How To Make Large 5FT Marquee Numbers With Lights | Dollar Tree DIY Birthday Décor With Foam Boards

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Hello beautiful people welcome back 
again to my channel my name is Nora G.   and today I will show you how to 
make marquee numbers with lights   using foam boards from the Dollar Tree making 
this a Dollar Tree DIY birthday décor. Okay   so as you can see I already lined up my foam 
boards from the dollar tree and uh before we   dig right into this I would love it if you can 
hit that subscribe button if you're new here   and for my returning subscribers thank you so 
much for coming back. So now let's continue –   so for this giant marquee numbers I will be doing 
5 foot tall numbers and here I have a PDF of the   numbers that I will actually have taped onto the 
foam boards that I have lined up on the floor.

I   wanted this to be exact so I actually went ahead 
to create this on my desktop and made it out in a   puzzle format for easy printing and for exact size 
so if you're looking to doing this DIY sometime   and you're in need of these numbers you can reach 
out to me via my email found in the description   box and then I'll be sure to provide you with 
the PDF of any number from zero to nine okay.   So now let's continue I'll be using this x-acto 
knife there I will link that in the description   box as well and my ruler to actually cut 
out the numbers just watch as I do this.   I don't know if you noticed but before cutting 
I'm doing this I actually taped down this puzzle   number onto the board to make sure that it doesn't 
move when I am actually doing this so make sure to   tape it down firmly before going ahead to trace 
out the lines okay I'm not cutting out deeply   just yet I'm just making sure I am marking 
the spots where I will be cutting on later on   so after tracing it with my x-act 
knife I use the pencil to actually   really print it out clearly before I will go ahead 
to cut it out just what you said complete this so in case you're wondering why I am making 
a large or giant 40 number out of nowhere   today is actually my twin-in-law's birthday 
yeah there's such a thing as twin-in-law so   my sisters in law – they're twins, today is 
their 4.0 birthday and I thought to do this   as part of the décor and here we go so this 
is the whole reason so please do wish them   happy birthday for me in the comment 
section I'm very sure they'll be on here   reading and would definitely appreciate that 
as well so yes so just type happy birthday Lem   and Pih and they'll be sure to receive it thank 
you so much you all are amazing.

They are my   absolute favorite I know I'm gonna get into 
trouble for saying this but yeah so please do   wish them a happy birthday for me and many more 
glorious and blessed years ahead for them okay   so back to our DIY marquee numbers – giant marquee 
numbers for my twin-in-laws yeah I like that term,   anyway so if you noticed I actually used a cutting 
board to cut out the numbers as you can just see   right now because I have a wooden floor and 
I would not recommend you using x-acto knife   over that you'd be basically going to destroy 
your floor okay so make sure to use a cutting   board or any other thing that is solid that 
couldn't cut through underneath your foam board so now that I have cut out my number four um it's 
about building the frame work that will go around   the number four so I measured seven inches using 
my ruler and then used the the templates that I   just basically made to cut out the rest of the 
foam board oh but by the way as you can see I am   using my cardboard cutter or my electric cutter a 
battery operated I'm sorry not battery – cordless   cutter because you get to charge this and I have 
that linked in the description box so make sure to   check out my Amazon storefront I have linked 
everything that I use in my videos on there   so under the Nora's DIY & Crafts essentials 
you'll be able to find this and many more.

So now that I am done cutting out the framework it 
is time for me to glue that onto my marquee number   four okay so I will be cutting accordingly 
I'm measuring and cutting accordingly   as I go so starting from the inside out because if 
you do the outside before the inside you may end   up damaging your framework so make sure to do the 
inside part of any number not just the number four   before you do the outside part of this okay so I'm 
using my hot glue because hot glue and foam board   are like five and six they glue very well okay and 
it's quick too so just watch as I complete this keep in mind that you have to be very precise 
with your measurements and your cutting if   you want to have a nicely shaped number 
four and a perfectly cut number four okay   or any number for that matter so make sure 
to use your ruler and measure accordingly this is a very budget friendly giant DIY marquee 
numbers using foam boards because ideally this   is made out of wood and it is way heavier and 
costs more to actually do that but believe you me   when I say that this only cost me 20 dollars from 
buying the foam boards and basically the hot glue   and then I will be adding the lights which was 
the most expensive of them all but the lighting is   optional because you have another option to fill 
these numbers – marquee numbers with balloons.   Even with the lighting this is not as costly as 
as compared to you wanting to buy marquee letters   so if you can do it yourself go right ahead and do 
just like I am currently doing okay.

These things   cost no less than eight hundred dollars I'm not 
even kidding you uh a 5 feet marquee letter/number   but then again they're not using foam boards even 
for the foam boards versions that are sold they're   not sold for less than 300 – 400 alright so I 
really do hope that this video does show you how   to make marquee numbers with lights and using foam 
boards for an easy and budget friendly option.   Are you still watching? Yes? well thank you so 
much if you've watched right up to this point   and so please do comment "Marquee" in the comment 
section if you've watched this video right up to   this point I really do appreciate you and 
also do not forget to hit that like button   if you've enjoyed this video 
so far.

