Easy DIY Chalk Painting Projects |Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and Pearlescent Glaze

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Easy DIY Chalk Paint Project | Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and Pearlescent Glaze I want to walk you through some easy DIY
at-home products you may already have and how easy it is to transform with
chalk paint some wax and I'm going to demonstrate some new pearlescent glaze
starting with this chandelier I am going to use the pearlescent glaze and some of
a nice Alone's chalk paints starting with the chandelier I actually would
like to change these light fixtures and I'm going to show you what I'll do as we
continue I'm going to start my base off with Chicago grey and starting with a
moist paint brush and a little bit of water from my spray water bottle I just
really want to get a good first coat on here as well as I can and I'm actually
going to use a few different little brushes here as you can see there's a
lot of tiny little crevice and details to get into working on a particular project like
this I found it a lot easier to flip it upside down and then flip it back as I
was applying the paint I also found using a very tiny little
chippy brush very very helpful for the small little shiny details so I want to
show you guys my next project as we let this dry and I am actually going to be
using air dry molding clay here and what I'd like to do is make a mold and I'm
going to show you why so with this mold it's pretty easy it's
just like play-doh so just flatten it out grab your mold
and you just want to flatten it out I would even recommend maybe using a
rolling pin if you want to flatten it out super super flat but I'm just kind
of going on a whim here so there you go pretty easy and I just want to finish
off this first coat here with the Chicago grey once completed we'll let
that dry and then we'll move on to our next step so using any saloons French
linen I'm just going to go ahead and apply a second coat on top of our
Chicago grey and I'm not looking for full coverage I just really just want to
get a random coat on here I'm going to use a lot of water and I'm just going to
stipple it on there just getting it into random areas and you're going to see why
as we continue again super helpful to flip the
chandelier upside down making sure you're getting all the corners and
crevices again just applying this in random and then we can move on to our
next step now what I'd like to do is actually add bold white and I'm going to
do it just in a wash form so one part paint one part water and I'm literally
just gonna slap that on there and let it run all over and I'm going to use those
shop towels just a DAB here and there and I just want to create some
highlights using this old white on the chandelier and again as we get into the
next steps you'll see why I didn't get too too picky about all the little
details I literally just wiped where I could and
flipped it upside down and did another wash from the other side so pretty easy once this step was completed again you
want to let each paint application dry fully and then we can move on to our
next step so here's an aerial of how it looks so far and it actually I like it
even just the way it is but I have a couple of more steps I want to try with
the chandelier to get the effect of what I'm looking for using a nice Alone's new
pearlescent glaze and just a small little artist brush I'm actually going
to experiment here and I'm actually going to just apply the glaze everywhere
I can and I'm gonna put it all over the chandelier and then we're going to let
that dry so I am almost done putting the glaze
over the entire piece and then we can take a close-up of what it looks like
and as you can see it almost looks like tin foil it's really shimmery but it's
also still moist so it is recommended to leave it for two to three hours to let
dry and then we'll move to our next step let's move over to the glass flower pot
and what I'm doing here is using the old white chalk paint but what I did is I
had just a little tiny bit left in this can and I actually let it air dry out a
little bit so it got really thick and that's what I wanted I want super super
thick almost like a batter and I'm just literally just plopping it on there no
specific brushstroke if anything I want lots of texture so random brush strokes
is best once this is completely dry we can move
to the next step this is all I had I'm at home in isolation I had to use Krazy
Glue no problem let's give it a try I am really going on a whim I'm not sure if
this is going to work but it says it's crazy and it's glue so let's see if it's
up to its name so yes the glue is crazy it actually worked so I'm gonna flip
this up right and I'm actually going to paint the inside because we don't want
to expose that it's actually glass because we want a nice stone effect and
then we can move to our next step so once it was completely dry I am now just
going to go and throw a second coat of the super thick kind of dried out a
little bit chalk paint and now I want to apply the lacquer so this is a matte
finish lacquer and it's great because it doesn't leave a sheen on it because I
