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– What's up, everybody? It's Enes here, and
welcome to another episode. This week, we're in Henderson, Nevada, and about to tour this stunning, one-of-a-kind, modern, mega
mansion right behind me. This home is unlike anything we've ever seen on this channel. It gets phenomenal views
of the Las Vegas Strip. And the house itself has
really unique amenities, like a rock climbing wall,
nine-hole miniature golf course, infinity edge pool, car elevator, and many more amenities
that we're gonna see today. Now, specs of this home,
we got four bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 12,822 square
feet of interior space, built on a 0.88 acre lot. And this property is
currently on the market for $32,500,000. As always, we will leave more information about the property and the property link down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the owner
and the listing agent, Ivan Sher, for inviting us out here, allowing us to tour their amazing listing, and share it with all of you.

And now let's begin our tour. (upbeat dramatic music) (mechanical lift working) (upbeat dramatic music) (car revving) (upbeat dramatic music) – [Enes] House is located at
the Estates of Seven Hills, which is an exclusive gated community, that are only three homes located
on this particular street. And from the street level, we have the gates opening
up to this massive, spacious motor court. It has a very futuristic, modern design with these curved roof lines,
overhangs, cantilevers. And I love the stacked-pattern tile design that they have on the exterior facade, complimented with smooth stucco, or different variations
of tile throughout. On my right-hand side, we have these two garage doors opening up to really unique space, which
we're gonna see in a bit. This one right here opens
up to the car elevator, which is another unique
detail of this home.

We're gonna see that later in the video. And following the motor court, we have a nice water
feature that sets the tone as you walk into the property. Covered carport here, ceiling is clad with
beautiful wood paneling. And these two garage doors open up to the main garage of this home. We're gonna talk about that later as well. Lastly, we have the
skylight-enclosed entry here. And as we come up to the
entry and the main door, we have another water
feature that sets the tone. And now, let's go inside. All right, everyone,
here we are at the entry. We've got this massive 10-foot wide, 14-foot tall, pivot door. That's a center pivot that
opens up to the entry. This is, without a doubt,
probably the biggest front door we've ever seen on this channel. And this is just the
beginning of this house because it has so many
different amenities and features that we're gonna see throughout. Now, the first thing we
see is this open entry with this awesome water feature that runs from the first floor, all the way up to the second floor.

This whole assembly is built
out of a stainless steel frame. We have the water feature here with this beautiful glass tile that we're gonna see
throughout the property, little Zen garden. And right in front of us, we have the amazing views
of the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, I wanna take everybody there. By the way, of course,
gorgeous chandelier above, right at the entry. And over here, we can see the staircase
going down to the lower level, as well as the second
floor, beautifully lit up.

It's a full steel frame. And I mean, as you're
going up, or going down, you're looking at the amazing views. Also, this home comes with
a commercial-grade elevator, every few minutes it resets and goes down to the lower level. So as you walk into the property, you see the views immediately. Now I want to take everybody here. We have the great room and the dining room on our left-hand side. I'm gonna start with the great room. We've got this awesome
seating section here, tile floors throughout,
linear gas fireplace with a massive TV right above it. And I love the stone
cladding they did here. And this fireplace assembly runs all the way up to the second floor. They have these
origami-pattern wall sconces to kind of light up this wall section. The ceiling height here must be like 25 to 30 foot, with a massive ceiling fan right in the center.

I mean, this room is very impressive. We can see the glass railing on the walkway on the second floor. And of course we have
automatic sliding glass doors opening up to the amazing views and the backyard of this property. But we're gonna check that out in a bit. Overall, very impressive space,
opened right off the entry, and right across, we have
the formal dining room area, beautiful table set up
that sits 12 people. We've got a gorgeous chandelier above with a recessed-in lighting. And on our right-hand side, we have the built-ins, all
open shelving, led lighting. And Mikey, I know you're gonna like this.

Let me show it here. – [Mikey] I didn't notice that earlier. – Automatic upper cabinets. – [Mikey] We always like those here. – Absolutely. And I love the contrast they did here with a glass panel on the
bottom and glossy panel on top. Now, we also got a wine station, again, for the formal dining room area. And right on the other side, we have the automatic sliding glass doors, opening up to the balcony
where you can look down to your rock climbing wall. How cool is that? – [Mikey] Very nice. And an automatic door, you said. All of these doors are
automatic in the house, right? – [Enes] I think there
are one or two doors that are not automatic, the rest of them are all automatic. And of course you have the
automatic shades throughout, house is on a Crestron System. You can literally control
anything out of your phone.

It's super cool. And we're also gonna
talk about that later. Great space. And right on the other side of this formal dining room
area, we have this open, glass-enclosed wine cellar detail. And check this out. This fire feature, they
call it "hell's fire". It's basically an upside
down fire feature, with a fan inside, and
a suction on the bottom, so it creates this, kind of incredible, one-of-a-kind kind of look. – [Mikey] Yeah, I like it. I mean, we've seen those going up before, but never going down. – Never going down,
this is the first time. – [Mikey] Yeah.
– It's Vegas, you know? – [Mikey] That's right. – You can see these unique things.

Now, we have the kitchen here, and we're gonna cover that in a bit. But first I want to take
everybody through this hallway. Now we are on the other side
of the formal dining room area. We've got a powder room for this level. We have this agate wall that
we've been recently seeing, with a back-lit, fancy toilet set up. So now this is a detail
I want to cover here. We have a urinal. And throughout the
bathrooms in this house, a lot of the bathrooms actually have both toilet and a urinal design, which is something unique,
owner wanted to go this way.

