Installation und Inbetriebnahme eines SMA Energy System Home

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Welcome to our information video
on the SMA Energy System Home. In this video we would like to show you the structure
, installation and commissioning of an SMA Energy System Home. For your own safety, please observe
all safety instructions in the instructions for the individual components at all times. We will show you an example of how you can configure a
PV inverter, a battery inverter with storage and an SMA data logger to create
a perfectly functioning energy system . Let us first introduce you to our example system
: Here we have our PV inverter
Sunny Boy 6.0 first. It ensures that the direct current from
the PV generator is converted into grid-compliant alternating current.

We use the Sunny Boy Storage 5.0 to convert the direct current supplied by the battery
into grid-compatible alternating current . It also ensures that the battery is charged
and discharged. Which brings us to our next
component: the battery. Here we use a Battery-Box HVS 6.4
with 5 battery modules. And last but not least, the Sunny Home Manager
2.0. He is responsible for the energy management
in your SMA Energy System. Before you install your Energy System Home,
select a suitable location for the installation of the components. We recommend a central installation location. Please note the requirements
for assembly in the instructions for the individual components. A few tips in advance:
The Internet router you are using should support dynamic address assignment (DHCP) – this
simplifies the commissioning of the devices. Prefer a purely wired communication
connection instead of a radio connection for trouble-free operation. If the structural situation on site
does not allow this, you can of course also set up a communication connection via WLAN or

However, not every powerline adapter is
suitable for this communication. Avoid mixed operation of wired
communication and communication via radio. If you need to use a switch for your
installation, give preference to one of the models listed here in order to ensure technically
correct operation. Please note the respective technical
information, which you can find in the SMA download area .

Some battery firmware updates are transferred
directly via the Sunny Boy Storage, others must be transferred via the respective tools
of the battery manufacturer. Make sure that the battery has the minimum firmware version
before commissioning with the Sunny Boy Storage . You can also find this information in the download area. SMA uses the standard configuration of the
battery usage areas. For recommendations on specific batteries,
please contact the respective battery manufacturer. The Sunny Home Manager 2.0
requires the SMA Portal to be able to perform its tasks correctly. A system must be created there in order to be able to operate
configuration, monitoring and energy management . Make sure that only the Sunny Home
Manager is logged into the portal using its PIC and RID. The Home Manager then registers the other components
itself. Please note now that all
devices within the system require the same installer password. Set this identically later when commissioning the individual devices

This password is then also the system password used by Sunny
Portal and entered when registering the system. Make a note of this system password
now – you will need it again and again later . Activate the automatic firmware updates
on all system components. Make sure that
the parameter "Operating mode active power specification" is set to the value "external specification
" for all inverters. If you change the country data set of the inverters
, an internal firmware update may be carried out. This takes a few minutes, after which the
inverter is ready for operation again. Please inform yourself
about the grid connection conditions of your network operator before commissioning.

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Now we come to the installation of the individual components. The electrical connection illustrates
this scheme. First install the Sunny Home
Manager 2.0. Pay attention to the correct installation direction. Always install the Sunny Home Manager
behind the meter and the input fuse of your network operator before the first distribution
in the house. Thus you measure all consumers and producers
in the household. A detailed description of the installation
of the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 can be found in the installation guide and the operating manual. You can find the instructions themselves in the download area of
the product page. It continues with the installation of the Sunny
Boy Storage. We have provided you with a detailed video for this
. Follow the link for useful tips
on installing your Sunny Boy Storage. Next, install your battery. You can find an overview of the batteries compatible with the Sunny Boy
Storage, information on coordinating the battery with the Sunny Boy
Storage and other helpful tips in the technical information "Approved
batteries and information on the battery communication connection" when you click on this link.

Then install the Sunny Boy. We also provide you with a detailed
video with valuable tips, which you can access by clicking on the field on the right
. Now we come to the commissioning of the individual components. To do this, you should first have switched on the devices as described in
the installation instructions . Now you need a laptop or PC with
internet access. With wired access, the laptop must be
in the same network as the devices. After a short start-up time, the Sunny
Boy and Sunny Boy Storage can be reached via their web server and the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 via Sunny

Start by commissioning your
PV inverter. To do this, call up the device's website
by entering the device's IP address. Access can be wired or via a direct WLAN connection
; the various options are explained in the installation
instructions. Then log on to
the inverter's user interface as an installer with the previously defined system password and make
the necessary settings. The right button takes you to a
video to simplify commissioning for you.

The Sunny Boy
Storage is then put into operation. To do this, call up the website of the device in
the same way as you did for the Sunny Boy, log in with the installer password that was previously
set and first check the display of the battery charge status. If this is not displayed,
please first check the cabling and configuration of the battery. Only then do you configure the remaining
functions of the device.

You can also use the video by clicking
on the field on the right for further useful tips. The basic system commissioning is
now carried out via the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 and the Sunny Portal. You have now created the plant in Sunny Portal. This is an exemplary installation,
but the procedure for other system constellations is similar. You can now add further directly communicating
devices, for example an SMA EV Charger or other supported Smart
Home devices. Take a look at our new
apps – on the one hand the SMA 360 degrees app, which is intended for installers, and the SMA
Energy app, which is more aimed at end users. Please also follow our various
video tips, which you can find on our YouTube channel "SMA Solar". We hope you enjoyed this overview. Thank you for your attention.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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