how to diy smart home automation project system for 0 beginner

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Hello everyone this video we will tell you how to DIY smart automation system in this 5 pints , we will tell you 5 step for DIY 1: which functions you want to use in your home automation? 2: which solution product you will to use? 3: wired version solution details 4: system structure / diagram 5: network connection / software which network connect you will to chose and which software you will install firstly, you can see this building model if your home like this model, you will see many functions turn ON turn OFF the light open the door and close the door open and close the garage also you will have curtain,TV and air-conditioner the first, you need to confirm which functions you need to use light, curtain / garage, TV, air-conditioner, pump, valve … many other functions i have not list you can have your ideas next step is chose solution, which product for solution to use we have write two solutions: 1: wired 2: wireless what's means of wired and wireless? whether have a line connected with controller and power load not means wifi and ethernet your controller maybe is a relay box you have a light you need a wire connect with 2 products also have another way is wireless solution wireless switch panel and wireless switch gateway they not need a wire between these two products in these solutions, which to chose if you can put the wire, i suggest this way is better if you can't put new line for your building you have to use this wireless solution because wired version need to put new line, it's very stable wireless version, the advantage is not need to put the line but sometimes maybe have a little problems it just like you use mobile phone and use telephone in your family so it have different advantage, you can chose 3: wired soltuion details, how to use products to do different functions if you want control your light by your phone or pc you can chose 32 relay board this is 32 controller also you need install a wall switch this kind of wall switch is use for smart home automation system this is old one , traditional switch this switch work in this way this switch is not like that up and down this is self-reset type switch, dry node contactor like the computer mouse button switch have many different styles this is 4 key and 6 key connect by another way, this can control 4 light this can control 6 light it have 2,3,4,5,6 buttons switch panel it have different styles you can replace or change the frame, just like this the color will be changed, just need to change the frame usually light have another kind: dimmer dimmer use KC868-D8 controller this is our new product for 8 channel dimmer control it can change light brightness up and down it also need wall switch panel you can also use wireless remoter control and change brightness of light light we need have this switch terminal board this is wireless receive module this is only for light control curtain also use KC868-H32L , wall switch, switch terminal board, motor and track this is track for curtain it need customized the track, because every window and curtain have different length this is TV, air-conditioner any IR remoter device, what's means if you want to control the TV this is TV remoter DVD player audio amplifier this is air-conditioner all this remoter's device can control by KC868-G gateway this is wireless gateway we press TV remoter's button, KC868-G will learned the IR signal when we press the phone app button , it will send IR signal so it can learn any remoter's signal save to inside chip the box will instead of remoter, it just like a remoter's send signal to electronic device so you can control electronic device by mobile phone application some family will have pump and valve these two product also use KC868-H32L relay controller this valve for water pipe or gas pipe this will move instead of manually if you have water tank or fish tank you can use this small pump or large pump this is manual control for open / close pump we can use button line for extend function what is power extend? because our relay box inside relay MAX current is 10A if your load will > MAX current, you need to extend power such as you want to control large power electronic device, like Heater, air conditioning power supply you can use two way to extend power load 1: AC contactor 2: Solid state relay (SSR) we have videos about DIY smart power distribution box also make by AC contactor this one, when you control will have sound this is mechanical control way this one when you give the power input for DC 3-32V then output will be ON this is no sound, because there are some electronic component inside of part what's different between two products? this is for large power use this is not for very large power to use it's physical control let's look at the control way many control way for mobile phone app , computer, voice , automatic mobile application have two version one is for WAN , another is for LAN WAN: need internet and cloud server LAN: not need internet and work in local kincony smart home app for WAN, kbox smart app for LAN you can chose which application you will use computer software not only use in WAN , but also use in LAN just change work mode in computer software setting voice control you can use this voice module voice module have two version: 1: for amazon alexa 2: for google home speaker so if you add this voice module to relay controller, then you can voice control relay voice control by amazon alexa or google home mini speaker or other google AI speaker if you add voice module, you can not only control by alexa and google home you can also use alexa and google home assistant phone application so you have many kinds of mobile phone application to use the last one, if you want to use automatic control way not need phone app and voice set the if condition and then what to do so we say this IFTTT command add this product KC868-COL programmable logic controller this programmable logic controller work with relay controller by RS232 port you can set many logical command , because it's programmable set logical command by PC software the board will auto running for many automatic control this logic controller have 16 channel digital input sensor 16 channel analog input sensor 5 channel temperature input sensor you can use these channel connect with many kinds of sensors such as: temperature, humidity, pressure, light, pH value, water level soil temperature and humidity, ammonia, noise, air quality, human infrared smoke, gas, CO2, door window magnetic sensor, etc all these sensors can be connected with KC868-COL logical controller then you set command what to do, what not to do when to do and when trig for the relay output add this module you can do this automatic control that not need internet work in locally so this is powerful we have see the wired solution all the details 4: system structure / Diagram system structure we have draw into PDF file, that's very big size I will record a new video for computer screen to show the diagram how all parts connect with lines 5: network connecting / software WAN and LAN, just need internet or use in local network chose WAN or LAN version PC or phone application to use you can see the whole system this position is for control relay this is for automatic control this is smart home automation system so you can according to your need to DIY which you need, which you not need just according to your home building if you have any questions, you can leave message on our youtube community we will give you a quickly feedback hope you will DIY successfully thanks for watching


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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