security system lights shades these are my stats showers faucets speakers a subwoofer in the shower ok it is time for an update of one of my favorite videos that we did on the house videos one of the videos that we did very early on in the process when we just had the wood on the walls and wires just sticking out and going everywhere was all about the smart home in the brains of our dream home and so now that our house is complete we've been living in it for about a month and a half we've had time to actually go through and enjoy the different automation and controls that we have and the smart system it's time to show you what we did inside of the house and hopefully give you some ideas if you're building a house or if you just want to see some of the top technology that you can have inside of a house in 2020 thanks to Hart Walker automation for installing all this into our house and trueaudio for sponsoring this video and for putting the amazing speakers inside of our house and in the backyard before we even get inside of the house we have to stop at the front door to show you what kind of things that we did and this is Clint you probably remember Clint from our other video he owns heart Walker automation Clint and the other owner Steve have been the ones that have helped us for this house and they've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours putting in the wires and then making sure everything works and then coming back afterward to make sure that everything is fine-tuned because you can put in whatever nice things you want that's automated but the real magic is when you go in the back end of it and you actually get into the computer and you program everything the way that you want it for your house so when you kind of tighten all the automation system it allows us to have like a lot of different aspects tied in so as soon as we press door bell we kind of can control the lighting in the house or weekend oh my dear friend sounds whatever sound you'd like through the speakers whether it's just on the entryway or out by the pool so there's a video intercom system so there's a security camera I guess a video camera on there that goes to my phone that goes to all of the different tablets inside of the house and you can answer and talk to somebody let's go inside I die don't be afraid we're just doing a YouTube video today it's just a video all right on our front door we do not have anywhere for a key the lock is actually a touchscreen that you can touch put in your code whatever it is unlock it and then when you shut the door we programmed it at our house that after a certain time period of the door being shut and no activity at it it automatically locks so client last time we were here on the video we showed a ton of wires that was just like a rat's nest of wires let's see how organized you got since then the house this being two of them so essentially all the light switches for the home are located inside of these panels in each of these modules that accounts for a light somewhere in the house we just turned it off we don't have the typical light switches that you see at most houses these have programmable buttons so this is the hallway right here there's the kitchen part Walker actually named every one of the light switches and then they've come back a few different times since we lived here and said ok you've been living here for a while now which one's makes sense and which one's bug you should we change some of the light switches so we've changed some of them today it's off and I want it to go on but I just want it to like be dim and not be super bright I can hold it down and then just let go as soon as it's as bright as I want so if I want a 20% 30% 40% I could just hold it standing it's getting brighter brighter brighter a brighter and just programs it goes up we even have buttons in here that you double tap on it and it shuts off all the lights in the entire house or we have relaxed mode all of the can lights turned off if it was nighttime you would see that right up here we have some nice dim lights that are going up this is probably 15 20 percent bright right there we can control it with these buttons like we showed you I can control on my control for app but then we also have this touchscreen that we can control the lighting on there so we go to lighting it's got every single light and the house to porch chandelier we can turn it up to 100% to 0% and we have different scenes that are set up it's like welcome turns the lights on to like a really nice one this one's one of my favorites right here it's called living romance and check it out boom the fireplace just turned on clinton wanted to put some like saxophone music on when that does that kind of vetoed that i'm fine without the music but it is a pretty funny so we can turn the house on and off really easily with the touchpad but there's also one more we have alexa enabled inside of our house and we can talk to it you've seen the video with our faucet and how we can just say alexa asks Kohler to pour one cup of water Alexa turn the house off all the lights go out the doors just locked there's so many controls and that's why we've waited so long to make this video because there's a learning curve you got to learn how to use all this stuff inside your house and then reprogram at the way that you want to use it Alexa turn the house on I like it very polite last time when we filmed our video with Clint we just had an entire wall of wires just coming in and it was madness and so now here we are back in the same room it looks a bit more organized do you know what all of this stuff does oh yeah this looks like something that belongs outside of a business a lot of it does a lot of it is commercial grade we kind of took a little more commercial grade approach on this this is kind of our network gear so it's all the internet stuff in the home the smart home processors are kind of all down here we've got backup batteries that kind of store every our stores some energy for us if the power ever goes out so we can make sure the cameras are still recording and that networks still kind of up and running video distribution so we can kind of share all our video all the Apple TVs blu-ray throughout the whole home or surround sound receivers and then these are all the amplifiers for the house so and the subwoofers in the house all the speakers throughout the house those are all the amplifiers for that and then behind it you