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such a wonderful good day, ladies and gentlemen,
today we are talking about the topic of smart home development so some of you have no idea
what i have actually done in the last few years my thesis is in the ten years more has
happened than in The previous 30 years have actually been so we have possibilities that
were unthinkable in the past we can stage rooms like a theater stage you can create
moods that you feel comfortable that you come comfortably for animal that he comes home
we can only do music we can do a lot ensure safety the details you will find out in a
moment I would like to go into where I am right now I am a kind of private phone booth
for you a modern phone booth and then you can drink your notebook here and you have
it with you what can still be done you can now here that I have not used now you can
charge the notebook on the ste socket or whatever else he has you can use the smartphone here
you can charge it via usb at the usb plug this cell is designed so that you can feel
a bit privately, especially in open-plan offices ok in this sense, have fun now let's get in
smart home draw water done in the last few years what has changed in the last ten years
with the smart home in the new building in the fully integrated smart home actually you
have to say at the beginning that all these retrofitting stories are going on with the
smart home today the different providers are on the way where i can start with an apartment
for a few euros and retrofit the whole thing that didn't exist ten years ago so i took
part in this whole development i personally also participated in my own house also participated
in acquaintances so we can do it pretty much Make a good assessment of where we are today
and right at the beginning we can do a lot more today than ten years ago n still no and
there are so sometimes critical statements yes I know myself from the smart home anyway
because 20 years ago I did something with software or some stories, our answer is always
no, you don't know your way around Because a lot has happened, especially in the last
five years, and especially on the example or especially in the one in a lighting segment,
so today we are always blending in the various different scenes of objects as you can in
this article then every now and then see what that is, for example, the really big issue
is the lighting in the lighting it looks like it looks like ten years ago led of today's
quality was inconceivable and of course we also have the outlets that we in the ceilings
in the walls were not planned that way, so led the quality of the lighting the luminance
we have today and the possible the park internalize light so really in the absolute high-end level
you have to say that of course i can set different sunrises sunsets in the room that works so
that the subject of light is really there we have groundbreaking improvements we can
really do everyone today We can illuminate the corner of the house down on the floor
if you imagine what used to be at the stage, it was in the middle of the room and you drew
the diagonal and then you just kind of had a cone of light to dogs perfect and defined
and today we can thank the lighting planning thanks to 1 coverage of the complex planning
you have to say that we are doing today so we are in a position before we even moved
into the house before the house was built then you can see what will happen to me expect
what is the mood lady from which moods will I be with in which with which st Immensely,
I will feel good that it is about the subject of feeling good and if we have not reached
the point we can go into this wellness area in the bathroom is becoming more and more
of a private wellness center so a private wellness place many of you work very many
are on the road a lot and of course when you are at home since then you wanted to relax
and wanted to have a very specific atmosphere, he did not want to go anywhere there we are
today in a position to do the same thing again, the topic of smart home 2009/10 I am already
saying 2019 because we have passion 2019 so a shower that I thought we had to take the
shower that is now taking the video free how to rain and showers in the open air and then
we can smell Bavarian, we have already shown you you may not have shown in the mysteries
and the whole thing with special light so early the mood is of course different than
in the evening when our shower then you start the day completely different and in addition
there is a corresponding background noise that doesn’t have to be the hard rock music
somehow the ground or someone else heard something that can of course also be several items and
the sound of the sea, which is very discreet in the background, is tailored to you so that
you say I don't want to leave at all, I don't want to get out of the shower anymore, so
it's easy it's just super pleasant like that and then the whole topic of smart home continues
so we couldn't do that ten years ago even if we had the infrastructure and then the
topic continues also the topic of multi room audio mine from my point of view the LED lighting
in the houses will become standard and in the next stage the multi-room audio standard
would be that means I can with several family members mostly you have that yes everyone
can hear their own music you can also listen to the same music everywhere He wanders through
the rooms and the music wanders with him, and that's about the whole thing being integrated
into the building services, so that we are We have only been able to do that since 2008
ten or actually only at the end of 2000 2018 because certain technology is available and
the speakers directly for this multi-room system in the various rooms in the walls and
ceilings are invisible, depending on what we wanted the club is that we are The multifunctional
can use that means that the bell system is transmitted over the loudspeaker that the
night time does not work so far clearly if someone with you at night child and you have
already had little sleep then did not want to be woken up and when he the party has or
