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hello guys and welcome to Til Vacuum Do Us Part. 
i have a lot of home projects i want to share with   you today so we're jumping straight into today's 
video so i'm showing you what you're going to need   for the first project and we used two wood fence 
posts but you could also use two by fours and then   a cylinder block and basically we're making this 
for our firewood so if you've been around here   long enough you know we did this at our last house 
and it was just really nice to have firewood over   by our fire pit in the very back of the yard so 
we're gonna do this here at our airbnb as well   so it's just a simple project this was literally 
free for us we had all that supplies on hand   and then we got the firewood from chase's 
dad so definitely just use your resources   even if you had to buy this it would be 
super cheap but if you are going to be doing   larger pieces of firewood or stacking you know 
thicker chunks of it i would definitely use the   two by fours that's what we did at our last house 
but back here we're just trying to keep the wood   is super small so it's easier to light and we have 
like a smaller fire pit but this is one of those   projects it's super easy to customize just for 
your area do you need it big do you need it small   you could spray paint this or stain it if you 
want it to look nicer we've never gone that far   but we loved how our last one turned 
out so we decided to do it here as well and just like that it's finished it's so much 
neater there's not firewood on the ground if   you need to mow or we'd eat i don't know i 
always love this project i think we shared   it in the last house but it's just super helpful 
and super affordable and easy so i love sharing   projects like that now we're gonna move 
on to the next couple projects and they   required gravel or some type of rocks we 
had picked these up just getting like the   gravel to the back of the yard is a project in 
itself so let's go ahead and work on that first   one of the first spaces we're going to be 
working on is right here when you first come   in our backyard grass will not grow there 
so there's just a lot of dirt right now   which keeps getting tracked into the house but 
even more so if it's gonna rain or snow it's   just gonna get super muddy and dirty so from 
the moment we bought the house chase was like   i want to put stones in here and some gravel we 
did that at our last house and loved it and now   that we've done it in this one i'm really 
wanting to find a spot in our current home   so many houses going on here if you're new we 
recently moved um so we're in our current home   we just bought an airbnb that we're going 
to rent out so we're working on that home   you can watch all my older videos to get 
caught up but like i said chase is putting   the stones out and now we're going to start 
hauling all of the gravel to the backyard   so if we were doing this to our current house 
and needed this much gravel you can like rent   a truckload and they'll just dump it in the 
back but here in tulsa the houses are a lot   closer and we don't have a gate for a truck to get 
through so we're just gonna have to take it back   there ourselves this is a really good project in 
those areas if you need concrete but it's just a   little bit too expensive this is something that 
you can diy so you can totally do it yourself   it does take a little bit of work it doesn't take 
long um just consider it a really good workout and   like i said it won't take long and it 
will be so rewarding when you're finished   okay so here is how it looked all laid out 
we were trying to basically make sure we   had enough so we were trying to throw the 
bags all the way down where they would go   but this is actually the next day so that was 
enough in itself we had went and bought all   the gravel had it loaded dropped it off and then 
we're here the next morning we were also wanting   to do a little fire pit area out in the yard 
um and when chase was mowing the last time he   noticed there were like stones out here in a 
stump we hadn't hit it yet um so we decided   that was going to be the perfect area for the fire 
pit so we're going to kind of dig out a circle and   i'm just going to show you how easy this is you 
can make this as small or as large as you want to   once again just customize it to your space and 
liking and needs we're gonna do it pretty small   where um just the fire pit sits on the 
gravel and then the chairs are on the grass   sometimes when you put chairs on gravel 
they're rocky so i didn't want to do that when you're going to put gravel down and it's not 
just on dirt make sure you're getting up as much   of that grass as possible because you definitely 
don't want grass growing up underneath the gravel   i mean it's going to happen over time but if you 
can prevent it or slow it down that's definitely wanna feel key light it's just what i do 
when i'm out so try not to hold me down the weather here in oklahoma is 
actually finally like calming it down   even when it's in the 90s it's been the low 90s 
and like the humidity's gone so it's actually   a bearable it's the humidity here 
in oklahoma that's just horrible   so all these projects actually weren't 
that bad when we stained the back   um deck that's when it was still super hot and 
sweaty and exhausting but it's been actually kind   of just relaxing and it's nice to spend some 
time outside so if you love the fall weather   definitely get some projects and you get to enjoy 
the weather and you get to get some work done we did decide to go ahead and cut more 
of that stump down just so it doesn't   get in the way we actually put the 
fire pit over it and it would have   been fine but we just wanted to go ahead and 
get it lower since we're putting gravel in   so that's what that looks like the next tip when 
you're putting gravel or mulch down is get this   barrier for weeds there's all different levels 
there's all different kinds i typically grab   one of the cheaper ones and then i just double up 
the layers if you don't want to do that they have   higher levels where you don't need to do that but 
