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How good those days were when we used to go out? What happened kids? Mom, We are bored because of that same TV, same video games So, You both make cardboards games for you both, That will pass your time and you will be able to play, In today's video we will make some cardboards games So, Subscribe this channel fast, And like this video, Let's make games today, Yay, Brother, So now that we are here, What are we going to make? We are going to make, Puzzle drawing, What happened Anu? You ate Ice cream and you didn't give me even one. That is not Ice cream, That is Ice cream stick, I bought it from the shop, We will make Puzzle painting using this, We need Ice cream sticks to make this, And we need colors for that, Let me do a magic, Get me colours, See this, Place all the sticks in the order, Apply tape on this, You might also have pasted, So let's do the drawing here, Drawing, I am making the Car, What are you making? House, Okay, Let's begin now, Brother, We will see who will make it better? Brother, Give me colors, Yes, Anu, Take, We are done, And like this only, We made Butterfly, Christmas tree and a Ship, Now we will remove the tape, What will we do next? And now we have mix, Let's solve this puzzle now, I placed the last puzzle at the first, and vice versa, Let me do it right, You have 2, I have 3, I win, So, Now we will make DIY Basket ball, But Brother, Where is the stuff? I can't see it, Let's do one thing, I'll get the Cardboard and you get Chartpaper.

Where will be this? Idea? Yes let me do one thing, let me pick cardboard of a fridge, Do you know how will we make DIY Basketball? How? Like this, Yes, This is so pretty, Let's start making it, So, We will cut the cardboard first, Yes, You are right, but you need supervision parents if you are cutting something. I cutted from here, What to do now? Mom, Cut from there too like you did here, Yes, It's done from both sides, Tell me now? Mom, now you have to make it like a frame.

So, To take this in a frame, We will have to cut down the extra part See Kids, We made a frame here, Tell me what do now? Please paste the tape too here, We made the whole frame here but what are we making? Mom, See, We are making this. This is DIY Basketball , Isn't it nice? Yes, Brother, You asked me to get Chartpapers, Atleast use it, Let me use it, You know which one to select from these? Blue because I am wearing blue, I'll do it quickly, You go and complete other work.

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Very Good, So, We have to add 3 cups , Here, here and here. Let me get Cups from magic, See, I got it, Before placing it, Cut this from here, For that we will have to call our Mother, Mom, See, I am here. Mom, please cut it from the down. Okay, So now that it's done, Let's make it beautiful, Wait mom, Let me fix it on a chartpaper Mom, Where are going? I have seen it 2 times, Now at last, Paste it here. See, Our DIY Basketball is ready, So, Now, Let's start the game, Start, Brother, This is such a Fun game, Yes, I made one point, Okay, Let's make a different game now, Yes, Mom, We are hungry, Mom, We have to play something while eating too, Mom, It will be so much fun if we can play something while eating, Kids, What do you want to eat? Chocopie, Frooti or Chips? It will be fun if we get all these 3 For this, You both will have to do hardwork, Okay, Let's go then, This game is too simple, We will hit the ball with the help of this, And wherever the ball will bounce first, That thing will be yours, Okay, So this is for you Anu and this for you, Retry, Ugh, Again try again, Yes, I got these chips, Yes, I got Choco Pie, Oh no, Retry again, Yes , I got Maaza, I got Dark Fantasy, Very Good, Did you enjoy? But tell me, how did you make it? Kid, It is so simple to make, To make this, Take a plastic glass and cut it's base like this, Then we took a Balloon and cut it from the end, And we attached this to the glass, so, as to cover it , And see, Our Game is ready.

So, Now we are on the next game's location? Brother, what is this? Which game is this? Tell me that? We have to go on the other side, That's it? Let me go now! Anu, Come here. Let me fix ribbons first, why? Because you have to cross those ribbons from the middle, That is why this game is called Cross the ribbons, So that, I have fixed the ribbons, Now cross and show it to me Anaya, Brother, Wait I will just show you. See Brother, I am here, Yes, But you touched the ribbons, You don't to cross without touching it, Come, Do it again. Should I go from here or there? Let me do one thing, Let me go from up See, I just crossed it, Brother, It's your turn now. God, Help me with this, Brother, You touched the Yellow ribbon, You will have to do it once again. Okay, let me do it again. Brother, this game was so much fun, right? Yes, Brother, We got tired today. Yes Anu, but we also enjoyed. You also enjoyed it, Right? And if you enjoyed, Then do like this video.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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