How to troubleshoot slow Internet speed with Smart Home Manager

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it's easy to troubleshoot common internet issues like slower than expected speeds or weak wi-fi with the free 18t smart home manager app first download the att smart home manager app from the google play or apple app store or go to smart home manager and sign in with your att online user id and password after signing in you'll see your current home internet status and 4u cards these for you cards are special notifications for your home network's current health and change based on what's happening on your network you can always access your for you cards by selecting for you at the bottom of the screen head over to the network tab where you can test the internet speed in your home and your current device view and manage your connected devices and more if you're experiencing slow speeds select the internet option to run the speed test this comprehensive test will tell you the speed of data to the att wi-fi gateway in your home and to the device running the test just select the run speed test button and the test results show the internet speed in your home to your gateway and also the speed to individual devices running the test keep in mind that test results to your home will almost always be faster than results to your device since the speed of a particular wi-fi device can be affected by the capabilities of your device some devices such as older devices can't support our fastest speeds the number of active devices connected via wi-fi to your home network too many devices can slow things down the strength of your wi-fi signal which is weakened by distance and physical barriers and current bandwidth usage as active devices all share the total bandwidth available to your home and wired connections directly into the att wi-fi gateway are almost always faster than wi-fi connected devices the device test portion is like popular third-party speed tests and produce similar speed test results review the results of home and device speed tests review history of previous home and device tests and get tips or assistance to improve your speed right in your app then go to the connected devices section for a list of connected devices their current wi-fi signal strength and home internet data usage used up to the last hour to see any devices that may be using more than their share of your home internet bandwidth some gateways have the ability to prioritize a device over other devices on your home network by selecting the device to prioritize and selecting the prioritize button this is a great feature to use for example you can prioritize your work computer if you need more bandwidth to video chat while everyone else in your house is streaming tons of high-def video occasionally it's a good idea to reboot your wi-fi gateway just like any laptop or computer when left on for a long time wi-fi gateway can begin to slow down an occasional reboot can help improve its performance just select network and then select the restart wi-fi network button at the bottom additionally if you see a 4u card about a wi-fi coverage issue you may have an opportunity to improve the wi-fi coverage in your home better wi-fi coverage may result in better speed and less device connection drops within the home select get started on the wi-fi coverage card to open the wi-fi coverage assessment tool that you can use to move throughout your home to identify dead spots within your home network if needed you can easily purchase wi-fi extenders right through the app the app will ask you to use your smart device's camera to walk through your home while it reads your wi-fi signal strength the image from your camera will add colored dots to show where your wi-fi signal can perhaps be helped quite a bit with wi-fi extenders then the tool may recommend 18-t wi-fi extenders which can expand the reach of your wi-fi network improving coverage in areas with weak signal if you have more questions about smart home manager select the help tab to find answers to common questions for more information on how to optimize your home network please go to improve internet speed thank you for choosing a t you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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