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Hello everyone, do you have roller shutters that you currently still have to open and close manually with a belt strap ? And you are now looking for a way to operate them comfortably, via time control, remote control or maybe also via smartphone. You can even operate the devices via Alexa or Google voice control if you want. All of this with our belt winder from Rademacher the RolloTron. Today we will show you our top model, namely the RolloTron Comfort DuoFern. I'll unpack it. We start with the scope of delivery. We have everything I need for assembly in the accessory pack. Then, of course, you also need a power cord, because the device runs on 230 volts, which is also included in the accessory pack in a length of 1.5 meters.

Instructions too, of course. We'll show you now what exactly our RolloTron devices are all about and what you can do with them . Now we are here in our living room and as you can already see , we have installed the mechanical belt winder here. Many of you know that who have built exactly these things. I have to climb over my couch here in the evening to close the shutters to lower the shutters. You can do it. But it's not really comfortable. Our RolloTron belt winders can also be a real relief, especially for older people, who may no longer have the strength in their arms to pull up the roller shutter on their own . I also think of bedridden people or people in wheelchairs who simply can no longer reach the shutters or the windows and accordingly the shutters stay up, this is a real solution. And then possibly a very practical thing in combination with our standard hand-held transmitter. Pulling power maybe for a short time. Such a belt winder 1800 has a pulling power of up to 45 kilos and thus pulls up to six square meters of plastic roller shutters.

So really a very good performance. There are two sizes, the belt winder is also available in a 60 kilo pull version up to a roller shutter surface of 10 square meters. A point that is also very important, especially with rented apartments, this is a huge advantage, with this belt winder I don't want to spend so much effort and laboriously install tubular motors. A belt winder like this is installed very quickly and of course you can take it with you when I move accordingly. Yes, then I would say let's remove our mechanical belt winder and install our RolloTron. We'll make a little space here and then we'll be right back. So now we would like to expand our mechanical belt winder and to do this, in the first step, we lower the roller shutter and close it completely.

Now let's loosen these two screws. So the screws are now loosened. And in the next step we take the belt winder out of the belt case. A bit of caution is required here because the spring box is under tension . That means, let's first unwind the webbing very carefully. And so that the whole thing is secured accordingly, we bend this hook a little forward and therefore the spring box can no longer jump back and is secured by this hook, which means that we can now remove our belt strap without any problems . I would say this belt winder did its job. Frank now I need a new good winder to install. Thank you very much. So now we would like to install our RolloTron. First of all , we supply the device with 230 volts. You can either do this by placing the 230 volts directly in the belt box and then connecting it to our connection terminal here, or you can simply use the power cord that is included in the scope of delivery . I clip on the RolloTron and then I'll be right back for you. So now we have connected the RolloTron according to the operating instructions and want to install the device.

First of all, you now position the winding wheel correctly so that we can later easily pull the belt over the fastening hook of the winding wheel. I'll show you that now, namely here we see the winding wheel and I drive it here until this fastening hook is clearly visible. It doesn't look bad at all. Now we need the cover panels. This is how the RolloTron is fastened with the screw. So and so that we don't look at the screws, of course, we have pushed the cover panel on accordingly and now we have pushed it open accordingly. So now you can see here it goes on with the commissioning wizard and Frank explains it to you.

So the RolloTron is built in and I will now briefly show how the first commissioning of the RolloTron looks and the RolloTron has a commissioning assistant that basically guides me through all the important functions and we will show it briefly. The first thing to do is set the endpoints. To do this, I now press the button up and let my taxi landing go up completely. Press and hold the button until the desired end point is reached. Here I let go accordingly, can now slowly approach the desired end point with short touch commands and thus confirm ok . For closing I do the same thing, I lower the roller shutter and hold the button down again until the desired point is reached. Here, too, I can slowly feel my way to the desired end point and confirm with ok.

