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hello dear home construction heroes on today's house tour we will show you the model house Nero from Büdenbender Hausbau to visit here in the Prefab World Black Forest yes the manufacturer is trying to deliver a solution for the challenges of the current time with this house how is it still possible today without funding to build a really energy-efficient home to save energy without the costs getting completely out of hand in this house we find a vapor-permeable and highly insulated house shell with low heat requirements which, thanks to the photovoltaic system on the roof and sophisticated building technology, can even be largely covered by yourself, yes, like that Exactly what this house looks like and what else this house has to offer, let's look at it now, yes, the house is built in the Holstein style and offers almost 150 square meters of living space , according to the manufacturer, this house is suitable for plot sizes from 350 square meters , which is not that big either that comes the actue We face all challenges we see a gable roof with a 35 degree inclination and two flat roof dormers integrated in between, which have the advantage that the outer wall is pulled up there, which means that there is no offset in the room behind it and that brings more usable space on the upper floor, we will see here in a moment the photovoltaic elements on the roof it is very nice to see that these do not stand out very much due to the similar color the roof tiles are matt granite and fit in quite homogeneously to the overall picture we also see that the elements are arranged around the dormers and skylights so not lying on the roof in one piece, this means that the electrical engineering is a bit more important, but since skylights bring more and more light into the house , the topic of brightness was placed in the foreground here, which certainly has positive effects for living, after all, the model house in this version has an outdoor one -kitchen here also covered with a wooden structure ion the outside area is very beautiful here can be reached from the inside via this balcony window via this terrace window this element here you can select it if you want or you can omit it you are completely free yes here in the carport we can see relatively quickly we have here A wall box is directly available for the electric car so that it can be charged overnight in your own carport, the whole thing is of course controlled via the building services, but we will come to that later, we have a 6 square meter storage room here behind the carport, a storage room that is of course ideal for bicycles Whatever tools you want to put in there, there is definitely enough space and a huge advantage is of course the direct access from the carport into the utility room, which means you have no problem if it rains, come in here dry feet very cleverly too if, for example, you can store crates of drinks that are wonderful here If you want to drag it in and of course it is also a good dirt trap if you always come in with dirty shoes then it doesn’t end up in the hallway but that ends up here first of all a big advantage but of course that’s not the only entrance to this house there is another real entrance on the I wanted to show you the way there again, we have another high-lying, long but not very high window here, which is also nice, because behind it is the hallway and there to bring in daylight again, despite the fact that the carport is above it, the entrance area also has it again via a small canopy that is easily reached by the recess in the facade and what we also have is a motion detector for the lighting and very important here the surveillance camera which can also be integrated into the smartphone system here is a small note on the subject of the General Data Protection Regulation this camera must not go to the neighboring Gru end piece or point to the street because you would actually be violating the basic data protection regulation , so always bear this in mind when planning and now let's take a look at the whole thing from the inside , so the first thing we do is enter the hall the hall has about 8.3 square meters relatively generously dimensioned very nice here of course that we have a tiled floor good as a dirt trap easy to wipe when everyone comes in here in winter or when it rains with their dirty shoes here we see the window just mentioned again from the inside and can see that a lot of daylight really comes in here is always very inviting for such a hallway for such a floorboard the first impression daylight and yet just on the other side outside the carport is the actual light takes away very briefly here for information here we have a typical model house wardrobe for model house it is enough if you two three Jackets and a bag for a family is the little we have a clear height of over 2.60 m and the niche is 65 cm deep, which means you can also measure a built-in cupboard a built-in wardrobe next, let 's take a look at the guest toilet the guest toilet has a good two square meters and like you here You can already clearly see why this house is called Nero, so black because these black details run through everywhere in the house, here for example the toilet, the flushing faucet, the sockets that runs through the whole house and we will discover more later how By the way, there is also the topic of wood, which we have here at the washbasin and here, too, the same tiles run through very nicely as in the entrance area , so if we go a little further in the hallway then we come past this touch panel , which the smartphone can use to control the whole thing here is radio-based and what is perhaps still important to say, it is also relatively compatible, for example via Alexa Siri and Co you can, for example, control light and shading Smart and, as already mentioned, for example, the intercom system and the surveillance camera on the front door, and you can also use this to control your entire building technology Smart and we are now taking a closer look at them in the house economic area, so here we are in the house economic area also there is a bit more to say here because with its ten and a half square meters as you can already see you can actually use this area pretty much as it is and that is due to a very special system that I am behind here hides that is called invisible because it is actually invisible this cupboard here is about 30cm deep and a good 240 long and here behind is the ventilation system, the water tank and the inner part of the heat pump for all of this here you would normally need 6 to 8 square meters of space and since all this happens behind this closet you have this house utility room and you can use it for other purposes, for example as a fitness room or as a home office as a hobby room as you like.

