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a few weeks ago i made a dollar tree diy decor episode and you really loved it so i decided to make another on this episode i'm going to be specifically focusing on one item and that is these pressed tin tiles i was so impressed with this in one of my projects on that episode if you haven't seen it yet i'll link it below but don't go yet because i've got some pretty amazing projects using this product specifically so let's get started on our first one [Music] for our first project we are going to be making this pressed tin look wall pocket i'm going to be using a pretty unconventional thing to begin with so i went down into my pantry and i found a really large can of tomato soup and once the contents of that was out of the can i cleaned it up really good and i was left with this empty can now you are definitely going to want to wear protective gloves for this next part because we're going to break out some tin snips now tin snips are not very expensive but they're very handy to have around so the first thing i did was start cutting down close to the seam on the back and i just snip snip snip now this was a little bit thicker than i had anticipated so it took a little bit of elbow grease but it's totally accomplishable so i just kept snipping then when i got to the bottom i marked what section i wanted to cut off with a sharpie and then cut off that back third and i was thinking you know at this point i could have probably just taken like a a can opener and just kind of opened it like on a section that we needed because i was taking out the back third of the bottom but i had already started the project so i just snipped away with our little tin snips but that would have been kind of handy to use this is so that we can kind of create a flat surface for the back of our tin can and then i just started molding away and again like because you're gonna be working with cut tin do not remove your gloves for this part and i kept folding and pressing until it kind of was flat and overlapped a little bit on the back now i didn't really care so much what the back look like so once i got that flattened out and kind of looking like a half wall pocket or whatever they're called i'm not even sure what the real name is i decided to take out some black electrical tape and the reason was i knew i was going to be painting this item black and i wasn't really trying to attach everything together with although it was kind of an objective the main objective was to cover up all of those sharp edges so that there was nothing that you could slice a finger on so it didn't look super awesome but you would never know in the end i promise so i just took electrical tape and was trying to cover all of the jagged edges and tape it together to close and you could have glued it this is just the way that i decided to do it but i'm telling you with how durable and like sturdy this tin is is not going anywhere with that shaped then we needed to kind of figure out where on the pressed tin tile we wanted to cut so i laid our can on the tile and kind of marked where we were going to cut and then i cut off the excess now when you do this it exposes one of the weaknesses of this product and that is the backing it is kind of hollow in the center and the sticky part actually is very sticky but i do not like how it's not secured to the entire tile so i had to come up with another option and i decided to use permanent double-sided mounting tape that i also picked up at the dollar tree and this worked out great i just started from the center and worked my way [Music] then as added insurance for the edges i also did another strip of black electrical tape then i knew we needed a way for it to hang and so i took out my crop-a-dile which is a really fun tool to have in your crafting arsenal but you don't need it you could find a different way to poke a hole you could definitely take a nail and a hammer and poke some holes through that way but the crop-a-dile does make it super easy and i just used that to make two holes on the back of our can and then i threaded through some wire that i had and just kind of twisted that on and try to make a little bit decorative edge on the back honestly you don't see it once it's all said and done and then we had like the function of our little wall pocket all set so i took it outside and then and sat it straight up and then i did a couple of coats of black spray paint in a gloss finish i really love this krylon line and then once that was dried i kind of tipped it on its back and made sure the underside was spray painted as well because you might be able to see that so i just wanted to make sure that that had good coverage before i was finished i thought it would be really cool to highlight some of the tin aspects by taking some antique rub and buff in gold and you just need the tiniest amount on your finger so you just barely lightly get it on your finger then you might even want to have a paper towel or something on hand to kind of wipe some of it off or dab some of it off and then you lightly hit all those high points in the pressed tin because that will really add some nice dimension and kind of give it a higher end look and then when i was done i just hung it on my front door with some summery flowers that i kind of threw in there and it is really cute and so i had an empty can that would have been in the recycle bin and a press tin from dollar tree and with a little bit of paint and supplies maybe two dollars all in on this little project and it looks really cute i love this i feel like this is something that you would spend 15 to 20 dollars on just for the tin portion not including the flowers in a store so what a really fun project and you could paint it whatever color that works for your decor i just wanted to experiment