Next, the time is set to 12 o'clock. We can now adjust the time briefly. As soon as the time is right, just confirm with ok. Next, the date is requested. We can stop that now. Confirm each with ok. Then enter the year 2020. Now the postcode is asked for. This is good for that, the belt winder knows from the zip code and the date when it will be light in the morning and dark in the evening and thus calculates the civil twilight. That's why we just have to enter the first two digits of our zip code and confirm again with ok.

Now I am asked when my belt winder should open. At the factory we say Monday to Sunday at 7 a.m. You can of course change that individually, I'll leave the 7 o'clock in there. I am still asked if it should open normally at 7 a.m., since it would now be possible to combine it with dawn. I also confirm normally with ok. We have set the closing time to 8 p.m.

At the factory, we leave that in now, confirm with ok and here I am also asked whether I want it to be normal or with an astro combination. We will now stick to the simplest combinations and confirm with ok. My belt winder is now completely set and we can test whether the end point that has just been set is still being approached by simply pressing the button upwards so that the upper end point is reached immediately. The belt winder will also slow down a little just before it reaches the end point. There are still a few possible combinations, because here we have our 1800, which also has an integrated radio receiver . This means I can register all radio transmitters on this device or register other central units, such as our standard hand transmitter 9491.

I can show that briefly. With the DuoFern, two devices have to be in registration mode. With the belt winder this is menu item 9-9-1 you can currently see no device is registered yet. I now typed the plus key and started the login mode. Now I press the connect button on the back of my 9491 handheld transmitter . The two devices get to know each other. That counts high on number one. I just have to say on my handheld transmitter that I would like to have the number 1 here for the number 1, so the two are combined. Here we can exit the menu and can now operate our roller shutters up and down with the remote control. As you can see we are back in our living room the RolloTron devices are built in.

The renovation is complete. We installed the RolloTron Comfort 1800 behind me. We have just shown the conversion. And on the other hand, we have installed a RolloTron Standard DuoFern the 1400, another device from us. And we have fixed the connection cable with our mini cable duct, which you can also get from us in the accessories. If you think about it beforehand, we only had to climb over the couch to operate the RolloTron devices. This is now a lot more convenient, because we have registered the devices on our standard handheld transmitter, the 9491, and could now operate the devices individually with numbers 1 and 2 by being registered or with the group button number six because I have registered both devices together.

And now I can press it and now simply move my devices to the desired position and stop at that point. But that is much more comfortable than it should be before. Which is also a very important topic. If the security area is also there, you are on the safe side with our DouFern smoke alarm device . We have already registered it on the RolloTron devices in advance. Can we now also like to test it is a little louder. Just be careful that will be loud, but of course the result is great even if it is loud. Both belt winders or all winders that would be registered go straight up.

And so release the escape routes or the ambulance , a very important thing that you should definitely use. The whole thing, by the way, all without HomePilot. So we just register the devices directly and the devices talk to each other directly. But HomePilot is a good keyword. Of course, I can also register our DuoFern winder on the HomePilot and then conveniently control everything. I'll show you how it works with our HomePilot app . I'm getting a little closer so that you can see the whole thing better now I would simply set our window on the left to 56 percent.

And I think that's exactly such a function that many would like to have, simply the option to operate the belt winder briefly on the smartphone at any time . So that is also possible with our HomePilot in combination with the winder. Yes and not only that. Exactly important thing, which is of course also more and more focus for voice control. So of course we can also control our devices via the HomePilot by voice control, for example with Alex.

Alexa roller shutter to 100 percent. The lady listens to your word. that's just how we women are. Now we have reached the maximum our devices operate by voice control, by smartphone, with handheld transmitters, smoke alarms. So everything you actually want to have. So a really smart story of our RolloTron. You have now seen how easy it is to control your home smartly. Whether you use the hand-held transmitter, the smartphone or the speech disorder to control our belt winder , or just use the normal time control from the belt winder. That is very much up to them. So you can actually say the RolloTron Comfort DuoFern is ready for every application. You could say that. You can find more videos about our RolloTron devices on our channel. As always, the hint so that you don't miss any more videos from us, just click here on the subscribe button. We say thank you for watching today and see you next time.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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