This is a pretty bespoke home. – [Mikey] Yeah.
– And that's that. – [Mikey] We've seen
it in the garages, too. You're gonna see some around the house, they're kind of interesting. – Interesting. Absolutely. And we've got a gorgeous
pedestal sink here. You'll love this detail. Now let me take everybody back out. And the room next door is
a very impressive space because it is the movie theater. This whole room is designed
in a really futuristic way with the lines and led lighting, and the cove lighting detail. I love the patterns that
they have on the walls with the led lighting. It creates a beautiful reflection, but those panels also serve as a sound insulation for this room. We got the massive screen here, built-in speakers throughout, they are Bowers & Wilkins,
which is a great brand. I wanted to mention that
the whole movie theater runs on a Macintosh system. And on this side, we
have 13 recliner chairs with the color red, so it gives
you that nice pop of color.

Again, they're recliners,
so they are all electric. And on the left-hand side,
we have the refrigerator. On the right-hand side,
we have the candy station. Overall, great movie theater. Also, it is a little bit spacious. Then we have the front section here, in case you wanna lay down
and watch the movie there, laying down rather than
on a recliner chair. – [Mikey] Yeah. – You can do that.

– [Mikey] But the chairs
are very comfortable. – Super comfortable. All right, back to the hallway,
let's continue our tour. We have a small office
here, check this out. Owner told me this detail that I thought it was a really unique detail. So this is a little office
for this level, right? He put these brackets here. So when he throws parties,
he just puts a rod in here, that's a coat hanger. – [Mikey] Coat closet. – That's right.
– [Mikey] That's kinda cool. – Nice convenience. And going in, same tile floors
with the baseboard details. Opening this up, we have a
laundry room for this level, with a sink, some
uppers, washer and dryer. Now, I want to take
everybody to the other side. This is really cool. You ready for this, Mikey, we have the doggy room here.

Now, what's so crazy about the room? Number one, it has its own split AC unit. – [Mikey] Mm-hmm. – Number two, walls are clad with tile, so you can actually water
hose this entire space, clean it up very nicely. They have their own shower
design here with a drain. They have their food
and everything, right? They have their fan. – [Mikey] There's a
pot-filler. Oh, Hey buddy. – And there you go here, he- actually two of them just walked in. – [Mikey] I gotta hold the door now, this is so funny- – Hey buddy. They have their automatic
door, which is super cool. I mean, these dogs are
living a good life here. They even have automatic shades. – [Mikey] What good timing. – Hey guys, how are ya? All right. We have to leave them
because we have a tour to do, I know they're gonna try to wanna escape. I'm holding them. – [Mikey] There ya go. – Mikey, you got it? – [Mikey] All right, I think so. – [Enes] All right, there you go. – [Mikey] All right. – Well, you guys saw

Those are the dogs. They're super friendly. And now let's continue
our tour on this side. This is where we have the main garage. As you guys can see, we have a few pretty
cool cars in this garage. Bentley Continental, that looks stunning. Lamborghini Huracan. You have your Ford Raptor
here. Shelby wrapped there. It's a pretty spacious
garage, nicely tiled floors. Those are the two garage
doors that opens up to the covered car port
that we saw at the entry.

And Mikey, let's show the built-ins here. We've got a TV setup. I don't know, it's super cool. And obviously owner has
great taste in cars, and these are some beautiful cars. Now there's actually a detail here I would like to point out. We have a key code entry here. You have the control panels
of this home behind this door. You also have the reverse
osmosis system behind this door. And what that means is that the moment city water comes to this property, before the tap distributes to fixtures, water gets filtered and
it goes to the fixtures. So from showers, faucets,
anywhere in the house, you can actually drink the
water, it's super clean. And that's why throughout the property and throughout the rooms, you guys are gonna see
that all the fixtures in this house looks in
immaculate condition. They're not stained, or they
don't have any residue on them. You can literally drink
any water in this house, which is crazy.

– [Mikey] Yeah. I'm gonna go straight back
to that water feature. – Even the enclosed glass sections, on like the walk-in showers, they're super clean for that reason. – [Mikey] Yeah. – All right, ready, Mikey? Let's go back to the walkway and take everybody to the kitchen. The kitchen of this
property, it's all open. We have white cabinets contrasting nicely with the darker base cabinets. And the first thing I want
to talk about in this kitchen is this crazy cantilever island design. Now this island sits on a massive I-beam that is attached right where that sink is. So the whole thing is floating, and it is so over-engineered,
but it looks awesome. And they have a glass
countertop with the bar seating, chandelier above. And speaking of lighting,
I'm gonna talk about this. I mentioned it earlier, the whole house is on a Crestron System, right? We have led lighting
underneath the staircases, dining room table,
chandeliers, everything. With a push of a button- Mikey, why don't we turn around? You can literally change
the lighting in this house.

