Fronius Smart Meter – installation , commissioning and review

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Fronius Smart Meter 63A-3 The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter which optimises self-consumption and records the household´s load curve. Thanks to highly accurate measurements and rapid communication via the Modbus RTU interface, dynamic feed-in control when feed-in limits are imposed is faster and more accurate than with the S0 meter. Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter presents a clear overview of power consumption within the home.

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The main power switch have to be turned off while smart meter is being installed. Wiring schematic – Fronius Smart Meter 63A-3 connect Phase From the site mains L1- 1, L2- 4, L3- 7 connect Phase To consumer mains L1- 3, L2- 6, L3- 9 connect Fronius Smart Meter 63A-3 and Datamanager 2.0 (A,B,C) the 120 Ω terminating resistor is enclosed wit the meter connect a neutral wire N -11 turn on main power switch Active energy reference total-kWh-(T) Reactive energy reference total-kvarh-(T) Active energy total feed-kWh-(MT) Reactive energy total feed-kvarh-(MT) Active Power Max. Demand-kW-(PMD) Active Power Demand-kW-(MD) Voltages – currents menu press 2s open Voltages – currents menu Current L1-A Current L2-A Current L3-A Voltage L1-V Voltage L2-V Voltage L3-V Active power-W Reactive power-var Apparent power-VA Phase active power L1-W Phase active power L2-W Phase active power L3-W Phase reactive power L1-var Phase reactive power L2-var Phase reactive power L3-var Phase power factor L1-a Phase power factor L2-a Phase power factor L3-a Frequency – Power factor

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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