can see the wires they are all nicely and neatly brought in and they're all plugged into different places and pretty much anywhere in this house there's a wire whenever I'm like you know I really like to have the internet right here in this wall that connects to my computer there just seems like alright yeah we can get the Internet we got a wire behind this wall I just like goes in and has it so the Internet is one of my favorite things right now we have a gigabit up and a gigabit down to show you what I mean this is a file from Easter we had the Easter Bunny come by our house pretty cool Easter Bunny just showed up and this file is 2.9 2 gigabytes so if I go on to Google Drive and I drop this file in 2.9 gigabytes 2 youtubers this means a lot I just put a push to upload it says less than a minute left already at my old house we had 20 upload speed verses here around 900 so this probably would have taken me 30 minutes maybe an hour it just finished in less than a minute and now it's uploaded to the drive so my awesome editor can go in here and work with it but I'll show you here's the speed test page watch this speed test go here's the download speed we're pushing like 900 to all my YouTube friends that are watching this this is a big deal the download speed and now the upload speed which is not something that you see that often of the upload speed being very high because most people are just downloading Netflix and watching shows but for a youtuber the upload speed is super important and look at that I'm pushing over a 900 Mbps right now that is fast that is fiber that's gigabit and you're probably like why do you have so many amplifiers well we have lots of speakers in this house how many speakers do you think are inside of our house a fantastic couple times I would say between like 150 and 200 maybe 180 are you serious although we're pretty close to that yeah oh my gosh so there's one speaker inside of the house that I need to get your opinion on there it takes custom convincing to convince Leslie so we're gonna go ask her about it on camera let me show you the upstairs view of what this is okay right now we are inside of the attic as you can see that there's the roof up there and then there's a bunch of insulation here's the air conditioner over here and a bunch of that cotton candy insulation and then look right there that is a subwoofer it's a true audio subwoofer right below there is the shower we have two speakers inside of the shower but they're like why don't we put a subwoofer inside of the shower so you can hear it better I think that's a great idea but in order to do that Oh oh my gosh okay I'm back I'm back in the house in order to do it we have to cut the tile at the top of the shower it's a little bit of a process but we would have a subwoofer in the shower hey okay I need your input on some stuff with the smart home okay this is Leslie moving YouTube video what moving YouTube videos Oh like you're totally crying somebody just got the ability to see with cut in color it was real he was getting married in his wife gave it to sow in the shower we have those two speakers right there we were just talking about it don't you think this room could use this know what we just went upstairs and guess what it's already up there it's just sitting there lonely and sad on the inside it's already I love the rail it's just so not even though it sounds great it sounds great yeah you don't want any more bass no if we did it click show us where it was going what would we need to do to get this thing in here right in between those two speakers kind of centered just like those two speakers would be like that talking about speakers not people well so just be a circle right there so we just need to cut some of the tile but do you think this hat will be okay I think yellow would be fine we're gonna try this we're gonna put a card right here it's one of those things that you vote so we're gonna say should we put a subwoofer in the shower go up to this little card it's like this little eye thing up here you will hover your mouse over or you touch with your finger and then you can vote yes or no so go ahead and vote will leave the voting up for a week inside of the master bedroom this is one of the biggest hits for the entire Home Show we had 26,000 people walked through this home and we also had some news articles written about the house they loved that we had hidden speakers inside of our wall this wall looks totally normal this is sheetrock right here and then on this side beautiful sheetrock there is one thing down here there's a big slit in the wall right here so that is unusual to have a slit in the wall master suite listen dad's airplay the only song we do for every video so instead of having big old speakers in the wall we can hide them in the wall I can control and then you stop music [Music] oh yeah this is one of the coolest technologies that we have in our home and we did it in three different rooms inside of the house I filmed the process of how they install this because that's a big question how do you get speakers inside of your wall Lincoln and I are gonna make a video on our main channel and we'll show you the whole process of putting it in we'll take one of those speakers and take it apart because it's not like the usual speaker that you see [Music] by saying I was saying that I've never seen anything like it when they showed it to me the first time I was like what on earth is this is so cool this is a piano room and right down here you'll see a little slit there is a subwoofer in the wall right behind cello girl and then up here we have a couple more speakers that are way up there we don't have to have the actual visible speakers inside of this room we've got a couple that are up there and one over there Lincoln's room same thing it also has a subwoofer that's on this side of the bed and then he also has a speaker inside of the wall right there next to his bed so it sounds really good he does use those speakers a lot and let's go upstairs and we got to show you the movie room when you come upstairs we have what we like to call the movie room and this has a touchscreen in here also just like every other room in the house and you can control everything from the Apple TV to the lighting even the temperature in the house you can control the temperature in all the different zones inside of the house this was supposed to be our game room but then once we put in these beds that