Ihr Weg zum KNX Smart Home | Beratung | Lichtkonzept | Planung | Schaltschrank | Programmierung

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you would like to build or renovate a house that is future-proof and equipped with the latest smartphone technology, but your property developer, architect or electrician is not at all familiar with the topic of smart homes or the proposed solution did not convince you avoid unnecessary planning errors save time and nerves and have your smartphone professionally planned, we at smetana will advise you individually and manufacturer-independently on your personal smarthouse, we will accompany your construction project and provide you and your electrician with advice and support throughout the entire project and beyond . for this we have developed the matana principle with we accompany you in eight steps to your smart home, firstly, advice based on your wishes and floor plans, we determine which smart home system and which components really suit you, secondly, the lighting concept, whether inside or outside lighting, bare or indirect light wall or ceiling lights our lighting consultants have application expertise for every lighting situation and create the ideal lighting concept for your home.

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Thirdly, planning we create all the planning and installation documents that the electrician needs for the implementation to ensure successful implementation if necessary we will support you in your search for a suitable electrician from our network fourthly control cabinet construction on request we will deliver the fully wired and pre-programmed control cabinet as well as all the required smart home components directly to you on the construction site, which will also relieve your electrician fifthly programming we program the entire hardware of your smart home and integrate all devices into a single app our scenario catalog gives you inspiration for sudden scenario six instructions you will receive a comp final instruction in the system as well as detailed documentation on your smart home seventh debriefing twelve weeks after moving in there will be an optimization appointment where we address all the points that you noticed during the living experience eighth service of course we are also available for later system expansions or questions at any time benefit Book a free consultation with one of our smart home experts now, based on our knowledge from numerous projects we have carried out

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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