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hey everyone welcome back to my channel
my name is Sarah and today I wanted to talk about packaging and branding and
being environmentally friendly I have posted a video before on eco-friendly
packaging options and the difference between that video I talked about where you can purchase products that have either been
100% recycled or can be recycled or and are biodegradable so that is a great
option but anyways let's get to it I have about 7 different ideas and I
have branded them all so it's usually with a rubber stamp and I'll talk about
that in a second this is my first idea it's just a little pouch basically if you
have any old t-shirts or any fabric that you don't want anymore
you can use that so I actually used a kitchen towel and just used my sewing
machine to make a little pouch like this and then use some twine to wrap around
and I cut this with my Cricut and it's out of a cereal box and
then I use my stamp to brand this as well as the package so this is a really
good idea all of these are super cost effective
and again this is all using up-cycled stuff that I have that would probably
end up in the garbage the other option I have is this DIY pill box this is made
out of a toilet paper roll and then I stamped it with my logo so this is good
for small items and once it's all put together it doesn't really look like a
toilet paper roll I mean you might know but I feel like it looks pretty good for
being a toilet paper roll and that's something I definitely would probably
end up in the garbage so this is another little pouch and it's from a book that I
don't read anymore or I don't know a book that you just found um I basically
just cut out two pieces of the pages or ripped out two pages and then just sewed
them together using my sewing machine I just sewed around here and then cut this
part so this opens up and you can put items in here
and then I just closed it with a washi tape so you can stamp it here my logo
stamp is quite large so I just stamped it on the back here with my logo and
then the website is down here so this would be great for like stickers again
or jewelry so really really easy and quick and really really cost efficient..

You have this tag to brand you may also want to throw in a
card for your customer this one is cut out of a cereal box again and then I
made this print myself so I just cut this out of the linoleum or rubber so
it's a linocut block printing and then I use this speedball ink to print it on
and once you have like a bunch of these cut out you can just like bang them out
pretty quickly with the ink and then I just use this space to write a little
note and lastly I have this this is used the novel pages again I just cut them
into shreds or if you want to be really smart you can put them in a paper
shredder and get it done like hundred times faster so this is just a really
cheap eco-friendly filling and then obviously you can reuse your boxes, every
box I get I make sure to keep so I can use it again in the future
luckily this one didn't have any logos so the stamp is probably not that
necessary but I find if you're reusing a box and it has like the Sephora logo all
over it it feels kind of weird to send that to a customer they think they're
getting a package from Sephora they're a little bit confused so I like to
stamp this box that says excuse my appearance with the recycle logo and I
think that that just kind of like signals to the customer that oh they reuse this box and that's why it has sephora all over you can
also use a stamp to stamp a cereal box and then maybe a put a
sentence on the stamp about how all of the materials in your packaging are
up-cycled then you can just stamp it on the cardboard box it's much easier than
always printing because printer ink is very expensive and my printer is really
slow so it takes a little while but if you have a stamp and an ink pad you can
quickly do that and the ink from an ink pad lasts a lot longer than the printer
so the stamps are actually from my Etsy shop I have a wood stamp and a self
inking stamp I do find that the self inking stamp is a lot faster because the
ink is already in there so you can just stamp away whereas with the wood stamp
you do need to continuously ink with the ink pad to keep going so this one is
bigger and kind of ugly and then this one is cuter and smaller but it just
depends on how many products you're trying to stamp so I have both because I
don't use this one as often but I'm always stamping a bunch of envelopes at once I hope you enjoyed this video and maybe
got inspired to try some upcycling yourself I'm definitely going to
continue using these I think my favorites are the cereal box cutouts
because I do add in a lot of little notes and why not just use the cardstock
that comes with my cereal boxes because I eat a lot of cereal so anyways thanks
for watching and again if you have any ideas please comment below and I'll see
you next time

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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