Gira Lab | Was ist eigentlich ein KNX Smart Home?

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Hi and hello from the Gira Lab. It's Marco
and today I'm going to explain what KNX is and how you can use it to make your home smart.
Let's start with the term. KNX is written out as KONNEX – i.e. connection.
And nothing else is KNX. A connection that intelligently brings together all networkable devices in your home
. KNX is a proven, worldwide standard. Gira laid
the foundation for this system together with other companies more than 30 years ago . As you can see, we
were already smart back then. Around 60% of all smart buildings are now networked with KNX. Over 8000
products from almost 500 companies already speak KNX and the number is growing every day. With this standard,
you keep all options open for your smart home. But what is the point of such an intelligent
system? With a KNX Smart Home you have a future-proof and universal system.
Thanks to networking, you can control everything in and around the house, from home or
on the go. Living in a smart home is really mega, because it can carry out many functions independently
and thus support you in everyday life.

You want examples?
Imagine you come home the light is already on, the rooms are at the perfect comfortable temperature,
the music is playing and the coffee is already running . Now I would like to show you how such
a KNX system is structured. Essentially , it consists of these elements: on the one hand,
we have the smart switches. The actuators are in the distribution, i.e. in the fuse box.
They take over the actual switching, for example of the lighting or the blinds.
The components are connected to each other with a green cable, the KNX bus line
and ideally the whole thing is supplemented by a server, a control center, in our
case the Gira X1 or the Gira Homeserver.


And now a special tip from me: Be
smart and pay attention to data security when planning your smart home . Because if you
want to access your smart home while on the go, a secure and encrypted connection is
important. The Gira S1 is the safe choice here! For all those who are now disappointed because
they have no way of laying a bus line, i.e. such a green cable,
I have good news for them! Because the new freedom in KNX is wireless. Gira also has wireless pushbuttons that
"speak" KNX the Gira KNX RF system. So, the smartification of your dream home can
begin now. I can recommend the Gira Home Assistant to anyone who wants to start planning without obligation
. There you will get an impression of how you can make your smart dreams come true,
and what is possible within what budget. In the next step, you should definitely
involve a professional. He will advise you and program the system.
You can find the right professionals on your website. You can find out more about KNX on our
YouTube channel or on social media.

And if you have any questions or suggestions, please write
them in the comments. With this in mind: Take care, stay smart and see you
next time in the Gira Lab..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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