in the fitness room but then he didn't want to be disturbed or on the side in the study
and someone rings the doorbell then it might be good if the speakers can be used to discreetly
a background degree and the music and the sea faded out then there is no one message
by sound there is someone in front of the door and that can of course also include a
picture to be dazzled or not and at the same time that is also monitoring so I can use
these speakers and I can use this multi room system at the same time as a supplement to
the alarm system so in summary, simply so, of all the possibilities that we have smart
home 2009/10 nothing more to do with what was ten years ago so, as I said, from my own
experience, I have also experienced all these steps and participated if you already think
everything today as we do, then from the one quality of life into the future directed that
has nothing to do with what he can do before and I'm not talking about the heating control
or ventilation control or shading when the sun shines that the shading is going down
I believe that we were able to do that pretty much ten years ago well all the automatics
when we are not present can set up the x that could be done ten years ago and whatever has
changed, the presentation has become much easier, including the fear that always resonates
a bit in some customer discussions with us, where can I use it then you have to be very
clear about it You have to think and think much less than in a conventional house because
we don't have any switches anymore, we don't have any work, no ten switches on top of each
other but, if at all, a single button with which I can control everything centrally and
normally the whole house takes over for me it's over works for me the house is there
for me that takes over the function and then of course you have to say one more argument
so the first argument is really the led lighting, the moods the staging we do in the rooms and
the multi that the music in different rooms in all rooms multi room audio these are the
two essential points full integration did not exist 14 yet and what you have to say
the agony of quality so you will only find it in the networked house so this keyboard
will have the wall they are so we are celebrating so there are many manufacturers and when i
say now i want more l ow budget do the whole thing then I can give myself plastic switches
that like many of you or are there new people who say I want to have a very special video
steel vintage look of so fit everything is available today and you have to to say that
there was no variety 10 of 14 years ago capsule and yes we are talking about the fully networked,
integrated house in the new building you have to say or in both renovations, of course,
wired systems gutted everything and of course I can integrate my garden then he shows According
to the most reliable area, my conclusion is that the garden is somehow being forgotten
a bit, you have to say that a lot is often planned inside, too, we have the infrastructure
and then the question comes up what is actually doing to me in the garden, so the garden should
be planned with it there is it about lawn is it about plants they have to be arranged
somehow, and that's about that the lawn is mowed and that is about the and the irrigation
of the drainage that is not that it is about the irrigation and there is nowadays we already
have the central home server computer in the house which controls of course Also whether
you are there or not, that the plants are always watered sufficiently, which of course
we don't want that now on the day when the sun is shining in summer at 39 degrees the
irrigation system suddenly starts and the plants are literally burning as the plants
deck so and now again summarized in what has changed in the area of ​​smart home fully
integrated in the new building smarthome fully integrated is of course also the highest level
of discipline in smarthome you have to say no comparison with retrofitting or with gadgets
that's not the point today but first of all what has The smartphone sector has changed
since the last ten years.

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There has been a lighting where we can stage
why we are st Immune to create the rooms that didn't exist back then, so where we have different
brightness values ​​have different color values ​​and the whole thing on a very,
very high quality level then we have music in different rooms and all rooms that is multi
room audio was fully developed Back then there was also no such thing as garden irrigation
then we had the topic of garden irrigation back then there had to be solutions everything
that I call here now, of course, the fully integrated solution the complete smart home
networking in the third solution and whatever we didn't have either let's say they are this
quality the qualitative impression of the individual buttons this is available today
because there is simply a very large range that we are of course happy to have a much
larger selection that he did not have ten years ago and like me the whole thing then
visualize the image on a single app or on the touchscreen on the wall, we show have
also shown so and there you have to say smarthome quality 2009/10 versus 2009 are really years
gone from our point of view so you can no longer compare with the technology on which
it is based knx alpi what there is to it has remained the same only as we do it and the
possibilities we have they are really on the way from completely different levels makes
us fun makes you fun we can look much more into the future and we can do a lot better
plan we can conceptualize much better if it was all fun then we look forward to your thumbs
and you can be excited open to the next post on the next post we look forward to comments
on the above and don't forget to ring the bell if you didn't want to miss any of our
posts, thank you very much for watching until next time

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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