Inside Russia’s $5 Billion Typhoon Submarine

Inside Russia's $5 Billion Typhoon Submarine

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5 Creative Uses for Action Cameras

Action cameras have become the go-to accessory for extreme sports enthusiasts wanting to record themselves in action. From surfboards and ski poles to helmets and mountain bikes, action cameras can be mounted just about anywhere to capture the most dynamic angles and exciting moments that extreme sports have to offer. However, they are by no means limited to sport, so here are five different ways action cameras can be used.

Can an iPad Help Organize Your Daily Life?

iPad is not just another gadget that is meant for entertainment only. It is an empowering tablet that enables you to increase your productivity and manage your personal life better. Listed here are a few essential apps that will help you get more out of your iPad and organize your life better.

What to Do If Your Computer Does Not Start

If you have ever wondered why your computer won’t boot up or just plain out freezes? You have come to the right place. From blue screens of death to blank screens with just a cursor blinking to beeping when the computer starts up, it’s all covered. An in depth look at a few possible symptoms and solutions so you can get that computer straightened up in no time!

Highlights of Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 Operating Systems

The Android is among the most prolific and widely known operating systems in the present era. It was developed by Android Inc., but now is owned by Google. Thanks to the exceptionally conducive and swift functionality of the system in question.

Compare Mobile Phones Based on Five Factors

A mobile phone buyer’s decision is influenced by five fundamental factors, which include the phone’s standard and value-added features, its price tag, its mobile plan, its flexibility and expandability, and its internal parts. Learn to compare mobile phones based on these distinguishing qualities.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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