come down you can see we have to move the couch to even get the bed down we wanted to put a pool table right here but once you put this middle one down there's really not a very good amount of room for the pool table so we had a better option for this room or at least I think it's the best option we call this the movie room now and we put our OLED TV the wallpaper TV inside of here we have the Select series true audio speakers on here right there right there and then we have two giant subwoofers these are five thousand dollar subwoofers retail value each one of them they have 12-inch speakers two in each one Leslie just her mouth just her jaw just drops when I said how much they're these are expensive speakers we did a video a couple years ago about Dolby vision in Dolby Atmos and I was at CES and I listened to it and it sounded really cool but now that we have this five channel set up with all the speakers we even have a bunch of speakers up here all along the walls if you look up here don't be a penis that Dolby vision that means that if you have a TV that is capable you have a sound system that's capable the image of the movie or the TV show is going to look so clean and crisp and then also the sound system is going to be full surround sound versus just like to channel surround sound and it sounds way better I've watched the intro of Ford versus Ferrari probably 25 times because the first few seconds it just does this awesome sequence where he's racing and it's loud you hear all the cars dinging around your head I don't even know how heavy this thing is but I can barely lift it it is so incredibly heavy I think we need to find a fun way to break this thing I got a break inside of this speaker and see what's inside of it all right there you go movie room must have it's not your traditional movie room with like movie chairs and all that but it's kind of fun because we can all just kind of lounge in there come in and out the security system I'm not going to show you every camera that we have inside of our house right now so right now if you look on our video camera footage it's tracking Clint and I just walking down the driveway and it will follow us all the way to the end of the driveway and it has space tracking software that will zoom in on people if we ever need to potentially identify somebody that snuck into our yard or broke into our house we have multiple cameras just like this like I'm not gonna tell you how many but it's over 20 cameras outside and inside of the house that are genuinely tracking us at all times of the day or night that aren't just connected to Wi-Fi we have our own servers that they're connected to that are saving for months and months of data okay so check it out right now it's zoomed in on me watch what happens when I run up okay I'm gonna run up this way and watch [Applause] to make sure that we had full protection around the house but we wanted to make sure we always had at least a minimum of two cameras picking up every location throughout the yard so we made sure that no matter what there was always two different angles kind of picking up every spot most locations there's three or four that kind of pick it all up it's a luma surveillance camera and as pan tilt zoom but it also has auto tracking and so it'll track down we can set up face recognition if we like so it'll not track certain things or certain certain people and then it'll also send alerts if it finds someone that it doesn't like or it doesn't recognize it'll send us an extra alert saying hey we've got someone that we're picking up but it's not someone that we recognize obviously security cameras aren't the answer to all things of security there's other things you need to do to lock your house and just be safe at your home it does add some extra comfort as a homeowner especially when we're somebody that's online all the time to know that we do have that layer of security over our home so yes love the security cameras security system lights shades these are my stats showers faucets speakers a lot of things that are connected Leslie what is your favorite thing about our summer home it's just really being able to talk to it sometimes I feel like she talks to Siri more than she talks to me oh that's okay Syria text this person I do read is nice Siri tell me how to get home you were important to me yes so I would say I think I talk celexa the most when it comes to the light situation I think we're going to see some huge leaps in far as the technology goes with voice we're kind of scratching the surface right now I know Gary Vaynerchuk talks about it a lot that he loves where voice is going if you've used voice enabled products in the past and he had a really bad experience just know that they are getting better every single year as more and more companies adopt it into their hardware so thank you again to trueaudio and to heart walker automations for installing the smart home inside of our dream home these are things like you saw in the video today like that we never even thought of or when they asked us at the beginning we're like absolutely not we don't need to have that we never thought we'd have to live inside of our home 24/7 because of the quarantine we'll get you in a second dog two rings a bell and she needs to go out check out the video on our what's inside channel where we destroy and take apart a subwoofer to see what's inside of it one of the world's largest subwoofers it's not out yet it will be out soon watch the video on our website channel what's inside of the in wall speaker you're interested in learning more about your audio speakers or hard rock or automation I'll put links in the description you guys can go check them out and you can learn for yourself or ask some questions about what things you might want to put inside of your house whether it's a new build or an existing home they can come in and really upgrade your house and just make it smarter and more comfortable and make your quarantine time a little less dull and yes this is my tripod I use my recycling bin as my tripod at the beginning of this video was it Jake Paul Harvey did you get it duped by Jake Paul's Oh colorblind video no do you care for me more or less ly more [Applause] I just don't want to jeopardize the tile and I don't want to pay more money that's all it's always about hey Doc where you following me thanks to heart Walker automation for installing

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