A very small note on attaching the devices to this built-in cupboard here, make sure that they are not attached too high because if someone is small then he has here is a problem with the washing machine is to fill in a detergent because you always have to pay a little attention to it when planning and here too there is still well hidden in the invisible style, so to speak, the water connections are down here and the switch box for the entire electrical system and for Smart Home yes and the only thing that is really visible outside in this utility room is the house battery for the photovoltaic system so you don't have to do it yourself on this cupboard on this invisible system because it is delivered ready at the factory and installed like this and can then be controlled remotely again means you have nothing to do with it in the end and it still works and it is also important to say that all the devices we have behind it and the wall box and the PV system can be controlled via one platform.


This has the advantage that they can of course also visualize your energy consumption and thus optimize it even better for a CO2 food print that is as sustainable as possible for a living that is as sustainable and efficient as possible yes, from the utility room we can take a look at the kitchen on the one hand, the tiled floor continues here through to the entire cooking area, very cheap because cooking does make a difference here and there it falls down and the floor should then be as insensitive as possible and easy to wipe yes we have a lot of storage space on both sides so on the one hand we have many drawers here that we can use and we have many generously planned paths around the cooking block so that you it can also be used well from both sides that someone can walk around you can that is very nice and from this side we also have the opportunity to use the cupboards completely and to stow things away for planning also these windows here the large windows that you can open completely can be opened completely without any problems and even when they are completely open , you still have room to run by if you need something quick and the water on the stove boils over yes and even more storage space is offered by this two square meter pantry with a sliding door, which of course also serves to let us We haven't blocked a path here and have enough space to move around from the 18 square meter cooking area, let's look further into the 40 square meter S and living area, which is divided here into a dining area that's a bit in the hallway on the way to the living room is arranged and above it a large air space that is supposed to bring brightness, airiness and lightness and space he into the living room into the living area with sofa with television with fireplace with large windows and here again a large air space with a large window above it we will look at that but when we go to the upper floor now I would like to stay with the dining area for a moment and I would like to I'll briefly go into this as a tip when building a hero's tip if you have a bench like this on a window and have cushions in front of it like here, heat builds up behind it and if the whole thing then cools down at night, it may be that this thermal cracks that means there will be a pay a little attention to benches or chairs that are against the wall with cushions on them, then we have the bench here, that's another issue with the bench, it's no problem now because the table here is as solid as it is and you don't have to move forward if you have to get up or you have enough space here to get up while the chairs are here now, then the table would have to be a little further in here and d the chairs would also be a little further in the aisle and then you can already see that the walking area would be a bit tight here for two people who wanted to walk past each other, so always think about it a bit if you really plan your home that way table even if there are chairs there is enough space to be pushed away so that everyone can still walk comfortably and it doesn't feel cramped let's take a quick look at the lighting concept here we have many attached lights that we had already seen in the kitchen here is just another just to remind you that you have a lighting concept that is very extensive to plan and all these outlets, even if they are attached lights, must be planned in advance, that means such a lighting concept should always be considered a little more extensively and at an early stage here in the living room, we see that in A chimney is now attached to this model house with a fireplace it is of course important that the bottom does not stand directly on this floor, especially since there are also wooden floorboards here, but you would have to put something underneath, for example glass plates that are not combustible then it is also important that such a fireplace has a certain distance you have to pay attention to it and what you also have to pay attention to is that if there is a wooden cupboard or something next to combustible material, for example, then it must have a certain distance to this door of this flap simply to ensure fire protection at the Planning such a fireplace is also important to know or to remember that the chimney shaft also goes up, of course, which in the room above it also takes up a certain amount of living space in order to avoid this, and if you really like such a fireplace you could possibly plan it on the outside wall because then it doesn't take up any space when the shaft is on the outer wall goes