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Today I'm looking at the Magenta SmartHome starter package. The package consists of the base station and the two door and window contacts. The base station acts as a control center and is in constant contact with all SmartHome devices. You will also receive an activation code with which you can use the Magenta SmartHome app for 24 months free of charge. With the contacts I can secure doors or windows and monitor whether they are opened during my absence. The entire package is quick to install and easy to understand thanks to control via the app.

The advantage is that there are already many products for Magenta SmartHome and the products can be added within a few minutes via the app. The advantages of Magenta SmartHome are that it is completely customizable. In the app I can define many different scenarios that determine what happens when, e.g. I can specify that as soon as a window is opened by force, the lights in the whole house go on, a siren sounds and a notification is sent to my smartphone. However, it can also be set, for example , that all electrical devices such as lamps, kettles and coffee machines are switched off automatically when leaving the front door , thus saving energy.

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Magenta SmartHome offers countless possibilities to make your own 4 walls safer and more comfortable..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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