Ep2: 2 Creative Recycling Project at Home by Teena/DIY Desk Organizer

here's my happy heart and here's my happy soul This is one of my favourite drink Seabuck Soytea For younger looking.:) It contains Seabuckthorn, soy, tea and bird nest The taste is balance, not too sweet& not too creamy.Delicious & just nice. Just like a milky tea. Now, you can make a Home cafe.:) It look beautiful when the milk and soytea mix together.

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Here's my happy heart and here's my Now. I'm going to start my first DIY project.:) very simple materials.. I bought all the decoration from shopee.. you can use the instant noodle cup after finished eating the noodle..:) Do not throw it.You can repurpose it to pen holder or anything you want. i just need a moment it's amplified when we just for tonight   Tadaa…It's done.So cute! Enjoy drinking the soytea! Now, I want to do my journal long time I didn't write anything in my journal i just need a moment it's amplified when we It's fairy theme because I loved fairytale.:) just for tonight   I got a letter from my new penpal friend "Chrys" I loved the way she decorate the letter.Vintage style and so nice.

Actually, I received the letter few months ago but I'm very late to reply her.I'm so sorry. She give me a lots of goodies.Thank you so much my soul oh I think the scissor look unique.It is look like a pen.:) so cute shoes they always turn me the ground and down the 
ground and leave the ground   i'm falling right into the horizon it's calling   i just need a moment that's amplified when 
i'm weightless yet i'm fully laid alive Done! My simple journal.

2nd Project: Using rip paper bag and desk calendar 2020. Cut the paper bag just like this. Make sure, you follow the shape. You must use hot glue gun so it will stick strong and not easily broken.
here's my feelings the only one so far can't i give them up and write a story You must becareful because it is hot! i'm falling right into the 
horizon it's calling you   i just need a moment that's amplified when 
i'm weightless yet i'm fully lit alive   There are still have space on both sides I make pen holder on it At the back side, I put jute rope so I can clip the note there. Now, it's easier for me to take the paper note when I'm doing my journal. Finished my 2nd DIY project. i get to be so fully lit alive This letter I wrote to reply my penpal friend. Very simple.Later, I will mail it to her. I hope she like it.:).

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