift store makeovers just keep watching [Music] so i headed to the thrift store to find some items i thought i could make over and look more high-end i recently did this around my home making over a lot of the farmhouse stuff i have to be more modern and up-to-date um so i had a lot of fun doing that so i'm gonna do it again today my goal at the thrift store is to buy home decor items that are very inexpensive and i have a wide array of stuff that we're gonna be making over today so this should be a lot of fun i'm teaming up with wagner today on this video i'm gonna be trying out their qx1 which is a smaller sprayer really beginner friendly and great for small projects like this as well as their medium spray tent which is really really easy to set up so i got this basket for six dollars baskets can range anywhere from 30 to 150 wherever you're getting them from and you can use them for so many things to store blankets on entryway tables for plants so i think these are always a great find i like the natural color on this basket and wanted to keep one of those stripes so i'm just taping that off and i'm going to paint the rest of the basket white before i get started i'm just going to mask off the bottom of my tent for easy cleanup and then i'm grabbing a white furniture paint you could use any type of craft paint here you are going to want to thin your paint out with this particular sprayer it's meant for thinner materials like stains and sealers and it's great for small outdoor projects but you can also use it with these craft paints because these craft paints really really love water and they're easy to thin out this paint is a pretty thick paint so i water this down about 20 percent and i'm going to be doing most of my spraying in a downward motion so i'm going to make sure my intake tube is pointing away from me the qx1 only has one adjustable setting for material flow so i'm starting at one to see how that goes and i'll move it up as i need to to turn this on you just flip the switch at the top and that makes the turbine go and then you pull the trigger to release the paint i found that i like to have this on the five setting for these thick chalk style like paints this is my first time using the sprayer and i found that i like to be six inches away from the piece that i'm spraying i found it helpful to have a clean rag on hand to wipe off any buildup on the nozzle i only ended up doing one coat of paint on here and i love the way this turned out stick around to the end of the video because i'm gonna be styling and showing you all the afters at the end next up while i still have my white paint in my sprayer i'm gonna prime all these canvases because i'm gonna create some new textured artwork with them of course you could just buy brand new canvas to do this but i got these for a buck a piece so i'm going to be a little bit more sustainable here and prime them to create new artwork on them i feel a little sad covering up someone's artwork that they worked really hard on but they donated these so it's free game i was able to coat these in this white paint in 60 seconds and i'm not gonna have to do a second coat so those are some great features of using a spray gun like this i'm all done with my white paint so i'm gonna clean this out it's just as easy as getting everything all cleaned with soap and water and i love that everything detaches from the motor so i don't have to worry about burning the motor out by getting water in it so i'm going to try my hand at some textured arch art that i have been seeing everywhere i'm using dex wall spackle because it's pink and when it dries it's white so i'm gonna know when it's ready to paint i think a better option here to be used like plaster of paris or something like that there's probably something more affordable that has like a longer open time that's easier to use but this is what i had i have it for furniture i have it for around my house and it worked out pretty well so i'm just spreading the spackle on with a putty knife and then i'm taking a tile trowel that i got for like five bucks that has really really tiny teeth on it and i'm making my arches [Music] these have to dry overnight and if it's a sunny day if you put them outside it'll help that process move along but i just grabbed a bunch of different neutral paints that i had that i thought looked good together and i used little artist brushes to paint out all the arches i made [Music] this is the thrift flip that i'm most excited to share with you guys i had this mirror from a dresser that i didn't use it on so i'm removing the back and just pulling out the mirror and getting rid of the frame it's curved at the top so i thought this would be the perfect mirror to try to dupe the anthropology gleaming primrose mirror that you see all over instagram it's 550 for the three foot version i think this mirror is gorgeous but i would never pay that much for a mirror so i'm going to try to build my own i've got some trim and some decorative pieces that i'm going to place on here i'm going to start by giving the mirror a good clean because this has been sitting in the garage for a very long time but i'm glad i didn't throw it out and then i'm going to start cutting the trim pieces down to size i'm going to use my miter saw but it's definitely not necessary if you have like a miter box and a saw that would work well i don't even think you necessarily need to miter the bottom because i'm going to cover those up with the decorative pieces but i have a miter saw so i just mitered my corners so they look really nice i'm gonna do this the easy diy way and just glue my frame to the mirror so i'm using a tight bond multi-purpose glue to adhere this to the mirror [Music] and then i'm just using some clamps to hold it in place while it dries [Music] next i'm going to grab my wagner furno because all my decorative pieces are actually woody bend pieces and you can bend them and mold them as you heat them up with the gun my top piece was a little bit too long so i heated it up and clipped off the excess on the sides [Music] i'm also attaching my other decorative pieces to the base of the mirror and like i said this is completely covering up my beautiful miter job i did on the frame so that definitely isn't necessary [Music] and now i'm gonna grab this rope trim and i'm gonna trim out the rest of the frame with it i do have my furno on the lowest setting just so you guys are aware you don't need much heat to get this to bend but it will start hardening up on you so if it starts to harden up on you just apply some more heat to make it pliable again so i'm going to apply my glue and then i'm going to be able to bend this trim piece to fit this curve that is the beauty with this would you bend it is a little bit more expensive than other products out there but you're not going to be able to do this and get this customized look