Introducing AIY Projects: DIY AI for Makers

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all right how tall is the Space Needle the Space Needle is 605 feet tall what does the train sound like this is a train so the goal of AI projects is to get a eye out to everybody being able to build a tool that takes really powerful sophisticated artificial intelligence and reduces it down to literally a cardboard box the possibilities are limitless you do need to add a little bit of software and where it's a tailor right to do that really you want to do to look for the words that you want to find after that you need to connect it to what you want to control train fast motors or lights or servos or anything else that you can control with an electrical signal it literally is just that simple if you can plug wires into a circuit board then you connect the motor to the voice kit train stop there we go so we built this kit for makers for people like you who love building stuff we love tinkering who love taking things apart we love making things better so I want to know what the users are going to build and to see where they take it [Music]

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