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Josephine was missing a big enough vase for long branches and stems… …so she did several herself soaking towels into concrete and letting them dry With this technique, you can create any shape, you only need to let the towel dry in that position Here is how to create the perfect corner to store your trash cans The concrete floor makes the base more stable and creates a solid anchor It's also easier to keep clean than grass Instead of just painting the wall, a wooden pattern can give it texture and add elegance to a room Instead of cleaning all the dirt from the path evenly, this worker prefers to take the opportunity… …to leave behind a pattern that beautifies it A few wooden strips and a couple of bands are all you need… …to create this bendable table for your sofa To give more use to the bay window, Nicole created a wooden structure to turn it…

…into a padded reading spot, with good light all day long Instead of leaving a spot unused, modifying it and make it… …a more practical place that you will enjoy a lot more Pool noodles offer a light, moldable material that adds texture to any project Covert it with a sealant before painting, or the material will absorb the paint To create a space for relaxing, this creator adds a side hammock to his balcony It needs a good anchor both to the ground and to the side of the house… …as it has to hold a grown-up person, maybe a couple of them He uses a double-cord technique to secure it completely If you are tired of your old IKEA bookshelves, you can take notes on Victoria's idea… …and turn them into a whole new piece with just a few cuts and some material These pieces are often made of plywood or other wood conglomerates that have a harsh raw edge You can easily find edge covers in any color at your hardware store Here you have how to craft your own floating shelves The trend started gaining popularity in the United States around 2012 and is still a growing trend today Many people are replacing the upper cabinets for them to get a more open design Here you have a super creative idea you can try on children's bedrooms They use leftover materials from another project to create this upper space…

…with a rock-climbing wall and half a ladder so that if he falls, he is going to fall on the bed Here you have an excellent idea for a quick present that is elegant and very practical To attach floating stairs to the wall, each floating step has threaded bolts… …to be fixed directly to the wall with epoxy resin bolts, or the floating step… …is inserted into a steel cantilever supporting frame Some floating stairs are designed to be attached to the wall with floating stairs brackets You can spend loads of money on designer brands or take regular ones and transform them with a few materials Just adding a coat of matte paint, picks, and cord on the sides change the aesthetic of this tray completely It will take you a little longer, but follow these simple steps and the result will be flawless Dark, solid colors turn any piece of furniture into a more elegant and luxurious-looking one If you add a few relieves with wooden strips, you'll have a unique piece Take a look at this bed kit from Semi Exact, a fantastic furniture company They believe that anyone can create high-quality furniture, so they make the experience…

…easier by bringing together carefully crafted furniture components and a supportive maker community Make your sofa area a lot more practical with this quick table with an outlet popup You can find the popup online and use any long piece of wood that covers all the back of your sofa You don't need to paint the edges, as the couch is going to cover them Place four wheels under a piece of log, and you have the perfect auxiliary table for a garden Cinder blocks and concrete are the key materials to create the perfect anchor for any bar To give the corridor a little twist, this couple creates a secret cabinet in their home Instead of setting a simple door, they build a bookshelf, especially for this spot It creates the perfect space for having a secret stash, your safe, or any emergency pack You can easily add a lock to make it thieves-proof Instead of throwing the beam away, this creator gives it a new life Hardwood like this is very resistant, so you can easily repurpose it.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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