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School is such a bore. Wish you could spice things up a bit? Stick with us and we’ll show you some genius
hacks Sure to make a splash in the classroom. So sit back and enjoy these funny and useful
school hacks! Phew, this cheat sheet is ready to roll! Think the teacher will notice this in class? Perhaps a smaller version is better. Let’s see teach try and spot this bad boy. Hey! It’s even too big for this tiny pocket! These long equations just can’t fit on a
cheat sheet! C’mon, squeeze in there! Yikes! I can’t memorize these equations all on
my own. Stressed about tomorrow’s exam, Jennifer? Here! HA-HA. Very funny. Woah! Aw, poor little guy. Wait a second, I have the best idea! Want the perfect cheat sheet? Write your equations on an inflated balloon.

Once it completely deflates, Put tape over the wet ink to copy it. Then stick it to your nail! It’s so tiny! No one will ever suspect you’re cheating
now. I’m so gonna ace this test! Talk about a “handy” trick. Eek! Aw man, my mom’s gonna kill me! I can’t believe I failed! Young lady, we do not accept failures in this
house! I’m so disappointed in you!! Gah. My stomach hurts. Hey, Jen! What happened? You know there are ways to fix that “F,”
right? Lemme show you. Let’s just rearrange a few lines, shall
we? Now you’ve got an A! You’re a genius, Kate! Here, take my candy as a thank you! Aw, thanks, girl! Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Wanna know what else is sweet? With a little creativity, you can change just
about any grade! Why settle for a “D” when you can have
an A? That’s more like it.

Way to turn your skills into a lucrative business,
Kate! They call me… the grade bender. When it comes to studying, It’s all about staying neat and organized. And highlighting your work is a great way
to do that. This test is gonna be a breeze! Hey! I can’t be dehydrated while I study! Time for a refill. Ow! Anyway, as I was saying… Uh-huh, uh-huh… Yeah, totally agree. Jennifer, NO!! MY WORK!!! These highlighters aren’t toys, Jennifer! How can I study this now? Cool your jets, Kate.

Lemons do more than make your water taste
great. Woah! How’d it do that? What a magical fruit! Next time you make a doodle or two, And suddenly have a change of heart, A lemon can seriously save the day! Pretty cool, right? Just be sure to use a new slice in your water. Hope all this will fit in my bag! I’m late?! Why does this keep happening to me? C’mon, get in there… PLEASE….CLOSE…! GAH! WOAH! I didn’t know I was so strong. So much for being on time. Maybe I’m just not thinking outside the
box. I know exactly what to do. Want to get the most out of your hoodie? Put your thinks in its middle like this. And wrap them up tight using the hood.

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Pull the drawstring tight and into a knot
up top. Then fashion the sleeves into a big strap. A double knot is best here. Hey, check out Kate’s adorable new bag! It even has a phone pocket! Nice! Jennifer, is this blue shirt cuter than the
red? Hmm… The red for sure. Your shoe’s untied, by the way. Aw, man. Grrr, this thing never stays tied! There, all fixed. Uh, Kate? Your laces? Huh? You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s it, I’m switching to velcro shoes
from now on! No matter how I tie these, they come undone
instantly! Perhaps a new kind of knot is in order. Woah, check out that handy work! Once you tie the initial knot, Take those two pieces through the hole. Now cross them and pull them taught with the
other pieces. They’re almost like double bunny ears. Those laces aren’t untying anytime soon. I knew I left my socks here. There we go. Uh, where’s the mate? It couldn’t have gone that far, right? Why are these things so hard to keep track
of? It has to be in here somewhere! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Huh? Seriously? At least they’re the same color, right? But they may be more similar than I thought.

Turn your ankle sock into a tennis sock in
seconds! Pull it down and tuck it under your heel like
this. Keep going until you get to your toes. Tuck it under and pull it back over your heel. Now it looks just like the other one! Who needs matching socks when you have brains? And you’d never even know they weren’t
a pair! Wow, he sure is dreamy, isn’t he? I could listen to him talk for hours! Thanks for walking me to my locker. Just gotta grab my— BOOKS!! Watch out for the avalanche, Jennifer!! Woah, what a mess. Wait! Where are you going? Looks like being messy cost you a boyfriend,
Jen. I’m sure gonna miss that smile. Ugh. Looks like it’s time to finally get organized. Have an old French fry carton? Stick it onto your locker with a magnet! From pens to markers, everything will have
its place.

Now that’s a treat for the eyes! Like what you see, huh? I’m just a neat freak I guess. Okay, relationship back on! Think your friends could benefit from these
school hacks and tricks? Be sure to share this video with them and
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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