And we currently have this
subtle, regular lighting, but with a push of a button here, this is when you're gonna see the darker tones with the reds. And there you go. You can see it on the top floors. Soon, the dining room
is gonna turn all red. – [Mikey] There goes the stairs. Yeah. – [Enes] And these light changes also apply to the outdoors. And the owner of this
home also owns a company called Eagle Sentry, which is a company that does a lot of these
home automation systems here in Las Vegas. So he personally designed every single fixture
lighting in this house. And they, of course, did
a phenomenal job with it. I'm gonna turn the lights back on to the neutral color that
we started the tour with. He's selling this home,
and whoever buys it, he's giving one-year
warranty to that person. So if anything happens, or
anything needs to be fixed, he's happy to do those changes. And let's continue our
tour with the kitchen. We have the massive commercial-size
freezer and fridge here, small pantry space, and wrapping around this cantilevered island, transitions into just kind of a base main island, with the waterfall edge,
beautiful countertops.

We have some built-ins
here with the Wolf oven, your microwave setup. That's actually microwave,
that's another oven. Your espresso maker. And we have more cabinets on this side. Again, push of a button, it'll go up. And just like the rest of the home, we have lighting throughout the space. In here, your induction
cooktops, your griddle, and we have the pot filler here. More cabinets, led lighting throughout. And Mikey, can we focus on the island? This is a cool detail. So number one, dishwasher, right? Number two. Where are the plugs? – [Mikey] Okay. – Subtle little cover
plug for the outlets. – [Mikey] Yeah. That's pretty cool. – Another thing, ready?
Just a different detail. We haven't really seen this. This looks like a big panel
door, like 30-inch door. You open it, it is the
ice-maker and the shelf. A lot of the times, we see those shallow,
shorter doors, right? – [Mikey] Yeah.
– This time, they incorporated the big door, and a built-in shelf, so
it's nice, ready to go.

Wanted to mention that as well. Overall, very sleek kitchen, and we have a full-size,
sub-Zero wine fridge here. Now, what's so special
about this kitchen is this, we've been talking about
these automatic doors. There you go, let's see one in action. They're super quiet, floor-to-ceiling. Of course we have the
automatic shades here as well, and it takes us straight to the outdoors, and it starts right here.

We have this massive island
underneath the covered section. Mikey, let's get a close up. I mean, look at this. Built-in, bolted to the countertops, seating section that's
floating, which is super cool. I'm assuming they have steel plates underneath this countertop to kind of balance off the weight. Imagine like six people sitting here, that's a lot of weight. – [Mikey] I'm not a light guy, and I sat on one of those, and I was confident
that was gonna hold me. – Oh yeah, I mean, I tried 'em, too. I just thought it was
such a unique detail. And honestly, it makes
the space feel bigger because they're not bolted
to the ground, right? – [Mikey] Yeah.
– It makes them open, easy to clean, same tile floors,
continue to the outdoors.

And before we wrap
around to the other side, we have a massive fridge
here, grill setup. We have a pizza oven also. And before we continue to the island, I wanna take everybody here because we have a half bathroom
here for the pool area. And the covered patio, marble countertop, this futuristic modern drop-in sink. We have the toilet setup, another urinal. And we're seeing a lot of
these patterned tile walls. And we have another one over here. You may think that's it? It's not. Mikey, let's continue, because- – [Mikey] I thought that was it. – No, that's not it. We have an outdoor shower
here for the pool area. And in case you're wondering
where those dogs came from, dogs actually have a
private backyard for them, which is amazing. The owner even thought of that, meaning the automatic door
opens up to a little patio space for the dogs, and that's
where they're barking from, because they're like, "We need attention." – [Mikey] Yeah, they're like,
"Come back and visit us, please."
– Yeah.

– Yeah, like, "Pet us." – All right, let's go back in, Mikey, continue our tour. That it for the half bathroom, back to the covered patio space. Now the other side of the
island has the same plug covers. We have a sink here, ice-maker,
fridges, teppanyaki grill. – [Mikey] Oh, man. – This is the dream. – [Mikey] We've been
talking about one of these since like, what, we started the channel two-and-a-half years ago? It's probably like our third video, Enes and I were like, "This
is the dream right here, this is what we want." – Honestly, cooking breakfast,
lunch, dinner, you name it. So cool.
– [Mikey] Yeah. – And we have a kegerator here to kind of tie-in the
whole experience, you know? We have an ice cream machine. – [Mikey] Unfortunately
it doesn't have any. – It doesn't have any ice cream right now, but you live in Vegas,
you look at these views, you have the hot temperature, hot weather, you deserve
an ice cream, you know? You can enjoy that. – [Mikey] For sure. – Now, patio continues. We have space heaters
throughout the covered sections, massive TV with another gas fireplace, some open shelving behind.

But what's so cool about this space, and the patio spaces in this house, is that they have 20,000 square
feet of heated patio floors. What I mean by that is, Mikey,
if you pan up to the ceiling, we have these screens that drop, and encloses this entire
covered patio section. That way you can kind of
block some of the cold air coming in to the covered patio.

And then you heat the floors. And even during December, you can comfortably enjoy the
outdoor spaces in this house. All right, Mikey, turn around. Look at this. We have the whole Las
Vegas Strip in front of us. You have the golf course. Super quiet and peaceful up here. Views are amazing, you're
in a gated community. We also have the
perimeter of this section, it's all fire pit. – [Mikey] Really?
– So at night you can light it up. Get that flame Vegas view
that everybody loves. Let's continue our tour. Now, pool setup is super inviting. We're gonna talk about that in a bit, but we may have something here that's probably cooler than the pool.