with a couple of different paint treatments with this during this episode i just really love this what do you think hey darling so next up i had this frame and i've had this press tin frame for years and years and it's held my engagement photos to my husband in them and i was wondering if i couldn't make like a little companion picture frame to match it so that's what i set out to do now i didn't look through the dollar tree frame section to see if there would be something there that would work because i already had a frame in my stash that i planned to use that i picked up from target for i don't know it's like four dollars it's in their craft woods section and it's just a wood frame unfinished and i thought this would work out perfectly so i took out all the components of the frame laid it down on our dollar tree tile where i thought would look nice and then i traced the frame and then i just took a pair of scissors and cut out the shape that we had just traced on there and it i thought this is going to be good so the interesting thing about these tiles is once you cut them they they aren't attached to the backing very well they're like attached on the edges which is kind of interesting i feel like that's an area of improvement they could work on if they were so wanted to they probably won't so once i cut off all of that excess there was no sticky backing which was fine because i ended up using mod podge which actually if you're cutting actually works probably the best for the application so i just put on some mod podge all over the wood frame and then we put our pressed tin on top of that then we let that dry once that was dry i came back in with this green chalk paint i'll link it below um but i i did two really good coats everywhere and let that fully dry then i wanted to kind of give it that antiqued look of our inspiration one that we're trying to create for the companion piece and i went in and i sanded off and kind of distressed the edges a little bit with some sandpaper and then i went back in with some antiquing glaze and i used kind of like an old makeup brush that i'm not using anymore because it was really delicate and it wouldn't do it too heavy and then you have a rag handy to kind of help you blend and you just go in and add and take away as you think you need with the antique glaze in the end i felt like it was a little dark so i watered down some of the original green chalk paint and went over it to kind of just tone it down a little bit and that was it super easy right we're talking about sticking it to a frame painting it anybody can do this i promise and it looks like it was meant to be like together i really love how this turned out it was so easy i think this would make a really great gift idea so i don't know that hopefully that gets your wheels spinning you can pick whatever color you want i kind of view like soft greens as a neutral so you could do the green but you could pick whatever color fits in your decor so really affordable really great for me all in at about five or six dollars and it looks so cute probably one of my favorite dollar tree type projects ever so i really love how this turned out i'm going to just give a little bit of a trigger warning on this next project because there are some people who have a lot of feelings about dollar tree diys needing to pretty much be made with mostly dollar tree items and i don't know who wrote that role but i'm going to give you all permission to break it because you can make some really cool things and this project is going to stretch you all a little bit because it does include some power tools so i'm going to really push you on this but the end result i promise you is you're going to love it it's really remarkable so for this project we are going to be making a pie safe using these pressed tin tiles the first thing i did was i built a shelf that i got off of amazon for 24.

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It was a really good deal for a little shelf but you can look around maybe you could find even a better deal at walmart or target or who knows after you've got the shelf built then you're gonna take it outside for this part we are gonna get a little bit powerful we're gonna use some power tools but if you don't have any power tools don't worry because i do have a backup idea that i think would still look really really good but i thought it would be kind of fun to see what we could do with these tiles and make a really nice kind of substantial piece i've got my shelf laid here on a piece of scrap wood from my pile and so i laid it down and kind of lightened it up on the edges and i'm going to trace it out so we know where our cuts are we're going to make a door and on the door we're going to put the press tin tile [Music] we are going to use my table saw here if you don't have a table saw do not worry you could use a jigsaw a circular saw i have a table saw so and that really does make nice straight lines but use what saw you have don't forget to protect your eyes because remember safe is sexy so let's go ahead and make these cuts [Music] okay so we're going to take the rest of the scrap wood and cut it down to one and a half inch strips and that will be kind of the trim on the front of the door [Music] so while i'm cutting stuff out here i thought it would be really cool to make a top for you know make it look more like a table so i've got this here i think i want it to be a half an inch out on all directions [Music] then i used the excess of that scrap piece to and cut down some styles and rails it ended up being about one and a half inch trim so you could definitely find some project boards at home depot so you don't have to cut down your own trim i was just trying to make do with what i had and spend as little money as i could so i actually thought it would be