Now let's continue   now at this point our marquee number four 
is ready for use if you're looking to just   filling this up with some balloons and 
have no interest in using any light bulbs   however this girl right here likes to go a little 
bit extra so I am actually marking the areas   where I will be inserting the light bulbs um then 
I will set this aside and we'll move on to doing   our number zero so just watch as I do this and 
then on to the next which is marquee number zero   now it's time for us to do our marquee number 
zero also five foot tall just as the number four Just like with the previous I am laying down my 
foam board again make sure to use white duct tape   it just makes common sense to do so okay because 
you're keeping it all white and we're not actually   going to be painting over this all right and 
also in total I used 12 foam boards to cut out   the numbers and then use the remnants and also the 
rest of the foam boards to create the framework   so overall I used 16 foam boards to create the 
number 40.

And these are sold at the dollar store   um and also you can find them on from 
on Amazon which I am also going to link   in the description box below if 
you're looking to buy in bulk so as opposed to printing it out with a pencil 
like I did the last time with the number four   before cutting it out I am doing a different 
style with this one so I am cutting it directly   after I had taped it onto the foam 
board so I am using my exacto knife   to actually cut out the circle without 
tracing it out anymore mainly because   zero is easier to cut out compared compared to 
any other number so um I recommend you choose   which one is best for you I found both styles um 
okay to use but I think this option was way faster   than the option that I used for the 
number four just watch as I do this   okay so just like with number four I think I 
regulate the crown rules for how to continue   with building the framework for this starting from 
the inside to outside however the difference here   now is this number zero is curvy and so what I am 
doing right now is making the foam board flexible   so I can actually make it um make it go around the 
number zero all right it is not like straight cut   like a number four so make sure to do 
this measuring it out in two inches apart   before placing it over your number 
zero just watch as I do this so once I have all of the framework 
put together for the number zero   I just like with the number four I will go 
ahead and mark uh the areas where I will   be inserting the bulbs which will be the 
last thing that we will be doing so next   after this will be inserting the bulbs into 
the lights so just watch as I complete this again just a quick reminder if you're looking to 
getting some marquee numbers or letters actually a   to z 0 to 9 in pdf format possible format that you 
can use to do your own DIY you can reach me at my   email and I will give you a quote for each letter 
and word if you're looking to spelling out a full   word make sure to contact me at my email linked 
below now that our number four is all set it's   time for me to insert the bulbs so I got this 
amazing 25 string lights 25 bulb string lights   from amazon which I have also linked below you can 
find this at my amazon storefront so make sure to   check that in the link below I will go ahead to 
insert this onto our number 40 but before I do   so I actually use the tip of the bulb to mark out 
exactly how much um how wide the circles will be   like the holes will be through which I will be 
inserting the bulbs so just watch as I do this so just to reiterate just like you'd seen me 
done before using my ruler I made sure that the   space in between each bulb is exact because you 
want to keep it the same and also very straight   so make sure to use a ruler to map 
out the distance between each hole   for a more professional look okay 
so you just do not want to do   at randomly because that is not going to 
look good when you have the lights all lit up one thing I love about my key numbers is that 
they make such a statement so this DIY giant   five foot marquee number four and zero would 
definitely make a statement for any kind of décor   not just number four and zero but any number 
this large would definitely make a statement for   your party birthday you name it okay it could be 
letters could be numbers so make sure to add this   to your foam board DIY projects and also your DIY 
dollar tree birthday décor they're super easy to   make even though yes it could be time consuming 
well it didn't take me very long but you have   to have some amount of patience to be able to do 
this all right but at the end you will enjoy this   so once I had everything all set if you did notice 
I used some duct tape to hold down the cable   on the back and now I am actually inserting the 
bulbs to where they belong just watch as I do this   again for all items used in this video and my 
other DIY videos make sure to check out my amazon   storefront linked in the description box below 
now for the number zero I actually tried another   method to insert the box so I would I didn't wait 
to put all the back ends before inserting the bulb   at the front so and also I did not make the 
holes as wide as I did for the number four   all right so I'm actually just putting in the 
back the socket if that's what that is called   and then I'm doing the bulb right away and that 
actually held firm without me having to use any   duct tape for this option so i would recommend you 
go with this option just because it is way faster   and much more convenient and now this is our final 
look for our giant DIY 5 feet marquee number 40.   just to give you some perspective I am tall okay 
I am like five foot nine all right so this is how   tall this number 40 is it is gigantic and that is 
it with the lights on and light steam I just love   this makes such a huge statement please do let 
me know in the comments section what you think   about this particular DIY and also please don't 
forget to hit that like button if you did enjoy   this video hit that subscribe button as well and 
turn a notification so you do not miss a thing   in the meantime always remember to be your 
fun self no matter what life throws at you! so you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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