Now I'm not a golf fan myself, but even I was excited when I saw this space for the first time. Because it's tucked in, in a perfect spot. I mean, they utilize it so well. In fact, I'm gonna grab
this thing right here. – [Mikey] Take a swing. – Take a swing, right? We
got the golf ball here. Again, I suck at this. – [Mikey] I'm perfectly lined up. – So keep that in mind. I'm gonna try to act like
I know what I'm doing, and I have no clue. My suit is super tight, and here we go. – [Mikey] Little, little high. – And as always, I came
in a little too hot, but let's continue our tour, Mikey. I love how intricate this course is, also. You have some ramps, you
have some turnarounds, it's super cool. And continuing on this side, we saw the infinity edge pool, and we can see it a little
bit better from this angle. They use the same glass tile that we saw at the entry of the home, where
we have the water feature.

You can see the steel
cantilever with the waterfall. I mean, it's so cool. And on the left-hand side, we
can see the primary balcony, hot tub design, which is
crazy with the glass front. And while we're up here, let's talk about the exterior architecture from the backside. I mentioned it earlier, house has a very futuristic modern design. I love these curved roof lines with the standing seam metal paneling. We can see the wood paneling
underneath all these overhangs, glass railing throughout, steel columns, house looks so cool from this angle. And that's why we wanted
to come down here, kind of give you guys a full experience.

And in case you were
wondering what this is, this is the fire feature, and I'm sure it's gonna
look incredible at night. So we're gonna see that,
hopefully later in the video. – [Mikey] That's for sure. – Now let's go back to the staircase and continue our backyard tour from there. And by the way, another
thing I wanna mention, this house was kind of
built on a hillside, and the edge that we were just on, it's all cased in concrete,
as if the foundation being on a rock wasn't enough. They wanted to make sure
everything was super secure, so they blasted concrete
all around that edge. And the owner of this property told me that he literally hasn't
seen a single crack in the home throughout,
which is just crazy to think, because this home is
over 12,000 square feet. You have all this outdoor space, and I haven't seen one cracked tile, I haven't seen one cracked dry wall, which just shows the quality of the build. Now I want to take everybody here.

By the way, these are
the automatic screens that I've been mentioning. Check this out, Mikey, right here. We have an automatic
screen that comes down, because right behind you, we have a drop-down projector. Sorry, I'm shifting you left and right. That's a projector right
there. So it goes down. So you have your first screen here, and there's another one that I'm gonna show in a bit. Going down we have this
sunken section here. On my right-hand side we
have the water feature, clad with the same glass mosaic tile that we've been seeing throughout.

With a pop-up TV, because we're facing the pool, that way from your pool, you can easily watch TV. We have this massive glass assembly here, right behind that is the staircase. And to tie-in the whole experience
with the water features, we have a fire pit right in the center. Now facing the other side, we have the sunken bar
area with countertop. We have the waterfall
right in front of us, incredible views, infinity edge pool. And while we are here, let's
cover the pool as well.

Same glass mosaic tiles throughout, we have Baja shelves on each
side, so inviting, so exciting. I mean, this is the Las
Vegas lifestyle, you know? – [Mikey] That's right. – Now let's go to this section. Now we have another seating area here, and we're gonna check that out in a bit. But essentially your backyard continues, more covered patio section
with the space heaters, seating section on this side. And I actually realized I forgot to mention another detail about the pool. It also has an automatic cover as well. More outdoor seating on the other side, amazing views, and Mikey,
you ready for this? 22-feet-wide screen that comes down, and we have the projector
coming down from the ceiling. This is bonkers. This is crazy.

– [Mikey] Bonkers is a
good word to describe it. – I mean… Like, is this real? – [Mikey] Yeah.
– You know? You have this at your backyard, and with the push of a button- – [Mikey] Probably bigger
than the movie theater. – Probably, Mikey, look at the scale here. – [Mikey] Yeah. It's huge. – It is huge. – [Mikey] Yeah. – Of course you have
your built-in speakers and everything throughout,
you can control the lighting. This is the full experience. Just amazing. Mikey, let's turn to this side. The outdoor covered patio, continues. You have another TV,
with another fireplace, and another seating section. I love how they carried out
that standing seam metal panels to the interiors as well, or
underneath this covered patio. Those sliding glass
doors open up to the gym, we're gonna see that in a bit.

And they have another island here with these countertop-attached
seating sections. Mikey, can you wrap around it? We have this bar here with
the shallow window design tucked into the wall, opens up. And the owner told me this. He placed another kegerator
that is facing this way. So he doesn't have to go inside. He can just come here, get his beer, go on with his day. – [Mikey] He thought of everything. – He thought of everything. Even the tracks have
the marble pieces inside for that seamless look.

Gorgeous. Let's go back inside. – [Mikey] Let's do it.
– Let's do it. So we have automatic
sliding glass doors here, currently open, opening up
to a secondary seating area. And we've got a gorgeous
fireplace assembly here, clad with stainless
steel, with a TV on top. And that pattern tile design that we've been seeing throughout,
they also have it here. Now, seating section, glass assembly, seeing the front of the
home, and following here, we have an additional seating area with these sleek chair setups. That looks really cool with a
stainless steel coffee table.

And following here, we have the bar, let's check that out, actually. Dual elevation, you have
everything you need here, from a dishwasher, to an
ice maker, to a sink design. I mean, you got it all,
with the kegerators. And going into this side, we have the gym. It's another spacious room. We got all kinds of equipments
here, ceiling fan above. And I always liked these comfortable, kind of rubbery flooring
that they have in the gyms. It just makes the space a
little bit more comfortable. Sliding glass doors, open
up to the covered patio that we just toured. Overall, another great space, I guess, ton of natural light.

