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The toaster is broken. No, your fitness watch
told the toaster that
you can only have one more toast, fat boy. How nice of my fitness watch. We now have a smart home. We can control the apartment
from the sofa. And no longer
have to turn on the heating by hand. There's an app for that. Why is that so cold?
Turn up the heating. OS update and then I need to
update the app. Yes of course. And then briefly
the software in the thermostat. Alright. All devices are networked.
And think along. you honey Why is
the fridge full of toilet paper? Since the update, he thinks he
's a bathroom cabinet and instead of cold cuts he orders
toilet paper and toilet cleaner.

Aha. shhh Come over here. I need another toast. sorry dad The kettle
has me on the Kieker. I don't want to mess
with the toaster. You only realize how incredibly
well networked you are…..
when you've been hacked. * Doorbell * Hello, Ms. Schulze. Your baby monitor has
been hijacked by Russian hackers. Really? A "zombie baby monitor". And the baby monitor
hacked into Mr. Rode's pacemaker on the 2nd floor. My pacemaker sends spam emails
to my coffee maker. Thanks to the smart home, we
finally got to know Mr. Rode. Yes, we love our smart home..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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