really cool to lift this off the ground and i had this really cute scalloped trim in my scrap pile so what i was thinking here is taking a couple of these pieces here hold it and lining it up on the bottom to kind of just lift it up then putting some of this scallop trim on the bottom as a decorative element how cute is that so for my non-power tool users this next idea is for you before you attach this backing if you take your tiles and stick them to the backing prior to nailing it on then you can just put it in the back of the shelf down here so it the press tin is on the back for those of you who are actually making the pie safe this is what we're going to do with these tiles so this is loosely what our door is going to look like i have not attached anything here just because i want to put our tiles down first before attaching it that will help keep them in place and also help us to align where everything is going to go and i think what's best is that i'm going to take a little bit off of each tile so that this is equal on each one [Music] [Music] once i had that stacked down i went in and painted it out in a white chalk paint two coats and then i let that fully dry while that was drying i went ahead and painted out all of my styles and rails in a kind of a it's called a sage chalk paint but it's really kind of a blue color and i did two coats of that and i wanted to do that because i wanted to avoid any like weird taping and painting so i just went ahead and painted the styles and rails first and attach that trim you kind of do like a skirting around the bottom nailing that on and then you can easily attach the side feet to to that and then i centered up the scalloped edge trim and nailed that on the front side and that really added a really nice finished look so are you still with me hopefully you're still hanging with me because i do have some easier projects coming up but i i just want to open your eyes to other things that you could do with dollar tree items and that are really cool and then i attached those rails to the front of the door using some finished nails you want to make sure that it's the right length of nail because if it's too long it'll shoot right through the door so make sure you've got the right length now and then i got that all attached i also took a topper for it and glued that on and nailed that in and with that attached i went back in and took some dollar tree putty and filled all the nail holes and all the cracks to just give it a nice smooth finish and then once that was dry we came back in and sanded that all down wiped it all down got it all clean and did any touch of paint that was needed so then we proceed to paint the entire outside of the base you might want to scuff up the the laminate shell first the chalk paint does stick to it pretty good but if you you know do a light sanding on it first that will really help the paint stick even more and then i painted everything on the outside i kind of left the inside all white and then once all of the paint was dry on everything then i went ahead about assembling the door i just got some very small piano hinges and attached the door i kind of eyeballed it was about three inches on either side of that and just used my drill to screw them in and it was super easy now my cabinet door was a little slightly warped not bad i mean i don't think it was noticeable but it didn't want to close flushly so i also attached a magnet so it would really hold nicely into place and we needed to give it a rustic feel so i went ahead and sanded everything down and gave it kind of a distressed feel because it's a pie safe and pie safes generally are a little bit more rustic in nature and then it needed a knob and i had a crystal one in my stash left over so i just drill a hole for that and attach the crystal knob [Music] oh my word how cute is this little pie tin save i think this would look really cute in a kitchen would look really cute in a bathroom it's additional storage so super cute all in all even if you had to like buy some of the supplies i figure you could definitely get this done for 40ish dollars i have seen these for sale for between 150 and 400 dollars depending on where you're looking so i mean 40 dollars is a great price for a really cute piece of furniture you don't have to do blue you can do all white you can do whatever color you want and i love this i really really love this i think it's so super sweet super cute and i hope that it stretched your mind on the possibilities using dollar tree items so i hope you enjoyed that if you're liking this content so far would you let me know by hitting that like button down below it really helps out my channel and helps me to know what you're liking and if you haven't already consider hitting that subscribe button below i'd really love it if you became a part of the diy niner family next up we are going to make a mirror using this tile and some other dollar tree items i'm going to do a little cheat because in my last episode i made a press tin clock and i just decided to go ahead and use that as the base for this so for those of you who haven't seen that i'm going to do a quick refresh up to the point where we were at and then i will tell you how i changed it so what i started with was a little wood canvas that i pick up from walmart they're pretty inexpensive they're 12 by 12 and that was like the foundation of this then i peeled off the backing pressed the tile on the wood and then i painted it out all white well then i decided it needed a frame and i had kind of a semi-damaged frame from the dollar tree one of those 12×12 frames that you can find there the black ones and i decided to use that to just add some more detailing and so i attached that on top i think i just glued that into place and then i painted that out all white i then converted it