Now, wrapping around, we
got a full bathroom here, floating vanity, tile wrapped
walls, pretty good size. And getting back out, that kinda wraps our
tour for this section. Now check this out. We've got this really cool, in here- Mikey, don't spoil it for everyone. Let's go straight in here. This is where we have the
car elevator for this home. Now this is so rare and
unique in my opinion, because you have a car
elevator in your house that takes your car
straight to the second floor where you have the primary bedroom. Which is amazing to think, because you can just
roll up the garage door, pull up your car here, go up to your second floor,
and go straight into your bed.

You have that kind of convenience. It's also extra parking spot, because once you have this
car up on the second floor, you have this floor all open. Mikey, can we show this, like, crazy steel assembly they have here, with the gears, and like, how kind of crazy this whole thing looks. – [Mikey] Yeah. – Amazing, right? – [Mikey] It's pretty
cool, we don't really see things like this in LA. – I mean, this owner really
wanted to design a home in a way that he really wanted, you know? And you have these picture windows where you can see the car elevator from the inside of the home. You have your AC systems here.
this is pretty incredible. Now let's head back inside to check out another incredible room,
which is the man cave. I'm gonna call it a man cave because it's kind of a game room. I don't think we've ever
seen a room like this either. You have your futuristic, super cool looking pool table here. Your… – [Mikey] Shuffleboard.
– Shuffleboard. Thank you.

pexels photo 5256145

Air hockey table. You have your ceiling-mount TVs, four TVs right in the center of the room. I feel like we're in a
really cool sports bar, designed custom for this home. – [Mikey] I liked that
the air hockey table, the shuffleboard table, and the pool table all have the exact same kind of design. – Yeah, yeah, like it was
definitely custom-built. Even the furniture throughout the place. Right behind us you have
your, of course, poker table. And by the way, the homeowner has a lot of sports memorabilia, art pieces, and sculptures
throughout the property. They all look super cool. I'm not much of a sport expert myself. So I don't really know, but
they all look pretty cool to me. And we talked about
those curved roof lines, we can actually see them
really well in here.

They even brought that steel
paneling detail, led lighting, gorgeous fabricated bar setup here, kegerator, fridge, ice maker,
you have the whole nine yards. Amazing. And continuing, of course, this room has its own bathroom, but I almost forgot this. ATM machine that works, so… – [Mikey] Well, the owner
owns the ATM company. I think he owns a part
of the ATM company, yes. – [Mikey] Yeah, yeah, I was
asking him about that earlier. It's pretty incredible. So if you have your
friends over to play poker, they never have an excuse for
not having money, you know? – I feel like I'm out of words. – [Mikey] Yeah.
– Like every corner I look, there's another detail, I'm like, "Oh, I have to talk about that." You have your urinal,
you have your floating vanity design here, just amazing. And then we have to look
at this memorabilia. These are pictures of
all Las Vegas gangsters. – [Mikey] Not just Las
Vegas gangsters, but- – Is it?
– [Mikey] Yeah.

– I don't know my gangsters
that well, either. – [Mikey] I know my gangsters, you know? We have Al Capone, we
got Mickey Cohen, we got- these are all- they're real signatures, which is wild. Meyer Lansky. – This is a significant piece. – [Mikey] Yeah. It's pretty wild. Actually, it says all their
names right here in the middle. – [Enes] There you go. – [Mikey] So if y'all
want to pause it now, you can have a look. – Wow, amazing. It's
overwhelming, so many details. We got one more room and you may think, "Ah, you know, you guys
spoil all the surprises, it cannot be just as incredible as the rest of the rooms
we've seen," but it is. Welcome to your half basketball court. This is amazing. I mean, the fact that you
have a space like this within your home,
indoors, is mind boggling. – [Mikey] Yeah. – Obviously this is the garage. This is that massive garage door that opens up to the motor court.

And how cool is this space? You know what I feel like, I feel like I'm in a "Richie Rich" movie. – [Mikey] Yeah, it's wild.
– Every corner I look, there's a- this is a house with a cool feature, you know? – [Mikey] It's just so fun. And here we have more sports memorabilia. We have all signed jerseys from
Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Marcus Allen, Larry
Bird, and Michael Jordan. – Amazing.
– [Mikey] Yeah. – You have the exposed ducts, the whole basketball court feel. And we have some built-in setup there, and the owner actually
has really cool Segways. These are like the off-road Segways.

I have to try these. – [Mikey] Yeah. We'll have to get that in
the end credits or something. – I know.
– [Mikey] Yeah. – But overall, this is
it for the main floor. Mikey, can you pass the ball to me? Since we're out here,
I gotta give it a shot. As always, I'm in a tight suit. I'm probably gonna suck at this, but I'm doing it all for you guys. – [Mikey] Let me give you
a tip before you do it. – Tell me.
– [Mikey] Aim with your eyes. Just look straight at the basketball hoop. – Okay. – [Mikey] And don't look at anything else. – Hmm. – [Mikey] You hit it this time, so… – I almost had it.

With that, that's pretty much it for the first floor of this home. Now let's go back inside, take the stairs so we can
check out the lower level. (relaxing music) – [Enes] All right, everyone. Here we are at the lower
level of this home. Now this part of the home is designed totally different from the rest. It feels like we just
walked into someone's Tuscany mansion in Italy. We have stacked stone
reclaim wood throughout, and we're gonna check
out the space in a bit. But first I wanna talk about
the elevator access here. Now we talked about the
elevator at the main floor, but while you're on this level, going up to the second floor, the first thing you see
is the view of the strip, which is super cool.

