Multiroom-Audio im KNX Smart Home: Steuerung + Aufbau | Smartest Home – Folge 107

Dear friends of smart building, today we have
come to the control of the multi room system or who is not very familiar with the topic
of controlling music in several rooms have to be back we are now standing in front of an ipad on
the wall a nice ipad holder is also the topic that will occupy you the tax is such a system
that of course i can do it with the keys i can do the remote control just so oldschool
80s or 70s 90s years or I say don't control the whole thing via an ipad via an app and
we'll just show you that now and we have a multi rogan system is in all rooms the large
music system you are you are kind of enthusiastic friends assembly is for music is for us the
topic was good i have a little bit of what we can do here we can now see the app here
that is open exactly the different rooms right now i can play music in the rooms exactly
we now have four servers here with four player zones that means i'm now it's always my war
give the church slices and then the music comes to the little he is now in the kitchen
that means here in the church people think that I have selected the games and now I can
also roll under the profile of what you have shown god in other roles, I have to say we
can open the doors again then we can say movement participate that
means takes over what is currently going to play the living let's make the church sorry
for once we can play music everywhere the same comes to the third May the little is for the first now have my films
up here, for example if it's only in the first floor but what does he like to take part I
write the same music above everything how it looks a bit confusing can that be but who
is why we now have degrees for the top floor one has up here that the first floor is then
reduced to learn is that is here we all have well must remember everything without the
first floor then the whole thing is clear and the whole thing is an app exactly there
for the ipad android and that is now only at the moment multi room and it would always
be that merkel that can later give more there will be for the update and then you can even
more how much with your controls, which is also very interesting we have certainly up
here in group f quite nice we have user groups so here are We as parents are lucky and can
then sort ourselves out and can, for example, activate the guest room when the women or
come to have one d says here what do you understand when we run rock pieces at some point, the
women are sometimes not that enthusiastic is now shouldn't be negative and the women
have their own source this approach, for example, changes the user or are right in the room
that works together okay that what we see is now adorned with four sources on the cover actually if we do exactly what we have over
there that was very much we will have the right insurance again in the next football
event that comes from the system is actually like there is a server that offers the streams
and then there is the zone modules here we have the starting model then there is one
output zone 4 output zones and so on and then you can have an input module here you can
look at the connections it is, for example, very interesting for turntables need preamplifiers
my turntable and can then believe very short cables to use the turntable of a multi to
system and of course the disadvantage has to insert the plate manually how can you get
the next room from the house and have the starting model to be zoned here the output
then has the connections for the loudspeaker networking is via which the cobra netbooks
with the server and the server management is the whole networking of multi room audio
coebad maybe the audience will say again what is cuba i know we have already been spoken
has easy to transport must be so cold in the end the audio bus on network technology cannot
be compared with this one so far, but the form structure is a bit different and in the
end offers latency free or almost latency when transferring the different music but
have the multi-strong ones installed on the horizontal bar you now have to have four zones
twice here and so the 19-inch can of course be hidden from view that was the idea of ​​the
multi-room control with an ipad app from ours Probably the most charming operation that
is currently available, the whole thing can be shown again how it works on buttons and
so you know what but also in advance what will be available shortly, that means that
we can stay the whole house with this multi room system so that means that we are already
immunizing now he has the whole house has the possibility to control the whole house
the smartphone there is still us marty houses in this sense until next time look forward
to the thumb press the bell and see you next time

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