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Hey everyone! It’s Rachel and welcome to my channel! In today's video I will be sharing with you a shadow box idea using paper flowers. So I recently posted a video on this on how to make these paper flowers using a template from my Etsy shop. But for this project, I am actually sharing with you a new template that you can download for free on my blog. So go ahead and just click the link down below and it'll lead you to my blog and you can download the SVG and the PNG files and you can make these exact paper flowers. Whether or not you have a Cricut, this is gonna be such a fun DIY so let’s go ahead and get started! I am using three shades of pink cardstock paper to make 5 mini flowers.

Here I have my 2 cuts of the bud petals, 16 cuts of the regular petals and 1 cut of a circle which will serve as the base. I am going to quickly go over how I put these mini paper flowers together. If you would like to see a full in-depth tutorial, it will be linked in the description box. I will be using the same technique in this video, just with a different petal shape and 16 petals instead of 20. These petals are about 1 ½ inches tall and since they are so tiny, I will be using a small glue stick to curl the petals. For the 16 petals, I am curling them inwards and at an angle and curling them again with my fingers.

For the bud petals, I am curling them inwards only. After curling all the petals, I am going to create the bud first by adding glue to opposite insides, overlapping the petals and holding it until the glue sets. You want to do this for the rest of the bud petals. Moving onto the regular petals, I am working in pairs. I am going to add glue to the sides and using my fingers to bend and push the petal towards the bud. Repeat with all petals, making sure you pay attention to the direction of the previous petals. Since I have 16 petals, I did two “+” formations and two "X" formations. I then added the circle to serve as a base. Now we have all five flowers done. The shadow box I will be using is from IKEA and I love the size and depth of it. So turning it over, I removed the backing and here I have the white frame that was included. I needed something the paper flowers can stick to so I am going to cut a white cardstock down to the size of this frame. I trimmed the paper and taped it down with some Scotch tape.

Now, I can finally arrange my design! I decided to go with this arrangement of three flowers in a row and two flowers beneath it. Since I have this nice space at the bottom, I am going to cutout the words “love you” on my Cricut. I used a rose gold mirrored paper and a script font. I also made cutouts of some leaves on my Cricut using a cream-colored cardstock. These leaves will add a pretty touch and if you’d like to download these leaf cut files, they will be available on my Etsy. I plan to have a ton of designs and templates both on my Etsy and my blog. So make sure to check out my blog for these petal templates and for more intricate designs like these leaves, they will be listed on my Etsy shop. So next I took this permanent glue stick and began gluing the ends of the leaves. I liked having some of the leaves not completely glued down so that it would pop up a little bit.

Once I finished gluing the leaves, I moved onto the paper flowers. With my hot glue gun, I added a circle of glue to the bottom of the paper flowers and placed them down one by one. And finally, I am going to add the “love you” words beneath the flowers. Here I am carefully adding glue to the back of the letters. I accidentally split the “love” in half when removing it from my Cricut mat, but that’s not a problem! I carefully added glue to the letters and you can barely see it when they are placed next to each other. And then we’re done! I popped this back into the shadow box and you guys, I am so pleased with how this turned out! This is my first time making a shadow box and I really liked the outcome. Alright, I hope you enjoyed that tutorial! This is one of my favorite projects using paper flowers. Since Mother’s Day is next week, I am actually going to gift this to my mom and I think she’ll really like it.

If you recreate this yourself make sure to tag me on Instagram! I’ll leave my Instagram right over here. Also subscribe if you’re new! I have a whole bunch of other paper flower projects and DIYs coming up. Actually, I think I might make a series out of it. So stay tuned for that! Thank you guys so much for watching! I'll see you guys in my next one very soon! Bye! .

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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