But while you're going
up to the second floor, you can actually see
these sculpture climbers that are hanging on these strings, right next to the elevator, picking up this rock-climbing-wall
theme on this level, which is such a cool, interesting detail. So I have to mention that. Now I want to take
everybody on this hallway. We have these built-in barrel
designs to make this space feel a little bit more rustic. We have them on the walls as
well, some recessed-in shelving And this door right here opens up to a powder room for this level.

We have another urinal, toilet setup, reclaimed wood on this
side, tiled back wall, and this gorgeous stone
pedestal sink design. Now, as I was looking at
this bathroom, I was like, "Where's the handle for the faucet?" Turns out, you just
touch, and there you go. – [Mikey] It's pretty cool. – Super nice, right?
– [Mikey] Yeah. I wanna talk about this area for a second though, real quick. Like it feels like we're kind of in like a whiskey cellar. – I know. – [Mikey] But it's really cool. I love a good barrel decoration, you know? – It's authentic,
– [Mikey] Yeah. – without a doubt. You have some open
shelving here, all lit up. You guys saw the lighting
details on the main floor.

It just kind of ties in all these details. And even the curved roof lines, they brought those details in
here as well with the ceiling. Now, following the hallway, it takes us to the entertainment
space on this level. It's fully decked out, you
have your dual elevation bar, with natural stone countertops. You have your ice maker,
you have your sink, dishwasher, full-size fridge,
everything you need, right? Beautifully paneled, and
they did a dual elevation by using this acrylic paneling, which allows them to light it up, again, with the led
lighting, looks beautiful.

And Mikey, can we turn
around for a second? They have the stack stone
design on the walls, basically transitioning into
this reclaimed wood design. And I love how they left all the edges and kind of imperfections
to create this natural look. It looks stunning. – [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. – All right, right on the other side, we have this seating section,
beautiful fireplace assembly. Two more wine fridges,
full-size wine fridges, more open shelving, but more importantly, what makes this room so special and different and unique is right here.

Of course we have another
automatic sliding glass door that opens up to the outdoors. And this is where we have
the rock climbing wall. Now, Mikey, how many times did we see a rock climbing
wall in a residential home? – [Mikey] It's something
we have yet to see, but I don't know why more
people don't put them in because it's a great workout,
and it's a lot of fun.

– It is a lot of fun, and
in case you're wondering, "How does it work?" You have the rope right here attached to the high
point of the rock wall. And you just put this harness that they have around the corner, we'll show it in a bit, and
you just basically go up, climb, use these steps that
they artificially created. So different, so unique. And we mentioned it earlier, it's all open because you can actually
see it from the motor court. And Mikey, this side is where
we have the dining room. Also, they created this
Zen environment here. On the left-hand side, we
have this built-in planter design to just kind of bring more color to this space.

Overall, very interesting, very unique. And we even have a fire pit design right here on the ground level. And that's pretty much
it for the lower level. Now let's go back inside and
check out the second floor. (slow piano music) – [Enes] All right, everyone, here we are at the second floor. We have four bedrooms here, including the primary bedroom suite. But the first thing I want to mention, as soon as you come up to the
landing of the second floor, on the right-hand side, you see the amazing views of the valley, and the Las Vegas Strip, it's phenomenal. The section is all open. That's the massive chandelier
that we saw off of the entry, beautiful wood-paneled ceilings.

And following this walkway,
on our left inside, we have the primary bedroom, which we're gonna check out in a bit, but first I want to take everybody here. The first room on our left-hand
side is one of the bedrooms. It's super spacious,
gets ton of natural light facing the front of the home. It is currently staged
as the owner's office. And focusing on this side, we
have a fireplace design here, clad with marble, wall
continues all the way to the ceiling with a tile pattern. And I really like what they did here with the open shelving,
where it's kind of angled.

So it's just something different. Now, these sliding glass
doors open up to the front, and you can actually see the top of the rock climbing wall from this side. Around the corner, we
have a full bathroom. Of course, everything you
need, with a walk-in closet. And wrapping around, this is
another detail I really like. Obviously you guys saw the
great room, two-story ceilings, super spacious, and we have
the second story windows there, again, all focused
towards the amazing views.

I love the curvature
on the roof line there, where they even custom-designed
the windows for it. Massive ceiling fan, right in the center. And to break up the flatness with these glass
railings, in two sections, they come up with these grid designs that look super cool
and kind of futuristic. Now following the hallway, we got a couple more rooms
to see on this level. Mikey, let's focus on this side. We have ton of built-ins,
again, nice storage space. At the end of the hallway, we've got a good size laundry room, washer, dryer, sink setup, upper cabinets. And again, we always
appreciate this detail where they have their washer
and dryer a little bit raised. So you don't have to bend
down a lot for your back. – [Mikey] Washer dryer,
and I like it even more when they do that with dishwashers. – Dishwashers, that's right. – All right. This room right here opens up to another spacious guest suite, same tile floors that we
saw on the first floor, they have it also here.