for this small area i didn't need a ton so that   one roll was plenty and i could double or triple 
the lighter if i wanted to nothing can break me look at these beautiful stars 
i wanna drive a faster car another tip for you when you're working on 
a small area like this it's easy to like   weave it so i put the first 
layer down one direction   and then the second layer another direction if 
you're dealing with like long flower beds i just   lay it all the same direction but if you're 
working with a space like this i feel like it   helps just kind of weave it in just to stop 
any of that weeds or grass or anything like   that coming through the gravel because that 
is not fun to clean out once it starts growing to through nothing could 
break me nothing can break me once again this is just another super easy 
project you can do yourself um you could have   a concrete pad poured back here for the fire 
pit but maybe that's not in budget maybe it's   for a rental like us this is going to get the 
same effect it may even look nicer sometimes   depending on how well you do it and then you get 
to save money you get a nice workout out of it   and i promise you you're going to love the results 
so right here you kind of get a sneak peek of what   it's going to look like and it really did not take 
long at all i ran to home depot to pick up the   gravel and i found these chairs sitting outside 
and i thought those will work perfect for the fire   pit they showed that they were 29 but they rang up 
19 and they had a ton of them so if you're needing   anything like this run to your nearest home depot 
i think these chairs would even look super cool   inside but they're made for outside so it's 
like a win-win with kids i just love the design   on them and i'm gonna go ahead and set them 
out by the fire pit and get this area staged   i talked all about this fire pit in my 
patio makeover video so if you want to learn   more about that definitely go check out that 
video but now we're going to talk cushions so   when i decided to buy the chairs i ran back 
inside and these were sitting on a shelf   and they were clearance for like 14 and 
they rang up for 11.

So if you see those   grab them too they're probably even on a bigger 
clearance now but they were light gray they even   had the ties so i didn't have to worry about 
them blowing away since we don't actually   live in this house um and they fit the chairs 
perfectly it was like it was made to go together   um i think i spent like 67 on both chairs on 
both cushions which is like a win if you're   looking at outdoor furniture most chairs are 
like a hundred plus each so i was super happy i also decided to add a table and two pillows for 
these items i feel like they're super cozy and   make the space look nice but they're functional 
it's nice and soft against your back if you have   a phone or a drink you can set it down and for 
these items i totally just shopped my current home   so before you go spend money on pieces definitely 
make sure you don't have any lane around your   house that you're not needing or using that will 
save you a ton and it'll kind of shake things up   and make you rethink your space this blanket i 
had picked up from home goods for around twenty   dollars it'll technically be inside i won't 
leave it out all year long but just to show   you the space and how i would have it set up if i 
was having company over this is how i would do it we were young and we were free and running 
never bothered about what could be coming every   i am so incredibly happy with how this space 
turned out i'm falling more and more in love   with this house as time goes on if it had 
more than one bathroom i would probably   be selling my current house and moving in but now 
we're gonna move on to the next project which is   all the gravel and the stones once again this 
is another easy project i think to get both of   these projects done and we were just there like 
two two and a half hours it was not bad at all i have always been afraid of changes 
but you showed me life is full of faces   sometimes clouds got in our favorite cause you're here to stay every night and day just keep in mind anytime you're wanting to have 
a project done if you can do it yourself you're   going to save so much money and labor fees you 
can do it yourself and like i said before just   consider a really nice workout plus it is so 
rewarding at the end of a project when you know   you did it it was like your time and energy into 
it if you're married or have a friend have them   over you'll have so much fun you guys can laugh 
you can tell jokes you can have music playing   it really is just a fun way to spend time with 
somebody and then it's really rewarding at the end every day we dance and life's been smiling every night i'm delighted you can tell here how it's 
really starting to take shape   we didn't know how many bags of gravel to 
buy so we were just kind of going with it   we didn't know like how thick we'd make it 
so in this project we finished it up for the   day but we are going to extend it a little 
bit longer we had bought all this gravel at   lowe's and we didn't have one nearby this house 
there's like a home depot but i don't feel like   they ever have the same as stuff so we'll have 
to pick up more gravel buy our current house   and then take it next time we go but as you can 
see it looks so much nicer it looks better like   i said right there we're going to extend the 
gravel to like the end of the or the edge of   the step so it feels complete but now when you 
walk down you have stones to walk on there's not   gonna be mud like if we have our boys over there 
they're not running through wet mud um i always   love the way gravel looks with stone i think it's 
gorgeous especially if you get like white gravel   project by project and day by day this house 
is really coming together she already looks   so much better than the way we found her 
and i just can't wait to see her at the   very end but now we're gonna head on to my 
current home this is everything we've bought   to decorate the airbnb house and it was out of 