up, but what can be said about a highly insulated house like this , it gets damn warm when you turn on this fireplace, so it's probably more of a hobby and a nice feeling to see a fire like that, but you really don't need it Here we look further up to the upper floor where two more children's rooms, the parents' bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom and a gallery are waiting for us and we get there via these stairs, which we will also take a closer look at again, it's a string of stairs with wooden steps we have here again black and wood so the Nero elements that we can see here the whole thing looks very filigree and airy because you can see through the steps and on the side we have laminated safety glass as fall protection so the stairs can look nice from all sides is clamped this Laminated safety glass in these pins here on the stairs after the stairs on the right you go Let's take a look at the first children's room now, yes this children's room has almost 11 square meters and is located here completely under the sloping roof, but since the knee wall is quite high at 1.45, you can still use the room very well and the chimney shaft is on this side which is located there because the chimney has been planned downstairs if you decided against this chimney then this would be omitted and would offer usable space again or if the chimney is planned on the outer wall then this would also be obsolete from the children 's room into the gallery, which with 12 square meters still offers a lot of space here, above all, there is another room that is very light-flooded directly under the skylight, which you can use, for example, as an additional work area as a small office on the two sides we see them Air spaces that we could already see below the dining table and in the living room, here is a little tip For you, this air space here , it takes up a bit of living space if two children live here with two adults , it may be interesting to consider leaving out this air space and installing a second bathroom at this point instead, you can do that in the morning hours maybe save some stress for the shower from here we go on to the second children's room yes here we are in the second children's room it has almost the same area as the first one so also almost 11 square meters but it is a bit more usable why let 's take a quick look because we have the flat roof dormer in this room and therefore the raised wall, which is why we don't have a knee wall here but can use the full height of the wall here and this side of the room can also be used in full height on the side, of course , makes sense to put the closet to make full use of the height and for such a child's room it's quite nice ick then put the bed here in front or the knee stick and place the play area in the front area and across the hallway right next door is the master bedroom with dressing room niche there we look next the master bedroom is divided into two areas by this wall that has been drawn in the area here in front of the wall is the sleeping area, which measures ten square meters and the dressing area on the other side of this wall, which comes to 6 square meters, so that this entire bedroom offers you about 16 square meters of space, the light switches are in the nero style on both sides of the bed and we already have all the connections for the television here if you want to attach it to this wall when we look over to the other side, of course we also have the option of working with a built-in closet, which wasn’t done here now made like this but if you measure a built-in closet here completely You can use this whole area even better and simply don't have wasted space at the point, but the advice that you then pay attention to this when planning the sockets because here we have one behind the closet that would then have to be moved forward accordingly so that it is not covered and then further down the hall is the large bathroom with a bathtub and shower, let's look further, the bathroom has a good 10 square meters and, as we can see here, all the things that we use every day, such as the washbasin and the toilet and the shower, which is on this side of the window, the neighbor can look in here, but here we have complete privacy because the area is not visible.

Here, too, the wood element runs through, which we have already seen in many places and also very much uniformly we have the same tiles here as we also have downstairs in the entrance area in the HWR in the kitchen and in the guest toilet and if we now look further here at the other area from the window then we will find the large bathtub here with black here also goes with the nero style again black fittings the details match that black concept yes dear housewife heroes that was today's house tour if you want to know more then take a look at our current issue because there you will find the whole story and also more information about building services and the sustainability aspect of this house the issue is available the first of October at the kiosk and where you can still get it everywhere I will link you in the description there you will also find the price information and the floor plans and if you want to experience this house live then come here to the prefabricated house world black forest in Kappel-Grafenhausen and as always, if you liked the video then leave us a like and subscribe to the channel, it's best to activate the bell not to miss any of our videos

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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