We have the king-sized bed here, a couple of windows,
curved ceiling detail, and focusing on this
side, marble fireplace, beautifully clad with a TV on top, some open shelving, and Mikey, let's check out the bathroom. Again, they use the same
marble here as well, created this gorgeous, hidden sink design. Even the side walls are nicely clad. And over here, walk-in closet. And let me show this to everyone. Built-in tub setup, again,
surrounded with the same marble, even the walls, rainhead
above, beautiful fixtures. It's amazing, right? – [Mikey] For sure. – All right, let's get back
out and continue our tour. We're done with the second guest
suite on this level so far, at the end of this
hallway, towards the views, we have another guest suite.

It's probably the best guest suite behind the primary bedroom. Again very spacious. Each one of these
bedrooms gets a fireplace, clad with marble, another TV. I'm sure you guys saw the
pattern from the first floor, a lot of TVs and screens in this house. Ceiling fan above, king-sized bed. We're gonna check out the views in a bit. And I want to show everybody this. We have a nice walk-in
closet on this side, and going in here, another
good size bathroom. Look at the size of this walk-in shower, this is insane.

And again, I'm just overwhelmed with how pristine every fixture, and just walls, and everything looks. All right, following here,
let's check this out. Of course we have automatic doors. By the way, I have to mention this, Mikey, can we get a close up? It is a weird angle to talk about this. Look at that plug, how it's beautifully
recessed into the walls. All the plugs in this house
are recessed into the drywall, meaning it sits flush,
even his control panels and his fixtures – [Mikey] I know you love those details. – I love them. I love them. All right. Patio space for this guest suite, or let's say for the second floor, primary bedroom has its own suite. And we're gonna talk about that in a bit. On the right-hand side, right at the edge, we have a pop-up TV. Of course, if you wanna get
that full outdoor experience. And I love how aggressive
this curved roof line here, where you can see the
wood paneling underneath, and this standing steam clad on the front, it just looks so futuristic and different.

I mean, this is amazing. And Mikey, we've gotta show this, let's look down to the first floor, or the backyard of this property. We have the jets on, water feature, that cantilever right in the center, where we have the entry of the home, your nine-hole, miniature golf course. We have the real golf
course in front of it, views of the Las Vegas Strip. And I'm gonna say, Vegas is
growing on me a little bit. – [Mikey] A little bit hot,
but not all year, I guess. – Well, three months. And then you get perfect
weather for nine months. And I don't wanna get started with the business side of
things, but no state income tax.

You can't really beat that, you know? Now we're back at the walkway, and now we're gonna check
out the primary bedroom. Overall, second floor is very spacious. I love the ceiling heights here. And again, even from these walkways, we get the amazing views. Now we're back at the landing, that's the elevator access, and going through this pivot door, the access to the primary bedroom. We have this front facing
balcony for the primary bedroom. Built-ins on this side,
natural stone countertops. We have the fridge setup
here, some open shelving. And as you guys can see, this section is actually not connected all the way to the ceiling, because it is taking
advantage of the natural light coming from this front-facing balcony, and carries that into the bedroom. In fact, let me wrap around and take everybody to the bedroom.

We have a fireplace on the left-hand side, more built-ins, fridge
with a small wet bar. And this is the time normally I would say king-sized bed on this side but
this is not a king-sized bed This is two king-sized
beds connected together. Which is just insane. It sits on this raised
platform a little bit. Now there are a couple more details I would like to cover
in this primary bedroom. Mikey, let's pan up to the ceiling. We have this massive opening
here where we have a skylight. Cool thing about that skylight
is that it's automatic. So with a push of a button, you can open it up, and literally look at the
stars straight from your bed.

Or you can actually put the shade on it, if you want to black out the room. Second detail, I don't know, Mikey, if you can see it on the
camera right above the bed, right in the center,
we have the projector. Because on this side, we
have a drop-down screen where you can watch your TV rather than looking at
these amazing views. Now let's open up these
automatic sliding glass doors, but let's leave the balcony for a second. We're gonna go back there
from a really unique route. Now, before we wrap up
the bedroom section, these are the built-ins
that we saw earlier, hallway connects in. Mikey, you ready for this? That car elevator that
we showed it to everyone.

This is the Corvette. They brought it up to the second floor. It's all AC'd in here. Which means straight from the entry, you can pull up to your
elevator, park your car, come up to this level, and
go straight into your bed. This is crazy, without a doubt, one of the most unique amenity we've ever seen on this channel. All right, let's close the door. That's it for the car elevator. Come back into the bedroom,
and this door right here, takes us to the primary bathroom. Now get ready to see some unique details, and there are a lot of
them in this bathroom. I'm gonna start here, first water closet.

One of these fancy toilets
that opens up as you go in. First vanity set up here,
beautiful natural stone. But if you look closely, there's actually an elevated,
glass countertops on top, which means you can always have
that stone looking pristine. They frame the entire
cabinetry with that stone. You have different tiles on the walls, drop-in sink design here. And even the mirrors on this
side are ceiling mounted. Right next to that, we have the secondary vanity setup, pretty much the same finishes
that we saw on the first one. Second water closet here, with a urinal.

And following this hallway, we've got a washer and dryer
for the primary bathroom, because why not? It's a nice convenience. And I think I want to
take the closet first. You have two islands clad with beautiful natural stone countertops with the waterfall edge, beautifully paneled-in cabinets,
some open shelving here. And even in this room, they protected that
curvature on the ceiling. I just love the attention to detail and the craftsmanship in this house. Now, there are some more details that I want to mention here. We have more built-ins
with a seating section. I have to get one of these for my house.