control i didn't know what we had in there i was   felt like i was starting to double buy or overbuy 
and then all the furniture came in for that house   so we got a sofa and two chairs and we had to 
put it in here so it was time to get organized   so we're gonna start pulling everything 
out i wanted to kind of put everything   in a category so when we start decorating if 
i was doing the master bedroom i wanted all   that stuff together i wanted all the kitchen 
stuff together but the current mess was just   stuff was being ordered or being bought and 
we were just throwing it on top of each other   so this took a little bit this is definitely 
a home project if you have a messy garage   it was worth it we were already so hot and sweaty 
from working at the last house and it was such   a pretty day i was like let's just get it done 
before we shower so as you can see you're getting   kind of a sneak peek of everything that's going 
to be in the house so definitely look closely when we originally bought the house i was like 
it's you know it's a two bedroom we're making   it three bedroom one bath how hard can it be to 
furnish a small cozy house it is so much more   work than you can imagine i'm trying to think 
of everything you guys would possibly need while   you're there and just having to start from scratch 
has been so much more work than i ever expected   so keep that in mind a lot of you guys are 
saying you know let me know how the airbnb   goes or what to expect or not to expect the 
thing i really didn't think about was how much   work and how much money was going to be 
put into just furnishing an empty house   so there's my tip it you know some days are 
fun we've got to find some really good stuff   we've got to make some really good stuff right 
here you're seeing some kind of up close shots   it is so much better is it still a hot mess yes 
but all the furniture's in there all the boxes are   in there it makes sense now i know exactly what 
i've got and what i need to buy so i'm glad that   project's done but now we're going to move inside 
so i talked about i think in one of my most recent   videos i wanted to paint this table black before 
i went all in like that super crazy because once   i paint that i can't really undo it i thought 
let me try adding some black through my lamp   and a lamps can be super expensive so i 
thought okay i'm gonna diy this i have these   lamps throughout my house so if i mess one up i 
have more so that's kind of why i'm showing you   the guest bedroom but now i'm gonna go ahead 
and just prep this i'm putting cotton balls in   the top and then i'm gonna tape off some of the 
pieces this is definitely an easy way to upgrade   the things you have so say you have a lamp and 
you don't love it spray paint that thing you can   add stuff to the shade i don't really suggest it 
i think less is more um i'm gonna be painting with   black um i also have a vase in our master bathroom 
i've been wanting to paint this thing black for   like weeks and i haven't had time so i thought i'm 
gonna kill two birds with one stone i'm gonna go   ahead and get this taped up and taken out there 
and i cannot wait for you guys to see the results so you can tell the sun is 
setting i'm already in my jammies   the majority of my itch to switches happen in 
the evening time or right at night before bed   so this one's actually shocker that it's happening 
before the sun was completely down my little tip   when you're using black spray paint unless you're 
going super glam definitely get a flat or a matte   so right here you can see it's still shiny that's 
only because it hasn't dried yet but that would be   too much in my house but a flat or a matte black 
is gonna make a huge difference you wouldn't think   the shine would make a big deal but i'm going 
to show you the difference just here in a second so right here i did a time lapse of it 
drying so you can see the bottom how like   it's flat and then the top right right there 
was shiny and now that it's dry it just looks   so much more classy like i said if you're 
going super glam you probably want the shine   but i didn't with my current style now i'm 
going to start removing the tape if you have   any elements on there that you don't want painted 
definitely take the time to tape it off because i   love how this is mixed with the flat black 
and then that yarn at the top and this was   free for me so i already had the base i already 
had the spray paint i feel like i have a whole   new piece for my bathroom and i want you to 
see the difference once i put it in there   it just looks so much better it's more my 
style and once again just use what you have paint can do so much for your house so if you're 
on a tight budget i hear all the time like   i can't decorate my house because i you know 
don't have enough money if you can afford a   five dollar can of spray paint ask for it for your 
birthday for a holiday whatever it is you can do   so much with one can of spray paint and it can 
completely change the look of your house it can   update your pieces um now i'm working on the lamb 
but this one made me a little bit nervous because   i knew it was going to be like black and white 
i have that white shade with the black bottom   i do like it best with the light on i use daylight 
bulbs but it still just warms up the shade a   little bit so it's not so harsh and i love having 
the black elements over here in this area i felt   like it was lacking black so instead of having to 
paint the whole table i feel like this is a win   right here i'm going to show you what it 
looks like from like before and after so   i painted it black there on the left and 
then on the right is before it was painted   so both look nice i definitely wouldn't put 
the black lamps in here i want a black lamp   but i'm not sure the style but here in my 
entryway it's perfect so thank you guys   so much for hanging out with me i hope you got 
some tips i hope it saved you some money get to   getting creative i hope you have a wonderful 
week and i will see you in the next one bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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