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First I got scared because I didn't know why I woke up. And then I thought to myself, well it’s somehow strange, that the camera is sending notifications all the time. I know, it´s just a car, right? But everybody has some emotional attachment to material goods. In our case, as a family, we think of vacations and family trips. So the sentimental value of the car is probably much higher than the actual market value.

I am grateful for the Bosch Eyes outdoor camera, because it saved our car. I woke up at 3 at night, because my cell rang repeatedly. I saw that the camera had sent notifications about some motion outside the door. Needless to say, my blood pressure rose. So I got up and went upstairs to the hallway. I turned on the light and looked right towards the entrance and saw something moving outside. Just at that moment a person looked through the glass window and apparently saw the light, so they took off immediately. The app showed two people trying to open the car with a gadget for keyless entry hack and then drive off.

So they did want to steal the car. We saw how the first person pulled out the gadget and waved it in front of the door to catch the car key´s radio signal while the second person stood at the car to get in and drive off. Soon after we got a call from the police who urgently needed the videos. And sure enough, only one hour later, at 4 in the morning, they had stopped a suspicious car on the highway with three people in it.

Two of them were identified thanks to our camera. They arrested the third person, too, and when they analyzed the video footage at the trial it helped convicting the suspects. I highly recommend the product to others. It just gives you an extra sense of security. You can always check if something happened and it makes you feel saver at night when you’re asleep, and during the day when you´re out..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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