Two dry cleaning systems. – [Mikey] Literally, Enes, the other day, we're looking for a new place to live. And he was like, "Wherever we move, I'm buying two of these." – I am, I'm sick of taking my suits and my clothes to dry cleaning. I mean, imagine having two
of those at your house. – [Mikey] Hopefully-
– So nice. – [Mikey] Hopefully your
dry cleaner is not out there watching this video right now. – I know, they're like, "Stop it, no!" – All right, towels are heated as well because we have the
racks with the heaters, and this door opens up
to the walk-in shower. Now we haven't seen a walk-in
shower like this, ever. This is crazy, because
we have 53 shower heads in this walk-in shower. It's insane, everywhere I
look, I just see fixtures. And the crazy part about 'em, is how good of a condition they
are all in, fully polished.

These are your body sprays. And let's see, we have some
waterfalls, rain heads above. And even here, look at that ceiling with the recessed-in lighting that carries out all the way to this wall. And in here they did this bench design. This is the second time we're seeing this. We saw it at another house in LA, with the sprayers on top.

Seam, of course, center drain. Wow.
– [Mikey] Yeah. – I mean, this is kind of overwhelming. – [Mikey] I mean, I
would like to just stand right in the middle of this thing with 53 shower heads pointed
at me, that sounds great. – It's amazing, right? – [Mikey] Yeah. – And I know- I want to take everybody out but Mikey, we gotta come back inside. We forgot one detail. We didn't forget, but we could have probably
taken a better route.

We have the freestanding tub here, right next to the walk-in shower. Look at this thing. One piece of stainless
steel with the jets. So this thing is definitely leak-proof. I love the chrome fixtures, another towel heater, skylight above. This is a full experience. And I love how they kept the vanity design with the ceiling-mount mirror, because you can actually
see kind of both ends, makes the space feel a
little bit more spacious. Overall, just an awesome,
inviting primary bathroom with the views, of course. – [Mikey] Yeah. – But now, Mikey- actually,
we can do it from here. So let's see. I think this one is manual. – – [Mikey] Before you move on, though, I have to say one more
thing about this bathroom.

– Listening. – [Mikey] We have ceiling
tub fillers as well. – Yes. I forgot. – [Mikey] We have ceiling tub fillers, but what I like about
these ceiling tub fillers, the only ones we've seen in LA, land in a flat tub, right? They splash everywhere. – True, true, true. – [Mikey] But if you look
at the inside of this tub… – You got your curves. – [Mikey] You have curves. So those things turn on, and they're lined up
perfectly with those curves, so it doesn't splash everywhere.

– [Enes] It dampens the water. So it actually fills it gently. – [Mikey] Now that's a detail right there. – That is a detail, Mikey, good one. Good one. All right. So that walk-in shower, and this section, have sliding glass doors
pocketing into the walls, because we have this
crazy primary bathroom, outdoor shower here. Mikey, we gotta show this,
just so everybody can connect. This is the door right here, straight from the walk-in shower. And it's insane. Look at the rain heads above us. We have body sprays
everywhere, chrome fixtures, built-in bench design here,
natural light coming in. Overall, very impressive. We have two massage chairs here. And just like that first
floor, main floor balcony, or the outdoor patio space,
we have a screen detail here. So you can kind of close this section off. Also, space heaters and
three skylights. I'm sorry. How did I forget that detail? – [Mikey] Yeah. – [Enes] Incredible, incredible. I'm speechless. Now we are at the primary bedroom balcony. It is super spacious. You have your seating section here with a TV and a fireplace. Of course, this is probably the 100th time I'm mentioning the views,
but you guys get the point.

You have the whole Strip in front of you, super peaceful, in a gated community. And primary bedroom gets its own hot tub. Now, what I love about this hot tub is that it's all stainless steel. So this thing is leak-proof
and it has a glass front. So you take advantage of
the views a little bit more. And what a great place to just sit down, you know, in your hot
tub, look at these views. And, I mean, it's just so impressive. Now here's another cool detail
about the primary bedroom. You may be thinking, "Enes,
why are these lounging chairs facing the bedroom, not the views?" Because that dropdown screen detail that we talked about earlier. So if you wanna watch
TV, facing the bedroom, and the projector flips the image, so you can see it from this side. – [Mikey] Yeah, we need to
roll some B-roll on that one. That's- – Yeah, that's an intricate
one to talk about. – [Mikey] Yeah, yeah, for sure. – I mean, what else- I
wanna keep talking about some of the details of the home.

But 300 solar panels above, amazing views. What can I say? I'm just so impressed. This home is so custom and so bespoke, and I think owners did a great job. Just kind of customizing it, really to their tastes. With that, that's pretty
much it for our tour. But of course, we're gonna
spend a few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down, so we can see this place at night. (upbeat electronic music) – [Enes] All right, everyone,
that's it for the tour. What an amazing property. I love the architectural
lines of this home. And throughout the day,
we saw all the amenities, like the rock climbing wall, this infinity edge pool with
the fire pit, car elevator, and the list goes on and on and on. I know the current owner, Mark,
really enjoyed living here. And he still does, and I'm pretty sure the next owner will enjoy
this place just as much. And as always, we will leave more information
about the property, and the property link down in
the description of this video.

Lastly, before we end this tour, I want to thank the owner, Mark, and the listing agent, Ivan
Sher, for getting us in here, allowing us to tour this amazing property, and share it with all of you. And lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and
we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat electronic music).

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