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and that's how baby video doorbells are born i'm jamie and i'm a video producer at a shurian over the last year i've gotten married and bought my first house now it's time to make that home sweet home smart i'll do it with a little help from my friends and our assurient experts this is homesmart home welcome back to casa de jamie last episode we got the smart home party started by setting up some hubs and some speakers this week i'm going to install a video doorbell maybe with a little help so we don't have a doorbell but soon after moving in we realized we should probably get one with a video doorbell we'll be able to see who's outside when packages arrive and when random cats come calling in the middle of the night there's a lot of options out there so let's get shopping to the internet ever since i set up the hubs i've been doing a ton of research on video doorbells i finally narrowed it down to my top three first up the ring video doorbell 3.

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What i really like about this one is it can be wired or battery powered next up on my list is the google nest hello it gets good reviews pretty much everywhere i've seen and i like the fact that it has facial recognition so we'll know who's at the door and finally the arlo video doorbell it has a really good camera and wider field of view than most it also has facial recognition and appears to be the most accurate at identifying people according to the reviews they'll come with standard features like two-way audio night vision and motion detection and for all three you'll have to pay a subscription fee to unlock all the features but here's where they differ the ring video doorbell 3 has the lowest camera resolution and doesn't offer facial recognition the google nest hello has all the bells and whistles but not without a big price tag finally the arlo video doorbell has one of the better cameras and a more affordable price you can't go wrong with any of these but i like something that works seamlessly with my existing hub and the only one that really does that is the google nest hello the other ones will work with a google hub with just less functionality it's important to do your homework when you're choosing your hub to know which devices work with it best the nest hello is a little bit pricey but i think it's worth it if everything plays nice together i'm gonna do it i think i heard a knock at the door let's see if that's it this hopefully is the last time i open the door not knowing what's on the other side there it is let's get this bad boy opened up [Music] okay here's what came in the box we got our mounting plate we got one that angled we got this guy here if you have an existing doorbell double check your compatibility this will go in the chime box we don't have an existing doorbell so we needed this guy which is a power supply found one online had good reviews we got a drill bit which is nice and we got some instructions step one get the nest app got that already so we can move on to step two i went ahead and launched the nest app then put the gear in the upper right corner for settings tap on the add product button and simply scan the qr code on the back of the camera from there it walks you through the steps for installing the doorbell all right uh poking a hole in the brand new house no big deal here we go what a rush all right uh that wasn't too [Laughter] bad close enough you're supposed to push up and snap and the up is on the snap is not hey chris you have a second to help me my manhood on the line it is for some reason it wasn't going in with these wires down so we flipped them to go up and we're gonna try that and see if that we did works [Music] oh that looks really good hey chris you wanna go try the doorbell sure oh someone's exponential there it is it's working oh good [Laughter] all right i'm gonna try this out and i'll check back in in a few days we've had the video doorbell for a few days now and gotta say i really like it i am getting bombarded by a lot of notifications for every truck that goes by so i'm trying to reduce that if you go in your settings there's this feature called activity zones that allows you to create parameters on what you want to be notified on so i'm going to create a zone and you'll see this box up here and i'm going to have it go along my fence so i won't get the truck notifications i'll just get what is on my property the facial recognition feature is also really cool it can tell the difference between familiar or unfamiliar faces and even send alerts when packages are delivered to set this up you can go in your settings into familiar faces here you'll see a very unflattering collection of you and your loved ones faces you can tap on a face and name it this is my coworker brett so now he has a name to his face the nest hello doorbell is working seamlessly with my smart speakers and smart hubs i was pretty intimidated going into the setup of this one but it really wasn't that bad i'm feeling pretty empowered that i did it myself and i'm ready to keep building out my smart home i like the added security the video doorbell brings and even like a camera in the backyard or the side of the house maybe even a smart lock for the front door guess you'll have to see next time thanks for watching be sure to like and subscribe to follow along as i set up my smart home

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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