Leftover Tile Ideas – How To Make DIY Coasters

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do you have any leftover tile from a recent 
renovation project here's how to make tile   coasters here's what you need leftover 
tile mine was a marble hexagon tile sealer scissors a foam brush Sharpie or a pencil 
felt sheets I use nine by twelve sheets and   gray and some glue I used Daps rapid fuse glue 
which is super great first up you'll need to   remove the backing from the tile we found it 
easiest to use a heat gun which activated the   glue that held the backing on the tile and 
it really made it easy to peel it off next   you need to seal your tile you just brush down 
with a foam brush wait five to seven minutes   and then wipe it off you won't need to do this 
if you're using ceramic tile next you're going   to trace the tile on cardboard preferably 
with a pencil not a Sharpie like I did and   then you're measure a quarter inch in on all 
sides before creating your cardboard template next step you'll just trace the cardboard 
template under the felt and then cut it out   these will be attached to the bottom of your 
coasters you'll see here that I started with   those black scissors those are just regular 
old scissors it wasn't working very well so   I switched to my tonic scissors made by Tim Holtz 
they worked much better now it's time to glue the   felt onto the back of the coasters I use Daps 
rapid fuse you'll see here that I'm using the   brush applicator actually determines later on that 
the regular applicator for Daps rapid fuse works   a lot better it was a little easier to apply but 
the brush did work fine I would recommend waiting   for the glue to dry entirely before stacking the 
tiles we found that some of the chemicals in the   glue kind of left a mark on the tile of next 
to it if it was stacked and it wasn't entirely   dry these tile coasters make great gifts too 
I hope you enjoyed this video on how to make   your DIY coasters using leftover tile for more 
tutorials be sure to visit making manzanita calm

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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