into a clock but this is where we're gonna go back and switch it up a little bit so then they have these round mirrors at the dollar tree and i took some of this epoxy and it's just because i had it on hand it's really strong you get it at dollar tree you squeeze the contents of both vials together mix it all up and then i spread it on the back of this mirror and centered it right in the center and let that fully dry then i cut out a round piece of paper and took some blue painters tape and taped off the mirror and then once you have it on you can go back with like a little razor edge and make it more circular and peel off the excess prior to painting then i took it outside and spray painted it in that same black gloss spray paint that we used on the earlier project and let that dry covered it all really good and i loved how it looked at this point but i wanted to do something similar to the beginning one and add some of the gold accent so i took that same gold rub and buff and kind of hit the high points of the tile as well as around the frame if you get a little bit too much you can always go back in and touch it up by spraying a little bit of the spray paint in the cap of the lid and you know sponge brushing it on i don't know if i showed that in it but there was a couple places where i felt like i got a little too much gold and you just kind of sponge that and cover it up but super easy right so easy to put together and it looks so cute on my mantel i love it i feel like it has such a high end look this is something that you could go to kirtland's or another store and pay 20 to 30 dollars easy and we did it with a few dollar tree and walmart items and it looks fantastic it just goes to show you that with a little creativity you can make some really amazing high-end decor [Music] next up we're going to do kind of like a press tin mini wreath combination just a cute little sweet piece and i had this little wood plaque from i think it's from family dollar for three dollars or something like that i picked it up it was in my stash for a year or two and i decided to use it for this and i set it out kind of figured out what the dimensions were [Music] you want to make sure it centers up nicely then you make your marks and then cut it all out again all the backing comes off because it's hollow in the middle which is fine because i ended up using mod podge to mod podge it in the center and we let that dry then i taped off the frame and did two coats of white matte craft paint it's what i had on hand and let that dry and once it was dry i kind of distressed it a little just to give it a little bit of dimension and then i was looking at the frame and felt like the frame looked a little i don't know tired i guess is the the best way to describe it so i went in with a little bit of antiquing wax and just hit it a little bit to add some depth and richness to the frame i had a pack of three mini wreaths i think they're from the dollar spot at target and i took two of the three and kind of made them one and i needed a way to attach it so i found where i wanted it to set and then i took a push pin and push that into where it needed to be located then i threaded some floral wire around the wreath tied it together and then twisted that around our little clear push pin and that was it another super easy project now you could definitely use the full width of the tile and do one that's 12 inches by 12 inches and have something a little bit bigger and more substantial i think this one ends up being i don't know like about eight inches um super cute super sweet you could hang that anywhere put it as a little accessory somewhere and just adds a little bit of personality but yeah i even thought we could make something really big by stacking them all together i didn't do that but maybe that's a project for another day who knows if you'll have to let me know but i'm really happy with how this little sweet project turned out i hope you are too [Music] fast for this next project it's another little trash to treasure and i started out with another empty can now this one was like a really big like turkey can i think so if you're looking for a similar sized one then you can make a lot of turkey salad or something like that and make sure you clean it out really really well because you don't really want things smelling like jerky so all i did for this is line it up where i thought i wanted it and then i cut it down to fit and wrapped it on stuck it on there was one spot that wasn't a full tile so i used some double-sided stick tape to hold that into place and then again i wanted to show a different paint finish now this is already kind of a silvery color but i wanted to elevate it slightly so i took it outside and sprayed it in a like champagne silver it's a really pretty iridescent silver and called it a day on that one but again the color choices are all up to you on what you want to do because there are so many possibilities to what to do i let that dry and then i just took a piece of floral foam from dollar tree hot glued that in and then i used like odds and ends of florals cut offs cast offs from other projects and made a really cute kind of summery flower arrangement and i really think this is a sweet little cute arrangement and i thought it turned out really good and i hope you liked it too [Music] well i hope you enjoyed this episode if so here's that original episode that i talked about earlier and if you haven't done so already consider hitting that subscribe button right here it's super easy to do and i would love it if you joined the diy niner family and to all of my diy niners i just want to remind you once again that you are more powerful than you know we'll see you next time bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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