like this so it's definitely worth it to me and paint adheres really really nicely to this and when you're using other bendable stuff like plastics they don't always take paint as well [Music] okay now that i've got everything trimmed out i'm just going to tape off my mirror and get ready to spray it [Music] i'm going to use black paint as a base and then put gilding wax over it and it's going to give it a beautiful aged patina this furniture paint i'm using here is a lot thinner so i only water this one down at 10 percent okay so what's the benefit of using the sprayer compared to hand painting well it's going to save you a lot of time and the control spray qx one is perfect for people who are new to sprayers it has a good entry price point of eighty dollars so it's a lot more affordable than other sprayers you've seen me use on my channel it's gonna give you a smooth consistent finish you're gonna have no brush marks it's going to put the paint on better so you only have to do one coat as opposed to two it's lightweight easy to handle it also has the adjustable flow control so you can spray in three different patterns up and down like this turn it sideways to do horizontal spraying and then if you need to do a few little touch-ups you can just point this at a diagonal like this and it will give you a great spray to do little touch-ups so i think this would be a great starting point to use on smaller pieces of furniture and little craft items like this and see if you like spraying and then you can always bump up to a bigger sprayer like mine if you like it okay now to give me the beautiful metal finish like the primrose mirror i'm trying to dupe i grab some gold gilding wax and i'm just gonna apply this with a small artist brush and i'm not trying to put this in every little crack in crevice i actually want some of that black coming through because it's gonna look like an aged patina it's gonna make this look like metal so i love the depth this is giving me as opposed to just spray painting it all gold i just don't think it would have the same look and this went really fast having the whole base painted as black and then just lightly having to touch it up with the gilding wax [Music] oh my gosh i love the way this turned out i can't wait to show it to you all styled up next i'm grabbing some glass vases i got all these for two dollars a piece and i'm gonna try to make these look more sophisticated and like ceramic and vases are so expensive you guys i you know even at target like a set of three vases is 35 but if you get them from west elm or pottery barn they could be anywhere from like 140 for a set of three so i'm just gonna use that same black paint that i have and the sprayer puts this on so easily and this paint is going to level out as it dries and these things look so smooth like you could never get this type of finish using a brush and again i only had to do one coat on these [Music] okay next up is this lamp i got for ten dollars lamps can be super expensive to you guys like target ones are going to be anywhere from fifty to seventy dollars and then pottery barn and west elm have ones that are like four hundred dollars i really liked the shape of this one but i didn't like the scalloping i thought that made it look really dated so i'm grabbing that spackle again and filling in those holes so that it won't have that scalloping i let that first coat dry and then when i came in with my second coat i am spreading it horizontally versus vertically looking back now i probably should have sanded down that first coat a little bit more and it probably would have helped me out just depending on how much texture you want in it you can sand that first coat [Music] once that second coat was dry i just took my sandpaper and i'm smoothing out any harsh edges i have i wanted this to have texture but i didn't want it to be too textured so i'm just smoothing it out a bit when i'm finished sanding i'm just wiping back any dust that i have and then i'm ready to paint because this is textured i am gonna have some little white areas but that is what i'm going for and it'll make sense when this is all done but again the sprayer made this so easy and i only had to do one coat and once that was dry i just flipped it over to get the spots underneath [Music] all right now that i'm done painting i'm just going to remove my canister and put my unused paint back in the container and you will see i really didn't use that much paint i still have three fourths of this paint left and i did three vases a lamp and the mirror so still have lots of paint left i'm just removing all these pieces and then i'm gonna go clean it in my warm soapy water again and you guys this doesn't take much more time than actually having to clean paint brushes if anybody's scared of the cleanup time the directions to fold up and put away the tent are right inside the cover and it was really easy [Music] okay now that this is mostly dry i am grabbing some cornstarch because i really want to make this texture shine a little bit more and it's going to get in all those little cracks and crevices and just make it look like an age ceramic vase [Music] and one last quick little decor flip for you i grabbed these wooden bowls and i want to get rid of the orangey undertone they have so i'm grabbing some old smoky gel stain from william vintage in a natural color and i'm just rubbing this on here and it's just gonna kind of wash these bowls and take away that orange really sorry for my terrible camera work here but this has a built-in top coat too so once these dry they're ready to use okay all my decor thrift flips are done so let's see them in action [Music] i really love the way these turned out you guys i should go to the first store for decor more often instead of spending my money for new things like there are great treasures out there in the thrift store and you can put your own little stamp on them and they can look great around your home [Music] i think this mirror is definitely my favorite flip it was a little bit more than the other ones with the investment of the would you bend but it really makes it look authentic and beautiful so i think it was worth it and definitely a lot cheaper than 550 and i think with practice i could get better at this textured art i don't know about my color scheme here i might change that up but let me know down in the comments what was your favorite flip thanks for joining me for today's video if you like these decor flips i have some more in this is a farmhouse dead video i think you guys will really enjoy it don't forget to subscribe and hit that little bell notification you'll be notified anytime my videos go live um i'll be back soon with another project thanks for being here you guys and i will see you next time

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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