want that nice flat finish so I'm gonna paint the whole thing and let it dry and
I'm always really happy with this lacquer because it dries super fast the
next step will be dark wax and because we've used the lacquer it's
actually a bit of a barrier so we can definitely pull this back a little bit
so it's just gonna look like I'm applying mud everywhere
but this is gonna give it a nice aged Warren and if not a little bit of a
stone effect so let's just apply it everywhere and I love using a steel wool
as a means of sanding and pulling the dark wax off and as you will see why it
doesn't actually leave scratch marks which is beautiful it pulls the wax back
and it leaves all of that dark wax into the lower points of the pane as you can see I'm just using a dark wax
brush here but you could also use a cloth as well you really want to get
right into those little tiny details especially with this air dry clay bowl
that we created and this is actually a great example of something in the future
I plan to show you here on my channel is a color distress with varnish varnish
actually leaves great texture and when you're doubling up and blending with
your colors you can make some beautiful beautiful nostalgic looks even that
gorgeous Gustav Ian look I am super delighted with how this has turned out I
love it and again everybody has those glasswares and old dishware things that
you have laying around your house so if you want to create a new look this is a
fast easy simple way to do so I had gotten so caught up in getting it
finished that I forgot to push play but I did put some more French linen on this
and because we have the pearlescent glaze that particular glaze is actually
a sealer as well and there is a purpose to why I did it in the steps I did so
right now I am putting a dark wax on everything I can so I'm getting it into
all the little crevices and I even found a old toothbrush unused and I am going
to use that to get right into those little tiny areas I can't get my wax
brush in and you're gonna see what we'll do next so exactly alike the glass pot
that we just completed I am actually taking steel wool and because we have
that pearl essence glaze which is actually a sealer as well I am pulling
back those extra layers and bringing in that pearl again and this multi-layered
look is turning out so I'm pretty happy with this experiment you can put as much dark wax or take
back as much dark wax as you want it all depends on the exact look that you
prefer to go with I want the Pearl to come through so this particular point
you can make it as shimmery as you want or you can dull it as much as you like
so definitely a lot of control here and I am absolutely loving this look so it's
almost like pearlescent glaze distress with a bit of color using the steel wool
I had some glass bosses from flowers that I've received in the past and with
Lewis blue and I'm also going to use a some duck egg blue by any slow and we're
going to paint these and see how shimmery with the color we can make it
because we're going to use the pearl essent glaze it was noted that the
brushstroke marks will be accentuated due to the light reflective qualities of
the glaze so I want to paint this as smooth as possible so I'm just doing a
brushstroke up and down I am NOT doing side to side so I'm gonna go ahead and put this Lewis
blue or some people like to say it's called Louie blue but then is it garage
or is it garage Eddie how going on I have nice simple
long strokes and want to make it nice and smooth because again we're just
going to apply the pearlescent glaze directly on top of this I do recommend
painting with two coats when you paint glass or metal or plastic and also
because as I mentioned these are for flowers if I wanted to use them as for
flowers again I don't want to paint the entire inside so I'm just going to paint
maybe two three inches into it so you can't tell it's glass but you can still
place water safely at the bottom so for continuity I generally like to
paint the bottom so I just flip these upside down to let them dry and paint
the bottoms so let's go ahead and put the Pearl s and glaze on since I've
started using this product I do recommend for every time you use it
because it is water-based is to give it a good stir and we'll go ahead and apply
the glaze here with a small artists brush and going in the same direction as
I did with the paint and again because I'm trying to eliminate the brushstrokes
because the pearl essence will highlight the brushstrokes and I'd like it as
smooth as we can so I'm going to go ahead and put it on both and then we can
go ahead and check it out and see how it looks in the sunshine so when applying the pearlescent glaze
over light colors I recommend two solid coats and it best
ensures the effect as well as the protection without the need of wax or
lacquer I'm now going to go ahead and put the chandelier flame tip light bulbs
in and stay tuned for next Saturday's tutorial on custom stenciling and
shading I want to show you how you can stencil bathroom floor tiles staircase
risers fireplace and outdoor deck

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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